Holy shit balls. This episode starts out with absolute heartbreak. Episode six of Rachel and Gabby’s journey has lots of peaks and valleys. There are warranted tears, terrible awkward dates, Rachel actually not crying, a random exit with very convoluted exit and then a anti-climatic rose ceremony.

Next week we have hometowns. That snuck up on us! Who will advance to meet everyone’s families? Let’s dive in and see who makes it to the final cut.

Alright, let’s get to it. Episode six of Rachel and Gabby’s journey on The Bachelorette.

Gabby & Nate BREAKUP
  • WHYY!!!! Who the hell saw this coming??
  • Gabby breaks up with Nate in a truly shocking development.
    • Gabby cites how she is not ready to be a mom yet. She is being honest with himself and honest with Nate.
    • Nate is taken aback massively. As he should have been. Nobody saw this development coming.
    • Perhaps we should have seen something coming when Jesse interrupted Rachel and her after they toasted some coffee?
      • Who toasts coffee?
    • It is never ever a fun feeling when you sit down and then your significant other just starts crying out of nowhere.
    • Nate did what I do when I am sad and I cry. I look out into the distance for as long as a can and try to cry as softly as I can.
  • Really tough to make Gabby have this conversation in public on a bench in a city they don’t know about
  • Gabby is speaking rationally about it; she is being very hard on herself but you know yourself best and that is why.
  • Nate, brutal. He was a clear number one for Gabby. Hands down, number one. This one hurts.
  • During Nate sitting by the water, a cat was behind him. My girlfriend noticed. Eyes of a hawk.
  • The gentleman on the cruise ship are SHOCKED that Nate is gone.
    • Who is going to fill the void that Nate is gone?
  • Gabby having to relive the breakup in front of five other guys she is dating is emotionally traumatic.
  • So with Nate and Gabby breaking up, have the two most heart breaking breakups in recent memory involve dads?
    • Nate, and then Michael A. from Katie’s season?
      • They did double bachelorettes…why not double bachelors.
  • Zach is so smitten on Rachel.
    • Yea, let’s skip to it. He says that he is falling in love with Rachel.
      • Rachel is BEAMING when he says this.
      • No way they actually ate the dinner in front of them
        • How many of these one-on-one dinner dates need to happen inside of a church?
          • Is there some sort of symbolism with it being a confessional setting and everyone opening up?
  • The Tulip field is gorgeous. Good job production too.
    • We do get the egregious hot tub in a random place. They try and disguise it, but none of it looks that good.
      • I wonder how long the production crew needs to set it up? Hours? How long do the couples usually stay in there?
    • The randomly staged Amsterdam stations were far too staged.
      • The first one with the cheese and wine…can we just stay at that station? We don’t need to get wooden shoes or lemonade.
    • Rachel trying to stand up on the bike was bold. That would have been super impressive. Bonus points would have been added.
  • Okay, I have a gripe.
    • Going to therapy is not a defining character trait.
      • How many mental health stories are we doing to hear about. Everyone has low points and people bounce back. There are have been three straight episodes with massive talks about getting confidence in one self.
      • This is irritating to me. I go to therapy, but it is not the reason I am better now than I was before. it helps, absolutely, but the main reason you are better now is because of yourself.
        • I thought that when he said he discovered him….he was going to say in exercise because he lost 85 pounds from his peak.
          • He is in great shape for being that overweight from so long ago
  • Zach gets the one-on-one rose. He is secure for hometowns.
  • Obligatory awkward sex date for Gabby. We already had one with Rachel and her sniffing of armpits. I think Gabby had more fun in this.
  • Was not expecting that women with the whip to look like she did.
  • It is kind of funny when the Amsterdam sex queen asks the men if they know how to satisfy a women and none of the men want to answer “Yes.”
  • The picking of the safe word was funny because some of the guys got original and had fun with it.
  • Gabby’s outfit is really good on this group date. Good work costume design.
  • Gabby is having a lot of fun “tormenting” the men when they are strapped to the chair or on the ground.
    • The whipped cream, the whip, the clamps, the electric prong
  • Johnny is once again dominating the fun atmosphere.
    • He strips when going into the chair. He is goofy and Gabby can not stop laughing at him.
      • What a remarkable rise over the last two weeks.
  • Can we talk about how drab the setting is though? It looked like Kink porn video settings.
  • Why did they bleep out of the risky questions?? What is the point of a sex date if you can’t hear what they are talking about.
  • I do love how Jason didn’t want to answer the questions he was asked. He used his safe word. Jason staying true to himself.
  • Okay, what the fuck happened here?
  • Logan gets tested positive for COVID following the group date (according to the editing), so he can not be part of the dinner portion.
    • Jesse goes and talks to Gabby and tells her that they need to cancel the dinner portion of the group date out of giant precaution.
      • So Gabby was in close contact with Logan but she doesn’t need to wear a mask nor does Jesse?
  • Jesse has to go and tell the guys that the dinner portion of the group date is cancelled…but he doesn’t explain why?
    • Why was this so vague from Jesse?? I just don’t understand. Why not just tell the truth?
    • These guys have to be so fucking confused.
      • Again, no mask for Jesse or any of the guys who were clearly in close contact with Logan.
  • I am not trying to get preachy on policies, but I have to think that there were still WHO guidelines at the time of filming this season.
  • Logan was the highlight of two straight episodes. The lightning rod of attention and hate from the audience. And then he just disappears. Poof. Vanished. Gonzo.
    • This is not what the producers of the show would have wanted.
    • Logan would have made home towns for the drama of him and Gabby trying to have to explain how he came over late.
    • He would not have won the competition.
  • No cameras on Logan at all when he had COVID? None, at all?
Rachel group date
  • I really don’t like group dates where the bachelorette (or bachelor, to be fair), just sit around and watch.
  • Rachel here is just standing there as there is a cheese lifting competition.
    • Tino is worried because it looks like the other guys work out more. If TIno doesn’t work out and he still looks that good, then that is very impressive.
    • Who were the random men behind them doing the competition?
    • Ethan had the best posture in this competition, at least i think.
    • I am surprised that Aven didn’t win.
    • Tino wins the challenge besides doubting himself. He gets himself a prize and he puts a crown on his own head.
      • This only fuels Tino’s ego. Which is growing.
        • Credit to the editing team for rolling out this Tino character change so nicely. It is their best work in the show thus far.
  • We head to the dinner portion of the date.
    • I am sorry Ethan, but you just don’t have a shot.
    • Aven notes how his parents haven’t been the most welcoming to people he has brought home. YIKES. Sets up some drama. Or is it a twist?
    • I am glad that the guys are actually answering that they did. There have been too many, NO, NEVER, NOT ME.
    • Tyler pours his heart and soul out. Rachel is digging it. Tyler is digging deep in the trenches and is going to make his goodbye very tough
      • I am willing to bet that his parents love the fuck out of him and spoil the shit out of him. He probably bought them a dope ass house too.
    • Tino, Tino, TIno
      • So Tyler gets the group date rose, and Tino does not take it well.
        • As Ethan would say, Tino began behaving like a “Baby Back Bitch”
        • Tino goes and complains to producers
          • If you told me before the show that Tino would get upset and start wailing his hands while holding a glass of red wine, I would have believed you
Rose Ceremony
  • This was an incredibly predictable rose ceremony. Luckily there was some drama during the show and who was sent home because once we got to the final portion, we knew where it was going to go.
    • Who in reality thought that Gabby wasn’t going to pick Johnny or Spencer? No offense to Spencer. Honestly nothing bad to say about him. But Johnny and Gabby have that fun easiness.
    • Ethan, you tried really hard. The editors of the show did their best to make you relevant., But Tino and you being in the final two was a drama ploy for Tino’s potential villain turn.
    • GABBY: Erich, Jason, Johnny
    • RACHEL: Aven, TIno, Tyler, Zach


