Season 1 Episode 2: Best Friends For Never

  • Alright episode two, I am tackling you on the day the season finale episode dropped. I am behind, but I am still having a good time. I will need a refresher of what happened last episode though.
  • Picking up right where we left off with the sonic boom of the girl from project butterfly.
  • I am skipping the intro. Again, it didn’t land so hard for me as it did other.
  • Who is this maniac vigilante that the feds or cops referenced?
  • Agent Emilia Harcourt bringing up great points about the dog while Peacemaker is just ribbing the joint.
    • So he finds this random alien looking thing? Some sort of communicating shit? Or maybe it powers her up when she is home to be this butterfly thing?
  • The number 607 on the apartment number has to be a reference to something.
  • Peacemaker and this girl who looks like Aubrey Plaza are are flirting hard core. Funny interaction between her and her husband. Those actors as the couple really went for it and it paid off.
  • Is the whole episode just going to be Peacemaker escaping from the apartment building.
  • Jason Bourne reference. Let’s fucking go.
  • Harcourt tranquilizes the cops who have Peacemaker cornered and he is going to say something how that is so hot.
  • “Can’t house train an eagle without stealing its soul.”
    • Direct call back to how the husband and wives bickered about people the stealing each others souls.
  • Well Peacemaker’s crimes are pinned on his father and he just gives up his son easy-peasy.
    • That was very very stupid. Murn is killing him verbally and frankly he deserves it.
  • Who is Bat-Imp?
  • Harcourt is questioning the team and the loyalty.
    • Balls in mouth talk and I do not find that funny. That is Gunn going too far.
  • Well Peacemaker left the secret important papers out for the butterfly to read; that was dumb. But he does have a point about how is he supposed to know how important this mission is when non one has told him anything.
  • Peacemaker crying now that he is back home…and he is doing some self-therapy
    • Reference to Rick Flagg and him killing him: “Peacemaker, what a joke.”
  • Now this Louis C.K. comedy joke is hilarious. It is running on quite long. But I did enjoy that.
  • Vigilante is clinching onto him being best friends with Peacemaker. This is cringy. Him cleaning up his apartment. Ugh. Don’t like this.
    • While cleaning up…Vigilante has found a pocket pussy and one of those shake weighty-things.
  • So do we just have a violent montage of shooting things going to happen now?
    • Everyone needs their type of stress relief
  • So the bribing of the couple paid off and they did finger the blame on Peacemaker’s dad. I have to think this is going to connect some dots. They are going to search his apartment and find the helmets and armor an stuff.
  • Leota Adebayo is now getting in a fight with her girlfriend?
  • Anddddddddddd Amber had a threesome with Peacemaker and Vigilante.
    • And now this alien communication device found unfurls into a UFO looking thing.
  • Auggie Smith is known in this prison, and this poor youngster is going to find out. Don’t take his spot on the window.
  • Who the fuck is the white dragon? This is a Hitler thing. This is kinda creepy. He likes the power.

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