These men are in a no win situation. There is no right answer with the way this show is set up. The Bachelorette and The Bachelor need to adjust to the new world and now have this show end in an engagement. These men should not be labeled with negative bylines just because they do not want to get engaged within three months of knowing someone in a vacation/honeymoon setting.

We will get into it, but both Aven and Erich are vilified for being rational humans.

We need to give a shout out to Jesse Palmer for being incredibly good at his job. This was a tour de force when it comes to dramatic pauses, corny jokes, callbacks and silence. He was pushing all the right buttons. He is asked to do a lot of corny things, like the end of last week’s episode when he was in the empty studio. Yet somehow he is able to smile through it. Do I necessarily believe that this is the most dramatic thing to ever happen? No, most certainly not, but he does have that magic gift of bringing the audience along for a ride even if the destination is a bit of a fabrication.

Rachel And Zach Breakup/Talk
  • Stating that obvious here: Rachel was not upset at all that Zach left on his own accord
    • You could see it on her face. She had some relief because she didn’t need to do the breaking up herself
  • I do not love that Rachel was all about the “attacking my character” angle
    • I think Zach was just stating his opinion, and that hurt your feelings. He was not trying to be malicious.
      • Zach later apologized to Rachel in the live finale portion for attacking her character…which he didn’t need to do.
  • Zach was very apologetic in his meeting with Rachel face-to-face. Far too much so.
  • I need the tapes revealed of what they talked about in the fantasy suites. That would make udnersatnding this process so much better.
    • Can we get some Big Brother or Jersey Shore nighttime, blurred out visual, audio only conversations??
  • Zach is another candidate for Bachelor.
    • He is a very emotional man, which would be great for the producers and editors of the show. They would not need to finagle tears of romantic moments. Zach would be a sucker for them all.
Aven Meets Rachel’s Family
  • Aven gets to meet Rachels family first.
  • Aven is peaking with a TON of confidence. He does really like Rachel. That is without a doubt.
  • I remember Rachel’s friends from Clayton’s season. They are straight shooters
    • And they get information right away.
      • Aven is not ready to be engaged…or he doesn’t want to right now? What is it exactly?
        • There is a brutal/beautiful edit that of Aven telling this to Rachel’s friends, and then Rachel talking to a family member saying how she knows that Aven is ready to get engaged
        • The look on Rachel’s face when she hears from here friends that Aven is not ready to get engaged is one of pure shock
          • How is it that shocking?
  • Aven gets very frustrated near the end of the date when Rachel brings up what her friends said about what he said
    • Aven is staunchly saying that he sees a future with them together and he just wants to figure out the timing with an engagement
      • So basically this is like dating…trying to figure out when each other is ready to take the next step together
  • Aven tries so hard to end this on a high note, but there is no saving this. He is going to have to live with this frustration and angst until the next time he sees her
  • Tony wearing the pink shirt was a standout, and Jesse Palmer pointed that out as well
Erich Meets Gabby’s Family
  • Erich is the only one left for Gabby, and I don’t know if that adds more and less pressure to this situation.
  • We have Gabby’s grandfather there, and everyone loves him.
    • This is his second time meeting Erich, so that is a easier pool to dive into.
  • We have Gabby’s aunt, as well has her dad and step-mom
    • Gabby’s aunt is really fantastic for Gabby. She is telling Gabby to be honest with Erich and tell him how she really feels. She is telling her to go all in.
      • This is really the opposite of many family relatives in this situation; most ask if they are certain they want to continue with this process.
    • Gabby’s dad asks Erich the fairly standard questions. Nothing too crazy there.
  • Gabby’s Grandpa gets emotional just because he loves Gabby so much; that was very touching
  • There is not much to this date because Erich really didn’t do anything wrong to create drama or controversy
  • Gabby looked good, but she always looks good, so that is not a surprise
  • I am not surprised, but I am still very happy that they did not shoe-horn in a Gabby trying to reconnect with her mom.
Tino Meets Rachel’s Family
  • Tino was genuinelly neverous when he was going to meet Rachel’s family
    • Do we think that this stems from Rachel’s conversation with his parents and how they did not like her at all?
    • Rachel’s mom is the first one to take him away from the stress of the whole crew
  • Rachel making a joke about Tino sweating a lot, which was actually funny because Tino then started to sweat a lot
  • Rachel did tell her parents and friends that Tino’s family did not like her
    • I think we need to remind Rachel that Tino’s parents did not have a big problem with he, but rather the process
      • Father thumb asked this question to Tino and he was adament that his parents would eventually come over to the idea
  • Tino is more vocal about being ready for an engagement
  • I can not believe that Rachel’s dad liked him.
  • Again, I don’t have a ton a remarkable stuff from the meeting of the family. This is all just window dressing of the guys saying the right things to not screw anything up
Rachel Breaks Up With Aven
  • Alright, we all know this was coming. I think Aven knew it too.
  • Rachel had her mind made up going into this converstaion.
  • Aven is very, very adamant that just because he doesn’t want an engagement doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be with her.
  • Rachel is understandingly frustrated because she was told by him that he was ready or an engagement when in the fantasy suite
    • Here is a thing that nobody is point out but they should; Aven and Rachel fucked a lot in their one night together…so perhaps their minds were not in the right head space to have a serious conversation about this
      • Aven probably said yes to the engagement thing in the heat of a very stimulating moment…and then he had some post nut clarity that took him some time to process
        • Should he had known better in the moment? Maybe you can argue that. However, Rachel should also be smart enough to know the context when she was hearing everything that she ever wanted to hear
  • During the reunion portion, both Rachel and Aven are ammicable with each other.
    • Aven admits some wrong doing, which I guess is fair, but I still don’t think he deserves all the blame
  • Aven could potentially be a good bachelor because everyone likes him…but he would have to buy into the idea of being engaged at the end of the show, which he simply can not right now. If they changed the format of the show, then maybe Aven could take the lead.
Gabby And Erich Final Date
    • Erich fits the mold of a classic man perfectly: he has no idea he makes mistakes until they happen. He needs a second to process his mistake, come the dark realization, and then wait for his partners forgiveness.
  • Starting at the beginning, it is really cute how Gabby blocks the view finder so Erich can not see him,
  • Gabby looks really good in the white pants, but I do not love the top. It is a bit too shiny for me.
  • Gabby is supremely confident with what Erich and she have; she is excited for what their future is going to be
    • She then gets very upset when Erich mentions that he would love to “date her” in the real world
      • This sends her into a downward spiral of questioning whether or not she can stay knowing that she wants to be engaged and he might not be ready for it
    • This is another prime example of the format of The Bachelorette ruining something that could be awesome.
      • We already had Rachel tell Aven that she wish they’d met not under these circumstances…because their romance is the more normal. The same goes for Gabby and Erich; this is a good thing you have going so please don’t; fuck it up
  • While we see this drama unfolding at the end of the episode, Gabby seems perfectly fine in front of the live studio audience. I didn’t sense any anger or sadness when watching her watch this back. It is like she knows it is a happy ending.
    • Rachel on the other hand…yikes. She did NOT look good over the final moments of the live episode.
      • Something for sure happens there.


There are only two left…and I only like one of them. So this is easy. Now I am just doing this out of principle.

No. 2

It was cute how he was so nervous meeting Rachel’s family. He also looks better with facial hair than without.

No. 1

Erich (Real Estate Analyst – Bedminster, NJ – 29)
Really was batting 1000 this episode before the last 15 minutes.

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