Season 1 Episode 5: Monkey Dory

  • Little bit of a rough day at work today, so now is time to turn my brain off and watch episode five of Peacemaker
    • Last one I watched was on March 31st, so it has been a minute
  • Peacemaker is feeding the butterfly that he kept secret from his gang of merry friends
    • I think that he fed it honey?
  • Baldy gets Peacemaker a squirrel as a get-better-soon present
  • Leota’s girlfriend Keeya returns to the fold and she is unhappy with their romantic prospects
    • Choosing work over relationship…have had that argument before
    • Well it would appear that Leota’s mom (who is Waller) wants some sort of Diary planted at Peacemaker’s place. Wonder that what is about.
  • OH, I have remembered that Clemson is a Butterfly dude
  • Superman has a poop fetish? It is from Google.
  • John Economos’ presentation is getting torn to shreds
    • Ohhh this Butterfly presentation notes how there is this yellow gunk is the only food source for the Butterfly’s. That is what Peacemaker fed his pet Butterfly. Also the Chinese food place that Leota figured out may be housing the food for the butterfly’s.
      • Not a Chinese food place, Glen Tai is just a processing place I guess? We will find out.
  • Peacemaker’s rant on the names was like a family guy
  • Auggie Smith is back. White Dragon known as.
    • He is telling the police that Peacemaker (his son) did the killing in that apartment from episode one
  • Leota trying to teach Peacemaker to be nice to John about his powerpoint
  • Auggie Smith is a racist terrible person. Robert Patrick is very good at playing him.
  • Sounding awesome-phoebic was a good line by Peacemaker about Poison
  • We have someone approaching Clemson Murn’s door, who is this person?
    • Captain Casper Locke, who is played by Christopher Heyerdahl.
      • Waller I guess called this person in. And he is known to be the not-so subtle type
  • Well Auggie’s fingerprint clears him and the bickering neighbor couple give up their lies.
    • Forgot that Amber wanted to fuck him.
  • Vigilante looking to bring in a chainsaw is very funny. I like that. Gears Of War style.
    • This means he is going to have a ridiculous kill at some point this episode with some crazy weapon.
  • And Peacemaker is killing them all…and his new helmet has X-Ray vision so he can see the butterfly’s in their skulls.
    • This is actually a clever move by Peacemaker. Respect it.
  • Alright so this production center is the distribution center for the whole country…possibly.
  • Harcourt and Vigilante are really getting anywhere they want in this distribution center. Peacemaker is killing all these folks and nobody is raising the alarm
    • Well now they raised the alarm. So here we have an equivalent to them running away from zombies
  • Who is Charlie? The guardian angel of the Butterflies? We do not know who he is.
  • Well…there is a monkey that is being controlled by a Butterfly…I think?
    • Is this a Gorilla Grodd scenario?
    • This would be funny because this would make John look like a genius.
  • “Eat Peace Motherfuckers”
  • It is a gorilla. Is he Charlie? is he the guardian angel?
  • Well…Economos got to kill the killer, talking gorilla with the chainsaw. That was something unexpected.
  • Look at Harcourt actually cracking a smile after this mission. All things are going too well.
    • She is taking a picture to commemorate it.
  • So Auggie is not getting out of prison?
    • Ahhh it would appear Captain Locke is taking over for the old captain and that is because he is trying to clean up the situation.
  • Auggie Smith is the captain of the Aryan nation? That is crazy. Didn’t know he was that high up the evil food chain.
  • We have learned that Butterflies can control any living being
  • Is Harcourt starting to suspect Clemson?
  • Who is judge Will Judy?
    • He is getting the police folk a search warrant for him. They are going over Locke’s head…because he is being a dumbass
  • That was a merman emoji. That has got to be hinting at something. That emoji thing is weird.
  • Now Peacemaker is bringing Leota in for a drink…so planting that diary is now a thing that is going to happen.
  • Leota and Peacemaker talking about how he is trying to get with Harcourt.
    • Leota says be Chris Smith and not Peacemaker and things may swing around for him a bit more
  • The 11th Street Kids
  • Now Leota is planting the diary…what is in that diary?
    • She doesn’t like what she is doing.
      • She is calling her girlfriend after this wakening moment knowing this job is fucking her up big time
    • This is not going to end well for Leota…that is the end of the episode

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