This recap is really late, so it is going to be brief. Life got in the way and my girlfriend and I only got to the episode last night. It is fresh in my mind for tonight’s episode. And if we are being honest, it was a fairly boring episode.

Alright, let’s get to it. Episode five of Rachel and Gabby’s journey on The Bachelorette. (This is going to be a rough one).

  • Besides Rachel, Logan is the focal point of this episode
  • He goes and talks to Rachel and breaks the news that he wants to explore things with Gabby
    • Honestly, his speech is okay…until he starts complimenting Rachel non-stop.
      • Stop digging your own grave! You are giving Rachel more ammo and more things to think about
    • Rachel is upset about this. I understand why. The silver-lining is that now Rachel doesn’t have someone who is giving half-effort into the quest for her love.
      • This is if she wanted to take the spin zone into optimism, but Rachel does not do that
    • Rachel is wondering about the process of being “The Bachelorette” and her confidence is shattered again
  • Logan goes and talks to Gabby
    • Gabby promises to give him a chance, which is all Logan can ask for
    • They do have some sort of connection
    • Gabby admits that Logan was the only one that both she and Rachel had feelings for
Rachel’s Group Date
  • Rachel cancels the afternoon date and wah, wah, wah
    • She says that she is too upset. She also says her men are getting the short stack.
      • Girl, you are giving them the short end of the stick by being so far in your head
  • It was funny the guys where just walking around Bruge and waiting for Rachel. Honestly very funny, just them wandering like lost pups in the wilderness
  • Tino gets a little aggressive during the dinner portion and gets the group date rose for showing Rachel that he means business
  • Rachel enjoyed everyone checking in on her.
Gabby Group Date
  • Logan is not on the afternoon part of the group date.
  • It is Nate, Erich, Michael, Mario, Spencer and Jason on the group date. We did not get a group date card.
    • Mean’s that Johnny gets the one-on-one
  • There the is the rock, paper, scissors…fish slap gang. Well, alrighty then. Didn’t see this coming.
    • The post credit scene of Gabby and the bike Belgian man was the best portion of this group date
  • Logan shows up to the dinner portion of the group date. What we have here, is an awkward face-off
    • Logan explaining how and why he was there was kinda twisted. Why not have Gabby come out and explain it for everyone?
  • Nate gets the group date rose due in large part to opening up during the dinner portion.
    • He also got massive brownie points from being so comfortable around children
Rachel & Aven One-On-One Date
  • Rachel’s outfit is terrible
    • I do not like leather outfits.
  • Rachel and Aven think each other are very very attractive. There is a lot of kissing
  • Aven is boring, but in a good and regular way
  • Of course they have a date where they take part in making fantastic Belgian cuisine
  • Aven opens up about his tough relationship with his parents during the dinner portion
  • Aven gets the rose. Not surprised.
Gabby & Johnny One-on-One Date
  • Johnny is fucking hilarious.
  • Johnny is effortlessly cool.
  • This is an awesome date. A brewery date? Yes please, sure. Would love to go to a tasting.
  • Johnny’s called the brewery a “beer farm” which is an awesome name
  • There is a spa portion to the group date, and that was unexpected
    • Johnny dominated this part of the date by being goofy
      • Like letting gabby hit him and say “DO YOU LIKE THAT” – my girlfriend really liked it
  • Johnny opens up during the dinner portion, which is what Gabby was really looking for
    • Johnny talks about his depression and self confidence
      • Second straight one-on-one date with heavy mental health talk – we had Jason last week
    • Gabby connects to people opening up about mental health, big time
  • Johnny gets the rose. As expected.
Cocktail party
  • Not a lot of drama, for the first time in a long time?
  • Some men talked to Gabby about Logan being brought on
  • We got nothing from Mario and Meatball so they are for sure going home
  • The vibes that “this is getting real” are hitting hard
  • Gabby’s dress and walk-down was FIREEEEE
  • Biggest moment (besides Gabby looking incredible) was Rachel’s men reacting to Logan being on Gabby’s side
  • Gabby’s Men
    • Johnny safe with the one-on-one date rose
    • Nate safe with the group date rose
    • Erich gets the rose and Nate/Johnny saw it coming.
    • Spencer hangs around but he is lowest of the group
    • Logan of course has to advance to continue the drama for a week
    • Mario and Michael are sent home
      • Mario got the first impression rose but doesn’t make it to hometowns. I feel like that is surprising.
      • Michael got a lot of voice about Logan taking up time and the numbers game. They allowed him to get some shine before being sent home.
  • Rachel’s Men
    • Aven safe with the one-on-one date
    • Tino safe with the group date rose
    • Ethan survives and advances
    • Tyler is still there as the friend Rachel needs who will do anything
    • Zach is safe and is the value to pick as winner
    • Meatball is sent home, and thank god. We didn’t even know his name


There are 11 men left after the eliminations of Meatball, Michael and Mario. Ethan, somehow still around. Johnny showing off his best personality and Nate is just the king.

No. 11

Ethan is hanging on by a thread. He knows it as well.

No. 10

A quiet episode for Spencer., We have not seen a lot of him this entire season. He is a sit back and observe type of guy.

No. 9

Erich (Real Estate Analyst – Bedminster, NJ – 29)
The biggest faller this week. Did not like any of his looks. He has a right to be upset with Gabby and Logan for this late hurdle, but his approach to it seems sinister.

No. 8

Alright, now that he was made the swtich, we have to deal with the consequences. But compared to who went home, I am perfectly okay with him staying.

No. 7

Tyler was quiet this episode. Not a lot happening, and not a lot of hope.

No. 6

Holy smokes Batman, what a date! Johnny was hilarious with his date with Gabby. He may be put into the friend zone in the long run, but for now, he has my vote.

No. 5

Look at him breaking out of his shell a little bit!

No. 4

He was pretty good with his one-on-one date with Rachel. Kinda boring, but boring in a good way.

No. 3

Not the best week for Tino. I don’t think his opening up came off well. I got kinda, sorta cocky and “validate me” vibes.

No. 2

I am starting to think that Rachel is going to choose Zach.

No. 1

Nate is just adorable. He gets a group date rose. He was really cute with the kids as well. He is all in on Gabby and she digs him.

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