Season 1 Episode 1: A Whole New Whirled

  • I have started watching Peacemaker because my brain needs a break and I am too brain-dead to finish Spencer (2021).
  • This show is edited fast and the dialogue is faster. It is straight to the point and they’ll punch you over the head with it.
  • Peacemaker walks out free but there is now from the hospital with only a broken clavicle. Superhuman indeed.
    • So he was in the hospital for like five months? That is quite a bit.
  • The conversations with the janitor seemed long and I was worried he would just be a one-of character but the fact that he was in the weird opening credits sequences makes me think he will be back.
    • Speaking of the opening credits…I don’t get what all the hype was for? They are all dancing and it is weird, but everyone seemed to be hooting and hollering that it was a riot. Maybe I just misread the Internet. It has happened before.
  • Peacemaker returns home, can’t find key, breaks into own home, but then is ambushed by a crew lead by Murn and now he is back working for Waller killing bad guys, AKA…Butterflies.
    • I openly grinned at the Mothra joke and the jetpack comments. That was good. I liked that.
  • Peacemaker is constantly defending himself for being a superhero. Against Aquaman and again Batman.
  • Peacemaker returns to his dad’s home and it is not very loving reunion.
    • Is it weird that I really liked his kitchen? I would do that.
  • Eagley is a legit bald eagle pet for Peacemaker.
    • He is hugging him. The eagle is hugging Peacemaker.
  • Random question, are we going to get to know Peacemaker’s name? Like his real name?
    • His last name is Smith. Is his first name John?
      • Nope, it is Chris
  • Peacemaker’s dad has to give him a new helmet because he gave his other one to the taxi drier who drove him home because he didn’t have any money.
    • His dad makes all the helmets for him.
  • Waller is fucking this crew of black ops people because they did Project Starfish and that was a direct rebuttal to what she wanted.
  • The dinner scene at the restaurant
    • Sugar tits versus sweet cheeks combo…
    • The butt dance for Peacemaker’s friend’s brother
    • Abortion talk and Sharon Osbourne.
    • Looks like first assignment is going to a seanator
  • This show is really embracing the strange. And this bald eagle pet is maybe the first and most obvious bit about it.
  • This “come on, come on, come on, fuck yea” song is actually good. I like that a lot.
  • Jennifer Holland who plays Agent Emilia Harcourt looks a lot like Vanessa Kirby.
    • An obligatory she is a badass scene beating up a douche guy and now Peacemaker is in love.
  • Well Peacemaker screams Freedom when he cums.
  • Waller has an entire plan with Leota Adebayo and we will find it out eventually.
    • Waller tells Leota that empathy is going to get her killed which may be true.
    • What is Leota’s talent?
    • Ohhhhhh Leota is Waller’s daughter. Now that is something I suppose.
  • Listen, we just have to say it. John Cena is in great shape. And we have his classic underwear visual brining it back from The Suicide Squad (2021).
    • Are we going to get him dancing in his underwear?
      • Yes we are. And he is a vibrator as the microphone
  • This women that he slept with is going to try and kill him or she is going to be killed. One of those two things.
    • And she is grabbing a knife….and we have a fight
      • Why is she howling like a lion and having supernatural power?
      • And…Peacemaker just jumped out the window,…and this girl followed him and his howling like a dinosaur. This indeed is a way to end an episode, I really must say. This has my curiosity peaked.
    • “Activate sonic boom” – that crazy women did indeed go kaboom.
  • The soundtrack to the episode was awesome. That I must say.
  • Overall this first episode of Peacemaker was good, but it was very heavily saved by the final 10 minutes or so. Without that I would not be wanting to watch the second episode right away.

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