Season 1 Episode 8: It’s Cow Or Never

  • We first heard about the cow in episode six, we saw it in episode seven, and now were will see its conclusion.
  • No rocking out in the van ride this time…they are all nervous going to the cow.
  • Leota just getting raspberries thrown her way all the way around
  • Leota is reaching out to Waller and asking for the Justice League help.
  • Where is the Eastern base of The Cow?
  • Ohh Peacemaker has a helmet back…OHHH he has multiple back.
  • The Human Torpedo helmet is GOING TO HAPPEN. They can’t hit that too much.
  • Anti-gravity helmet flies away
  • Eagley is going to save the day?
    • So he is flying away with the helmet and just dropping the helmet in the woods far away. That is not good.
  • Also…Aquaman reference…and I know what is coming. I have been spoiled to that.
  • That whole entire scene with the helmets was for exposition purposes. Had a few laughs, but overall just a lot of talking.
  • Ants vs. Fish natural selection and environmental conversation
  • Harcourt and Leota trying to have a heart to heart but that is not going well
  • God damnit. I hate this.
    • Auggie Smith is in Peacemaker’s head and calling all his sanity into question…and Harcourt is seeing it.
      • Hit him with a poison dart…and it sounded like he hit a helmet.
        • HEY! I WAS RIGHT!
  • Poison Dart through the security guards ears was awesome
  • Arnold schwartz-a-never was a good line for Harcourt
  • Economos is being used to get into the enemies layer with the security guards clothes. Convenient same body size.
    • He is very bad at this, but somehow it is working.
    • He is not good at acting normal at all, but….he still gets to where he needs to be
    • HAHA he said Kaiju.
    • So now we are getting a sad scene with Economos. Does that mean that he is going to die?
      • So the beard question was the crazy prompt
  • The milking mechanisms of “the Cow” are very disturbing.
  • Well hands are sweaty, and no Economos is going to die
    • Nope, sonic boom saved his day…and two sonic booms later and the Butterflies are in trouble.
      • Okay, we think they have used all of the chargers in the helmet.
  • And we have the SLO-MO WALK: Peacemaker, Harcourt, Vigilante
    • Okay, the theme song during this very violent sequence is cool. I can get behind this.
    • Okay…the shield being used as a weapon…I love that too
  • Vigilante has been shot!! Oh no! As has Harcourt! RUT ROH!!
    • What will Leota and Economos do…
  • and Economos has broken his leg without even trying
  • Leota saves Harcourt from getting Butterflied! We love that!
  • We have the Human Torpedo helmet…and she is wearing it
  • OHHHH NOOOOO…GOOD SWITCHEROO BY GUNN!! We all thought it was Leota!
  • Where is Judomaster?
  • Human Torpedo gets Leota knocked out.
  • Why is this female cop now not wanting to kill Peacemaker?
    • Well now officer Sophie is asking for help because of a vow…and now she is just shitting on human kind.
    • She is saying that the Butterflies helped human kind and Murn disagreed with them.
      • Will Peacemaker do anything for peace…like he vowed?
        • I forgot these two had a talk in the jar. Totally forgot.
          • So who technically killed The Cow
          • He did not kill Sophie. Or Goff. Or whatever name. The Butterfly escaped.
      • Harcourt died. Sad face. Vigilante lived.
      • How the fuck is Economos walking with his tibia in half
  • And here are the Justice League members. They are late.
    • They didn’t show Wonder Woman or Super Man. Had to show the characters they know they have movies for.
  • Maybe Harcourt isn’t dead? In the hospital they are.
  • Leota heard the things Goff said
    • Dawwww the BFF line from Peacemaker. Nice.
  • So Leota is now a spokesperson…and she is cleaning clearing Vigilante and Peacemaker’s name
  • Task Force X dropped.
  • Amanda Waller has to be SUPER PISSED!!!
  • Is Harcourt alive? She is! And she is crying! Holding hands!
  • Leota gets to go home too to the dogs and her wife!
  • This is such a happy ending. What is going to happen?
  • Economos is working at Belle Reve prison again.
  • HEY. THERE IS JUDOMASTER! Still eating Cheetos.
  • Harcourt going through some personal PT.
  • GOFF is coming to visit to eat the last of the Nectar.
    • There is some sort of respect there.
  • Ugh, don’t love the Auggie Smith thing though.
    • Eagley got a possum. Which looks like Auggie though

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