Season 1 Episode 7: Stop Dragon My Heart Around

  • First time I am going to be watching episodes of Peacemaker back-to-back. Need to finish this TV and add it to my list and then plug along with Halo on Paramount+…eventually.
  • Starting off with an AWESOME song.
  • “Fuck white power” hahaha
  • So Christopher Smith just going to be fighting his brother?
    • This has to be where he killed him.
      • Yup. Keith (name of brother) is dying. Spazzing, spurning from the mouth, and not breathing. That will do it.
      • How could Auggie possibly blame Christopher for that? That seems a bit ridiculous.
  • Yes, I still skip the introduction song. I just don’t get the hype.
  • Where is Judomaster? That is actually a great call. Completely forgot about him.
  • Peacemaker and Vigilante…and John Economos are going to go and kill the cow.
  • Harcourt knows that Leota planted the diary…and she knows that is why Waller send Leota to the crew.
    • Soooo now Harcourt knows that Amanda Waller is Leota’s mothers.
    • And now Murn comes in and tells everyone to wake the fuck up and get moving and stop caring.
  • Judomaster appearance. Still eating Cheetos whenever he can.
  • So White Dragon is literally flying around. Didn’t expect that.
    • Him and his white power, nazi army are coming after the trio who were going to kill the cow.
  • Is Vigilante going to get killed by White Dragon? I think so.
    • Or did he disappear after the grenade went off?
      • Yup, that is exactly what happened.
      • He is down bad…trying to escape in car but fell asleep.
  • So Peacemaker knows that the helmet is being used as a tracker. I bet that he put it on Eagley and he is soaring around with it on.
    • Nope, he just put it on a racoon. That is actually kinda smart. Racoon beat the fuck out of Peacemaker based off his face.
  • Did Judomaster have the bandage wounds when we first saw him eating Cheetos?
  • It would appear that the butterfly police are at the hotel they were all staying at.
    • Murn goes down fighting…
    • Teleportation equipment to the ranch? What teleportation equipment?
    • And his butterfly is killed as well after escaping the body. Sophie squeezed it like the bug it is and just said nahhh, you gone.
      • Oh…it is not completely dead? Harcourt picking it up and touching finger to finger. That is the final goodbye.
  • Leota and Harcourt have to take out Judomaster who just appeared out of nowhere.
  • Vigilante’s abandoned vehicle is coincidently found by John and Peacemaker
    • Peacemaker has to get rid of all of his helmets…that is an identity crisis. But as soon as he does he is getting chased by all the crazy white power folk
      • The show of the machine gun and its casings going after Eagley was hilarious.
        • Oh, White Dragon hit Eagley. That is not good.
          • Here comes Vigilante. Hitting the spaces in White Dragon’s armor that he pointed out in an earlier episode. Good work Vigilante.
  • I do hope that Peacemaker kills his dad.
    • OH! HE ACTUALLY DID! And There was one tasteful cheer!
  • Leota used to run a dog shelter. Well that is a major change of careers hahaha
  • Making fun of the male nurses.
  • Why the random cut to the cat? That was strange.
  • This is all happening at a pet clinic to heal Eagley.
  • Oh, we have the Eagley hug.
    • We did not need the flashback to the episode where Leota and Peacemaker first had the conversation about the hug. That was unnecessary.
  • Harcourt is the leader now.
  • Hahahaha the veterinarians wanting to help out. That got me. That was good.
    • The heroes are going to take their pet car van
  • “There is no wrong time to rock”
  • Oh so this mother cow thing looks like a child but is just HUGEEEEEE.
    • It looks like it is being tortured.
  • We have on episode left.

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