Here is my hot take. Midnight Mass – Book VII: Revelation is the worst episode of the entire series.

In the conclusion of this seven episode mini-series, the inhabitants of Crockett Island face their fate and come to grips with the repercussions regarding their miracle. Book VI: Act Of The Apostles sprayed blood everywhere and opened the doors for it to leak out and affect everyone. It is up to the surviving heroes to try and keep the thirsting infection on the island and they have to deal with the vampiric plague and its leaders.

The biggest problem with Book VII: Revelation is that it wraps everything up far too fast. Character arcs, which were progressing like a nice parabola, sudden turn acute and angle themselves for closure. The pace of the episode was no longer slow and methodical, but instead rushed and unceremonious.

The largest gripe with the series finale is how it wrapped up Monsignor Pruitt’s character. So it took just 20 minutes of episode time and maybe an hour of real time within the show for Pruitt to suddenly have a 180 degree change of heart? The man was preaching being part of God’s army and spreading the gift of this miracle that his angel gave them. But after one conversation with Millie, I mean that is all that takes?

There is history between Millie and Pruitt and it is cleverly mentioned throughout the show to this moment. The revelation that Sarah is their daughter, was that meant to be a shocking surprise? It did not feel like a firework going off. It felt more like a match that lights up fast but gets blown out by the slightest breeze. And to people who say that Sarah getting show pushed Pruitt too far, well you are wrong. You see him not to Sarah when she is dowsing the church with gasoline. He had already made up its mind.

Let’s nitpick the screenplay for a bit as well. Millie mentions how Sarah’s favorite spot is the small bridge that she used to play at and that is where the old couple goes to lay her to rest. There has to have been a way to include that bridge earlier in the show so the choice of a bridge doesn’t seem like such blatant symbolism. Why not have Pruitt, on the way to walking over to give the then ailing Millie mass in her home, why not have Pruitt go over that bridge and look into the water while walking over the bridge. That way he is reflecting on himself and the choices he is making and then come this episode that bridge location would have been a light bulb moment for the viewers.

Am I alright for being disappointed in the angel and how stupefied it was when it was feeding on individuals? The angel is vicious when he attack Riley, Mille, and the old drug dealer, but he (it?) is like a distracted toddler when feeding? I understand that this plays on the idea that this blood is an addiction and it warps everything in your world around you, but there is no idea of self preservation for the angel? When Erin is cutting his wings and obviously handicapping him on purpose, the angel doesn’t act? This angel stayed hidden underground and avoided the light for an unknown amount of time and was able to preserve himself. This just seems like a dumbing down of the creature.

Nobody is safe in Midnight Mass. The only two survivors are Leeza and Warren; the innocent (young) are spared. They are floating in a boat watching, listening and feeling the terror that is happening on the island. All credit to Mike Flanagan where it is due because some of the heavenly themed landscape shots to close out the series are simply stunning. Everyone burns up as the sun rises, including Bev who went down in a fiery cowardly clump.

Samantha Sloyan playing Bev is the standout performance from Midnight Mass. She is immensely hatable. No redeeming qualities at all. Sloyan makes you want to hate her more and every sly or racist remark she makes makes you want to hurl a water bottle at the screen.

The moment for a full dive into Book VII: Revelation has passed. It has been over a week since I have watched it and it has been even longer since the majority of people watched Midnight mass as a whole.

Speaking on the series as a whole, it is still a very strong show that is created and helmed by a man who understands tone and mood. Flanagan starts out Midnight Mass establishing characters you care about and an environment that is as enthralling as any person. Compared to The Haunting Of Hill House and The Haunting Of Bly Manor, Midnight Mass loosens its grip on atmospheric appeal. The characters all have their monologues and credit to Flanagan, they hit at a very high rate. Midnight Mass is like when an MVP caliber athlete has a down year. By other’s standards, it is still excellent, but compared to what people expect, it is a little bit lesser than.

I still wholeheartedly endorse anyone to watch Midnight Mass. The majority of folks loved the finale, so my thoughts on it are maybe just wailings in the winds. Take a trip to Crockett Island and see if you become as raptured by the story.

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