Hometowns. I always enjoy hometowns because it is a very structured episode. We know what we are getting, we know where we are going, and we know how the events should play out. There is a baseline.

Now with two bachelorettes, how was the show going take that into account? How are they going to divide up the time? Is there going to be a different vibe with Gabby and Rachel separated and unable to talk to each other?

There were zero Jesse Palmer this episode. We saw him on the boat for a hot second, but this had to be a good week or two for Jesse to go back and see his wife (or was it fiancé then?).

Before we get to the brief recap and the power rankings, we do have to address the elephant in the room. There was no Aven on this episode. None. We did not get bit of him in the preview, which I noticed, but then even as the episode dragged on we still got no mention.

Next week is the men-tell-all and Aven’s date is going to be mixed in-between it. Pardon my memory, but this usually is not the case, right? We don’t usually get a hometown date omitted and then integrated the next week. I don’t like how the breaks from the men talking about themselves is going to be only Rachel footage. I want more Gabby stuff.

Yes, by this point now, you should know I prefer Gabby to Rachel.

But without further a do, let’s get to the majority of the hometown dates.

It’s time for episode seven of Rachel and Gabby’s journey on The Bachelorette.

  • Did Jason get the shortest hometown date? Why do I feel like we spent the least amount of time with him.
  • The first thing we get on this date in New Orleans is Gabby meeting Jason’s dad (because his parents are separated)
    • Jason’s dad is a crier. He is emotive. The opposite of Jason, but you can tell that they all car about one another
  • Gabby does well with older family members because of the great relationship with her grandfather.
  • Jason at one point said that he was doing to leave. Granted in the beginning of the show he was thinking about it, but Gabby’s facial reaction was not great.
  • Gabby going through Bourbon Street tossing out beads and asking for guys to flash her was funny. Hypocritical, but funny.
    • Bourbon Street is not good. It is not worth visiting. It was a very good one-time thing at night but no more.
  • Who knew that all of Jason’s family was so emotive?? They are all different vibes than Jason.
    • Jason’s mom looks like Cher from The Witches Of Eastwick (1987).
    • Jason’s sister was a lot like Gabby, just didn’t say “Yeah” nearly as much.
  • All of Jason’s family loved Gabby, but Jason is the one putting on the brakes
    • Jason is not ready to be engaged.
      • I know it is not the show wants…but Jason is thinking about it rationally. He actually wants to take time
        • Between Jason, and one more person in hometowns isn’t ready for engagement, is it time for the show to change itself?
      • Jason has not had this conversation with Gabby yet, and he still doesn’t as of the end of his hometown. I suppose it is something that will be talking about at fantasy suites? That is a heavy topic for that.
      • Do we know that Gabby wants an engagement?
  • Zach, love you, but we have to talk about Patrick Warburton. He is your uncle?!
    • The only thing we got from Warburton was in the post credit roll. Nothing Emperor’s New Groove (2000) related.
      • Don’t worry readers. I got you.
  • Zach with an AWESOME date idea in Anaheim with the rooftop looking over the airplanes. A great callback to a memory they share together and a huge bonding moment for the couple.
    • When Rachel came over the ladder and Emma and I saw what was happening, we had to give major kudos.
  • Zach’s parents are very loving and nurturing, and it is easy to see where Zach gets his little bit of optimistic and emotive personality from.
  • Zach is 26 years old. Only one year older than Tyler. That blew my mind. But it kind of makes sense too because both are ready to give so much.
  • We end their hometown date with Zach and Rachel watching a movie of their journey thus far with Zach’s family. Maybe a little bit awkward with Zach and Rachel making out in a hot tub, but still a great way to tie all their time together.
  • Johnny’s date starts off with him taking her to meet his family first
    • I enjoy this move. It is the right move. Get the nervous stuff out of the way and just dive in.
    • I would enjoy this. Please just get all the major drama out of the way first
  • Johnny’s family is just conventionally attractive.
  • Supposedly, Johnny does not give his heart to just anyone. His family has made a big deal about this and how once Johnny does then he becomes very loyal
    • Johnny’s mom says that Gabby is going to see a very different Johnny when he dedicates himself to her. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Does Gabby want to rediscover a new person once the show is over?
  • Johnny’s dad delivers a very cliche and never actually heard “I am proud of you son.”
  • Johnny does not know if he is ready for an engagement either. He joins the ranks of Jason. What is Gabby going to do?
  • Johnny, while I like him the most, seems to be more hesitant than Jason. Jason at least wants to think about it all, take his time, and make sure it is what he is ready for. With Johnny I got more of the vibe that he didn’t know if marriage was right for him. I got the sense that he knows more so that he isn’t ready to be tied down yet.
  • Oh. Tyler. Oh, poor Tyler.
  • This date fit Tyler’s mood perfectly. He is a kid, a puppy and someone who aims to please. Taking Rachel to the Carnival is really right up his ally.
  • Tyler owns a pizza stand in this carnival…and his whole entirely family works there?
    • 15 cousins. 15 cousins.
    • Tyler literally says to Rachel that “that was a lot of people” and her reaction is perfectly exhausted.
    • For owning a carnival, or I guess part of it, Tyler is not the best at the carnival games