There are seven men left after the eliminations of Nate (NOOOOOO), Logan (Okay), Spencer (he tried) and Ethan (I liked him).

Next week we get home towns. I love home towns because they are structured. Everyone is going to get their allotted time to try and impress. It is easier to remember everything and to recap. Also there is going to be hella drama because we are meeting SEVEN families?? Not just four, but SEVEN?? How are they going to squeeze this into one episode?? They can not. It has to be two.

No. 7

Erich (Real Estate Analyst – Bedminster, NJ – 29)
I still just get back vibes from Erich. Don’t know if it is warranted, but nothing he has done has made me go “oh la la”.

No. 6

He gets the group date rose and sends Tino up the wall. If it comes down to Tyler and Zach, it is going to be a barking fest at Rachel’s feed and Zach has more fight.

No. 5

Jason did nothing wrong, but we are getting to the nitty gritty. Not a lot from Jason this episode, but hopes are high ahead.

No. 4

We got the villain music. We are getting the antagonist vibes. Ethan was right that Tino behaved like a “baby back bitch”.

No. 3

Aven is lurking. He is just present, always a shadow for when Zach and Tino think they have the upper hand.

No. 2

I do not think that Johnny is going to win Gabby’s heart, but he is winning America’s hearts. He is taking whole process in stride.

No. 1

The leader in the clubhouse for Rachel. He is puppy dog like Tyler, but Rachel digs Zach a LOT more.

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