Season 1 Episode 4: The Choad Less Travelled

  • Peacemaker shot the butterfly that flew out of his senator Goff’s face.
  • The gang has captured the Judomaster, who I thought was a girl, but it is a guy.
  • So is Vigilante now part of this team? It would appear so that Clemson Murn thinks so because he tossed him the keys
    • They actually do bring this up
  • Matter-Eater Lad. A hero (or villain?) that can eat anything? That was a side tangent.
  • So it would appear that Clemson is going to tell Peacemaker and Vigilante everything later in the evening. Why do I think that is not going to happen.
  • Leota is dealing with some heavy shit it would appear. She has the whole still working for her mom thing. There are a lot of secrets and she is struggling with it all.
  • I totally forgot that it was John Economos ran over Judomaster to finally subdue him.
  • Oh boy. Charlie, the Silverback gorilla is missing. Gorilla Grodd anyone? But that Gorilla is coming to come back int the picture somehow.
    • I want to see Papa Peacemaker back in prison and being a boss…like why was it that he had people bowing to him.
  • Peacemaker’s dad was White Dragon.
    • Vigilante is poking fun at Peacemaker for having his racist dad make him stuff.
    • This “looks like a duck” thing is really not funny.
    • It is rather obvious that White Dragon pulls on the racist undertones.
  • The room is a quantum space place that goes beyond reality. That was explained rather simply, huh?
  • And after a Batman conversation…Peacemaker finds out his dad is in prison. And now he is going to visit him. So we will get to see papa Peacemaker again.
    • Leota comes to try and stop Peacemaker…who she calls Chris. I didn’t know that was Peacemaker’s name.
  • Judomaster is awake now. And will he escape? Most likely and most definitely.
    • Flashback….oh yea Judomaster escaped.
  • Peacemaker and his dad are talking and we get the Choad reference that this title is based off of
    • I do love how Peacemaker called out his dad for saying he wasn’t gonna be a rat but then saying he was going to be a rat
  • Well it would appear that Leota was telling Vigilante to kill Peacemaker’s dad. Wonder if that will be attempted or come to fruition.
    • WTF Is Vigilante doing with that garbage can?
      • Oh he threw it at the window and now he is going to prison.
  • We getting Peacemaker vs. Judomaster duel? Setting up for that.
    • WOWZA! Someone shot Judomaster!
      • Oh damn, it was Leota. And now we won’t know the secrets of the butterflies. And he doesn’t give a damn of empathy for Leota.
  • OH. SNAP! Peacemaker didn’t kill the butterfly. He has it now in his place. That is a surprise. Credit to this show, they are keeping this interesting.
  • Vigilante is a psychopath and Clemson needs psychopaths to fight the alien invasion.
    • Well right not Vigilante is teasing a bunch of racist in prison
      • This is the most I have liked Vigilante. 100%. This is amazing.
  • Did Peacemaker kill his brother? Is that what Harcourt just kinda told Peacemaker at the bar?
  • Vigilante is set free…friends in high places.
  • Judomaster is still kickin’,..but barely
  • Leota is not answering phone calls from her girlfriend
  • Clemson is struggling to find any sense of emotion
  • Harcourt is picking up Vigilante, and he says his name (which is Adrian) and he feels bad for making things worse.
  • We are getting flashbacks now to Chris as a young kid stabbing someone with his father watching. That is some dark shit.
  • Was his brother poisoned? Rabies? What was that white stuff coming out of his mouth?
  • AND CLEMSON IS A BUTTERFLY!! I am confused. Very much so.
  • Overall, this episode didn’t engross me as much as the others, but still enjoyed it.

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