  • Rachel’s fashion again with the trench coat is not great. Tough fit.
    • Her fashion all year has been really rough
  • Rachel goes and vents to a producer that she feels like a terrible person, but this is actually a moment when Rachel is doing the right thing. It was absolutely right tell Tyler that he wasn’t the one before family time took place. Do not half-ass the family part.
  • The break-up is tough. Rachel really can not get out a word without shivering.
    • Tyler is doing his damndest to try and convince Rachel that he is falling in love with her…but oh that makes it so much harder for her.
      • Does it make it harder? Maybe now she just knows that she needs to break it off just because they are not nearly at the same place.
  • Tyler having to go see his family ALONE after getting broken up with is a tough lookTy
    • Tyler wasn’t lying when he said that he went for Rachel…his whole entire family knew it.
    • This little bit of editing is to really redeem Tyler a bit. It is a very favorable edit. Is this a great edit for The Bachelor or Bachelor In Paradise?
  • Whoof. Emotions. All the emotions.
  • Erich’s date really centers around his father Allan, who at the time of filming is battling cancer with every fighting instinct he has left.
    • Allen unfortunately died a few weeks fore the episode aired, so the episode was dedicated to Allan
  • We are back in New Jersey, the same place as Tyler’s hometown. Wonder if Gabby and Rachel crossed paths while in the Garden State?
  • Gabby being an ICU nurse allows her to empathize with Erich’s family so well. She knows the terror and sadness they are going through. She has an immense respect for Erich”s mom, who has been caretaking for Allan for her whole life.
    • As I am typing this now, I now realize why my girlfriend was so super emotional during this date. Her grandmother was a caretaker for her grandfather for a long time until he passed away. She was able to see to connection between her life and the life that was being put on our television.
  • This date made me love Erich so much more. He would still not be my pick, but he has grown a ton in my estimation after this date.
  • Gabby’s best part of this date is her silence. She lets Erich talk to his family and share his thoughts. He let’s Erich’s mom vent and explain what she is doing through
  • This is just an incredible hometown date. It touched all the feels.The best all around one of the entire episode, hands down.
  • So Tino’s parents are TOUGH. Like REAL ROUGH.
  • They are NOT KIND to Rachael at all. Like they absolutely torched her. This was the worst interrogation I have ever seen a contestant get.
  • Tino did nothing to warn Rachel that this was coming. She was taken completely aback.
  • So let’s start with Tino’s dad.
    • Quality time is very important to him. And he is terrified that Rachel and Tino have no seen enough of each other
    • He loved the phrase of a “fantasy” when comparing what they are going through now to what real life is like
      • Guess what…TIno’s dad is right. TIno’s mom is right too.
    • A super cringe part was when TIno’s dad asked Rachel the best part about Tino…and she replied his positive outlook and that fact he donates blood
      • So…Rachel has not seen the footage of Tino acting a bit baby-like over the last couple of weeks when he did not get the attention that he deserved
    • Tino is asked by his dad to make sure that Rachel is not just looking for a marriage or for an engagement
      • This is a dark comment.
  • Rachel is fully aware that TIno’s parents do no like her at all. She is a warrior pushed up against a cliff and only jagged rocks are at the bottom.
    • I have to kind of admit that this date, while torturous for Rachel, really showed some muster for her. She stuck through it, tried her best, and did not fold. She did the best she could, and that is all you can ask for.
  • I believe that it was in this date that Rachel was confident in saying that she wanted an engagement.
    • This is different than Gabby. She seems more open to not being so entrenched in an engagement
      • Do we get a preview of this in the full remainder of the season preview when Jesse tells Rachel that Gabby is not there with them
  • Tino and Rachel sit outside and recap the meeting of the family..and Rachel is adamant that they didn’t like her.
    • Rachel is absolutely right.
    • Tino tries to save the night saying that “They did are you. I promise you” and that just is not true at all. They really did not like her.
  • If Rachel does choose Tino, how is she going to win this family over? Is it even possible? I am not entirely sure.


There are only six min left. Three and three. This is the first time that Rachel and Gabby have equal men left. There was really only one horrendous hometown date, and it wasn’t necessarily for the couple, but rather for Rachel herself. Family is an extension of yourself in a way, so even if the couple did alright, how did the contestants do with the families?

No. 6

Listen, with no date at all and no new information, my hand is forced here. Have to move him down.

No. 5

Tino was fine…but we didn’t see a lot of Tino. We saw a lot of his family, and if Rachel means what she says (about marrying into family), then Tino is in trouble.

No. 4

His hometown date was fine. Don’t think it was great for Gabby & Jason, but Jason’s family is the best. Polar opposites.

No. 3

Johnny is a very fun person, and Gabby is going to need to decide if she wants the fun Johnny or emotionally compatible Jason for next week.

No. 2

Erich (Real Estate Analyst – Bedminster, NJ – 29)
Erich is going to be engaged to Gabby. Hands down. What a hometown. Super emotional. I have softened on Erich a lot.

No. 1

Zach is the 100% leader in the clubhouse with Rachel. Not even close. He got the layup with the first one-on-one date and now it came full ciricle.

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