Season 1 Episode 3: Better Goff Dead

  • Alright, it’s been a minute. last thing I remember was a threesome
    • And there is the spaceship thing that was at the end of the episode
  • Homunculi is a thing
  • Vigilante is really annoying.
  • So we are killing a United States Senator? That seems like a very large undertaking.
    • Looks like we are killing an entire family.
  • Oh, and I remember that Peacemaker’s dad is like the boss of the prison he got put in after the framing. I want to get back to that.
  • Oh a wrestling joke thrown at Cena.
  • What is a butterfly? Peacemaker sometimes has good question.
  • Judomaster? So that is who Peacemaker will be fighting at some point this episode.
  • “The dove of peace” can look like a ghost. That is funny. I enjoy that.
  • The leader of this little espionage gang (Cleamson Murn, had to look up his name) has a dark past and doesn’t like to share feelings. He is very proud of this fact. He is a very logical thinker. All of this happening while they were hooking up a camera on a tree.
  • The Berenstain bears argument is James Gunn maybe taking it a little too far. It is now going to be a running joke for the episode.
  • So what the fuck was that creepy ass walk…as soon as they get away from the bodyguards and Judomaster they turn into fucking robots.
    • What is this type of goop that they are pouring into the bowls? Clemson knows. And that was nasty whatever that purple shit coming out of their mouths.
    • Peacemaker really doesn’t wanna kill the kids.
      • Vigilante kills three of them and leaves Papa Bear as the last
        • It is rather interesting that Gunn didn’t show the kids getting shot. It is okay to shoot them but not to show it.
        • Well he kills them on now Judomaster is onto them.
          • Well Judomaster gets the best of them all.
  • Hey! This little bodyguard is played by Sage Brocklebank. He is captain of the random appearance.
  • So a theme of this episode would be people not willing to take the steps of killing those who do not need it. Peacemaker with the kids and Leota with the bodyguard.
  • Vigilante is very frustrating. He takes away from the witty banter type of comedy.
  • Do Wookies really have teeth on their asshole? Is that cannon?
  • I like this “Six Feet Under” song.
  • We are about to get a torture scene. Will we get knives or electrocution?
    • My gawd he is zapping Vigilante’s balls. A lot. By gawd. zappy zappy zap.
    • So this senator guy is clearly not human and he is literally cutting off toes. Or yanking them off? Either way not pleasant. Dull baldes is making it even worse.
  • This will not be the last time we see Judomaster.
    • She/he (not sure) is running through some caves that have a blue hue? Or maybe it is?
    • Ohhhh Judomaster is escaping out so that means that John Economos is going to have to do something. What is he going to do?
      • So he hit her with the van. I guess I consider Judomaster a woman. And now she is crawling away. And it looks like he killed her? That is kid of f ashocker.
  • “Peace out, mother fucker.” I can dig that one liner from this character.
  • WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT BUTTERFLY THING?? Crawling out of the senators face. Well now we know why it is project butterfly. And there appears to be a lot more than we thought.

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