Shrek (2001) is criminally underrated as a quotable movie. For an animated movie, it blends youthful energetic comedy with subtle adult jokes as well as any animated movie. The characters are remarkably memorable, and the voices/inflections they scream are all etched into our brains.

These are my top 10 quotes from Shrek. And got watch the movie ASAP. Remind yourself how good it is.

10. “WOW! Only a TRUE friend would be that cruelly honest!”

  • This is going to be the only quote that is not getting a YouTube clip because it is at the tail end of a quote that I use ALL the time. Love this quote for the relentless optimism of Donkey. This is ending of their first real conversation between Shrek and Donkey, and it perfectly sums up what their entire journey will be like.

9. The Muffin Man conversation

  • The best part of about THE MUFFIN MAN is going all extra on the voices. Conrad Vernon plays the Gingerbread Man, and when I think of a person being tortured, I think of his voice. YOU ARE A MONSTER. Also John Lithgow as Lord Farquaad is perfect.

8. “We can stay up late, swapping manly stories, and in the morning, I’m making waffles!”

  • Who here has not said this when having a sleepover??

7. The Duloc Song – Followed by “Let’s do that again!”

  • If you haven’t seen this scene in a while, watch it. A few adult jokes hidden in there. Also the last line by donkey makes it all come together like a nice milkshake.

6. “NO! Layers. Onions have layers. Ogres have layers… You get it? We both have layers.”

  • Maybe not directly quotable, but the message of the onions is loud and clear. This line and phrasing has been used in family funerals to describe people. I think it is specially prevalent for introverts.

5. “This is the part where you run away.”

  • Michael Myers absolutely nailed the delivery of this line. The pause in the middle. It comes right after a great little scary monologue. I say this line when I am watching sports on TV and my team starts winning big and the other team begins cowering.

4. “Better Out Than In I Always Say”

  • This quote is this high because I know a lot of people that say it. I am not a big quoter of this one, but I respect it for what it is.

3. “NO! Not the buttons! Not my gumdrop buttons!”

  • The entire interrogation sequence in Shrek is a must watch. This is the start of it. I mentioned how you have to do the voices, and this is the embodiment of that. If you ever lose something or have someone threatening to take something away, drop a NOT THE GUMDROP BUTTONS.

2. Donkey singing “‘Cause I’m all alone / There’s no one here beside me / My problems have all gone / There’s no one to deride me! / But ya gotta have friends…”

  • I love singing this song when i want to be dramatic. When my girlfriend is going to leave me for 10 minutes and I want attention, I will just belt out “CAUSE I’M ALL ALONE. THERE IS NO ONE HERE BESIDE MEEEE”

1. “That is a NICE boulder”

  • Whenever someone sees a new rock, they say this quote. if you are a hiker, or a rock climber, then you say this ALL THE TIME. I am an outdoor guy, and when I go running and I start kicking a rock, climb over a rock or admire a rock, this is what I say.

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