How many times has there been an icebreaker like: “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?”.

Everyone would like a superpower. I mean, who wouldn’t? Think of the power and wonder one could have when flying through the clouds or lifting up a car. In a cultural world that has centered around superhero and comic movies for over a decade now, it has to be something everyone has day-dreamed about for at least half a second. (Who hasn’t wanted the ability to teleport from the couch to bed when to tired to actually get up after a long day of watching football…).

There are so many superhero powers to pick from, but all are cliched and popular. I pose the question to you: What type of MUNDANE superpower would you like? I’m not talking about super-speed. I am talking about the ability to remember everything you actually need when grocery shopping. SOMEONE ALWAYS FORGETS SOMETHING!

Here are some of the best little superpowers that’d be perfect for everyday life. Maybe call them mini-powers?

All-Knowing Weather Person

I need to make this distinction perfectly clear. THIS MINIPOWER DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN CONTROL THE WEATHER! By being an all-knowing weather person, you would simply know what the weather would be…really. Like sure the meteorologists give the general gist, but sometimes they get it wrong. This ability would let you know if the six inches of snow will actually be two. Or if a rain shower that is meant to be short will actually be a downpour. It’s those little intricacies that this mini-power would allow for.


I am not saying putting everything in reverse like Mario Kart. That’d be just terrible.

Imagine having the ability to see your reflection at any moment in time, so you know how you look in any situation?

No rushing to the bathroom to make sure there is nothing in your teeth. No quickly mopping your hair to make sure it is fluffed up enough for your liking and praying there isn’t an errant hair. Imagine your crush walks into a room and you have no idea how you look. These problems are all gone now!

Whitening Power

I’ll say it, brushing stinks. Is there a worse feeling that being all cozy in bed and realizing you didn’t brush your teeth and you have to get up.

So I propose this. Simply self-cleaning teeth. No more brushing teeth. No more mouth wash. No more flossing. Just the ability to have great teeth with no fuss. Strong visible face bones.


This one is simple. You will know how to open a door you’ve never been to before. No more awkward entrances into buildings. No more pushing on a locked door. Simple entry and exit every single time. Look suave coming in and out of places.

“Wow, that looks great on you!”

This one is at the behest of by girlfriend. Everything you try on clothes wise…well it fits. The iffy sizes you are in between, it won’t matter which you choose because you’ll pick correctly. Same goes for shoes, hats, whatever comes fitted. No more leaving clothes in dressing rooms, you take everything you pick up.

Internal GPS

Probably the closest to an actual superpower…but who cares. No longer would you need Google Maps (all other GPS apps are frauds). If you had this mini-power, then you are the atlas. You know how to get everywhere. You know the shortcuts. You know the lane switches. You are the master of the road trip.

The Alarm Clock

I am not talking about the person who needs just one alarm to wake up. I am talking about not needing a SINGLE alarm to wake up. I am talking just saying “I Need To Wake Up At 6 AM” and then having your body listen. No more being scared when you wake up. No more frantic oversleeping moments. Just having the internal body clock of a god.

Smell Taste

You every walk through a market and smell everything around you and immediately want buy everything to taste it? That is what this super power is. Simply the ability to taste every food that you smell. Walking down a street with outdoor seating you couldn’t afford? Well, now it doesn’t matter.

Best Recommender Of All Time

As someone who consumes a lot of media myself, I always slightly freak out and blank out when someone asks for something to watch. To have this mini-power of always nailing a recommendation would be the best ego boost of all time. I think part of this is not actually knowing it is a power of yours, but to become the ultimate recommender would be like the modern-day version of the ultimate hitman.

Perfect Typist

Legitimately, this would be the best of these potential powers. As someone who types and constantly has his brain moving faster than his fingers, I would love to not skip words and misuse grammar. Also, who likes proofing?? (If you do…let me know. I need it). No more squiggly red or blue lines in Microsoft Word or Notepad. This is the best.

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