Yes I know that this is very late. Yes I know the first of the two-part finale airs tomorrow.But here is the thing, life gets in the way. When this show becomes two nights a week, it becomes BRUTAL. Absolutely brutal. It is not necessarily brutal to watch, but it is just so god damn time consuming. It’s three hours with no commercials. That is what makes Bachelor In Paradise so hard as well. Just so much stuff happening.

The main thing to talk from these Fantasy Suite episodes is that Gabby and Rachel are so very different when it comes to this process, and the guys they have picked out are so different as well. Gabby is with three men, all of which are slight introverts or more reserved. Jason is a turtle who only peaks out emotions every so often. Erich cares a hell of a lot for Gabby but he is a little insecure in himself, and Johnny is adorable but just not ready for a relationship.

Rachel is with three guys who are all emotive. Aven, who is the most subdued of the three, is all in but is cute about it. Tino is a bit of a control freak for sure but he is all about being the winner at the end. Zach is in love with Rachel, and he doesn’t mind the cameras…but the cameras may bring out differences in the contestants and lovers.

Fantasy Suite was not all happy tidings.

It’s time for episode (who remembers anymore) of Rachel and Gabby’s journey on The Bachelorette.

Aven And Rachel
  • Aven is adorable. He had an immaculate smile while on this date with Rachel
  • Aven is going to be well sought after this season when he does not win
    • There is a zero percent chance that Aven win’s Rachel’s chance at proposal because the entire time we see them together, we also see Tino venting to Jesse about how uncomfortable he is with Rachel still exploring other relationships.
  • Rachel does open up this date saying that she has not been as honest to Aven as she wished. She has stronger feelings for him than she has let one.
  • Based off the way that Rachel and Aven looked at the end of the episode (well, mainly Rachel), it would appear that these two definitely did the hanky-panky
    • She notes that “Aven is the full package-the full package”
    • There was a shot of shoes untangled and on the floor. Is this a sign?
  • Despite the happiness between these two, I do no think that Aven stands a chance with Tino still in the way.
Erich And Gabby
  • Gabby loves Rachel. It is so fucking obvious
    • She is essentially begging him to be patient when he leaves after their one-on-one
      • This will proof timely…
  • Gabby choosing Erich as her first fantasy suite date really sets the bar so high for Johnny and Jason. Erich is the front runner and now the ceiling is set too high for people to reach
  • Gabby has already told Erich that she is falling in love with him and it is so apparent that Erich is the only one she has true feelings for.
    • Like she has fun with Johnny but he is a best friend. And Gabby is having fun unravelling Jason, but she is going to open an empty present when she gets the truth
  • Gabby can not keep her hands off of Erich
  • I think that Erich is a true introvert but is having his fun side sucked out of him for the public to see by Gabby.
    • This is like me with my girlfriend. I am by no means as emotive as Erich, but Emma makes me more excited to go out in public
  • There was a bit of this date that was too on the nose….and yes you can guess it
    • The jumping off the ledges to the nature lake was very symbolic of Gabby needing to take the jump., Gabby needed help from Erich and he was there to help out but was not too aggressive about it. Thankfully. He was good about letting Gabby making her own decision to do it
  • Erich and Gabby did not fuck in the fantasy suites. They made love.
  • Erich is going to propose, or at least end up with Gabby. I really, really hope so.
  • Second episode we get more Erich than we thought we would. Or at least me.
    • Gabby immediately goes back to him and they try and calm down and not leave each other angry
  • After the Jason date….it is all Erich
    • Erich does seem genuinely shocked Gabby is at his door
    • He is even MORE shocked when she says that he is the only one left
    • He is GLEEFULLY SHOCKED when Gabby says that she loves him
      • This made me very happy. We like these two together. I admit that I was very hard on Erich in the beginning, but damn did he shine through in the end
  • Erich does look genuinely very happy when he is giving his interviews. It was cute.
JOHNNY And Gabby
  • The saddest breakup of the two episodes
  • Johnny and Gabby would have been perfect IF Johnny was three or four years more relationship exposed/experienced
  • They went out on the boat and looking really good, but the vibes were off
  • The breakup happens, and no one is really surprised
  • Gabby enjoys walking off before having a hard conversation. And I do not mean this poorly. She takes times to gather her thoughts and calm herself down.
  • Johnny is going to be incredibly popular in Bachelor Nation
    • I do see a possibility of Bachelor for Johnny; Give him two or three years and he will come back and realize that he is ready to fall in love, get engaged and do the whole thing.
Tino And Rachel
  • Tino is a nervous wreck
  • Tino is a massive actor
    • Tino knows exactly what he is saying and what he is doing when the is tugging on the strings
    • Tino knows Rachel well, but he does not care for Rachel. He cares for himself and his vision in her eyes, but not what she feels.
  • Rachel is more nervous heading into Tino’s date than I would have expected, but a lot of it stems from the hometown with Tino and his parents just scarring her.
    • When Rachel is explaining what Tino’s parents said to her, she says that she is paraphrasing
      • Would it be possible for her to get the transcripts from the edits? I feel like she should be able to be honest with Tino and just show him the dialogue so he knows that she is not bullshitting him
        • Tino does seem surprised when Rachel is going into detail about the parents, but I don’t trust Tino if he is acting or if he is genuine
  • Tino immediately wins Rachel back by professing that he is falling in love with her and that he is ready for an engagement and a future with her
      • This is hypocritical because Rachel has already talked with Gabby this episode about how she didn’t want to do what Clayton did and cross the streams of affection.
        • So Rachel is all in on Aven and he is the whole package…but she is in love with Tino.
          • What the hell is going to happen to Zach when they had the best connection before this week?
  • The whole vibe of this date was off, and come the end it was really messed up come the end
  • The psychic bit is a tired bit…but this was even more pronounced
    • Why is Rachel so into this? She was into the Salem thing as well on Aven’s date as well
  • This was the first time in a long time that I felt Zach and Rachel were talking on very surface levels
  • There was a PHENOMINAL SHOT of Zach going a little side eye the morning after
  • So what did they talk about during the night?
    • Zach mentions politics and religion; that has to be on purpose
      • Zach is from California and Rachel is from Florida
        • Those are two very opposite ends of the political spectrum…in some areas
          • I can imagine that there are some differences in opinion
  • Jesse goes to Rachel and says one of the most blasphemes statements I have ever heard
    • So Rachel was really pushing Zach that he was not ready to be married at the age of 25…
      • RACHEL. YOU ARE HONLY 26!! Just because you went on this fantasy journey last time does not mean you are more ready to be married. It means you are more ready to talk about it and embrace the idea of it like a comedy act.
      • This was shocking to me. I can not believe that Rachel did that. That was so thick skulled
  • Zach talking with Jesse about it was sad. He was like visually really upset.
  • The episode ends with Zach asking Rachel to speak before she gives out her roses.
    • If she gives a rose to Zach, I will be shocked. We saw kind of in the preview that she is upset about people calling her face, etc.
  • Zach also says that Rachel is different on camera and off camera
    • SHOCKING. This is a little sad to hear but if it is true, it is not shocking.
    • Rachel always had more of a acting air to her time on the screen compared to Gabby.
  • Here is what I am going to say. I don’t think Jason was leading anyone on.
  • Tis was the date where I disliked Gabby the most.
    • You can discover what you deserve, but you don’t need to pin it on Jason
  • Jason was smitten and happy in a new relationship. Almost like a honeymoon period…what is the entire show.
    • Call me crazy, but a lot can happen when the cameras are off and you just talk
    • When you have to bare yourself with no safety net of others around you, then you learn new things about people
  • Gabby talking about how frustrated she was with them talking in circles reminded me of an actual relationship in the real world.
  • Gabby having to go an talk to Jason in the mirning after has to be because the producers and editors were apnicking that they did not have enough to show in terms of them breaking up.
  • In terms of the actual date, Gabby put it all out there on the table for Jason
    • She is playing tennis in a cute outfit
      • It is sports, and a sport that Jason played in college. I had no idea he did that.
    • This is set up for Jason to be comfortable
  • Give Jason some credit…he went balls to the wall in terms of telling Gabby exactly what he was comfortable with
    • Gabby looked PISSED right away. She was not happy at all
    • I was surprised after the whole dispute that they agreed to go and talk it all out in the room.
      • This is a sign of some maturity
  • Gabby’s green dress was a weird but good look. I liked the color but not the dress, but my girlfriend liked the dress but not the color.
  • Jason is not going to be a part of Bachelor Nation. He is not built for it.
    • This is where it was kind of shocking that he was even up to doing the show itself


Tough to do the power rankings now when the hierarchy seems so set in stone. Also not being able to watch these shows live anymore due to work means I am getting some information from viewing late, some from social media, and some from word of mouth. But with that being said, let’s do this. Let’s see how they stack up heading into the two week live finale.

No. 4

All I want to know is what was talked about in the room. Release the tapes!

No. 3

He is going to be engaged to Rachel, and it is not going to work out well.

No. 2

You know he is not going to win after his date with Rachel was continuously interrupted by Tino’s whining to Jesse Palmer

No. 1

Erich (Real Estate Analyst – Bedminster, NJ – 29)
His date was great until they met on the bridge. Otherwise it was all hunky dory. Not sure if he got advice or if it was on his own…but it was tough.

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