Season 1 Episode 6: Murn After Reading

  • A Burn After Reading reference in the title. Nice Coen reference.
  • Ohh…Harcourt knows too. Murn is not alone and Leota is fucked!
    • Ohh Harcourt knows because of the bomb explosion
    • Murn says that his people came to earth to try and survive…and Murn was the only one who descended from their powerful mission
      • Murn took over a body of a murderer. Murn (the alien) knows his thoughts…and knows that he took this random bad man’s freedom.
    • Economos knows too. But Waller doesn’t. That doesn’t bode well for Leota and her relationship…
  • What is the cow?
  • So Peacemaker is speaking a classroom of kids. Kind of funny visual and scene. I wonder how many of these lines were improved by Cena?
    • Oh…we get the origin story question…do we have to get a episode like this?
    • Flash is a douchebag and Wonder Woman eye-fucked him at one time.
  • Are we supposed to remember this Indian man speaking to him? The hospital guy I guess? The janitor?
  • So this cop who went to her judge uncle got the arrest warrant for Christopher Smith and Auggie Smith is out of prison.
  • Auggie is going to try and kill his son and the cops are after him as well.
  • The butterfly wrote a peace sign. Interesting…
  • This Vigilante vs. Peacemaker argument of “yes or no” questions is stupid. Don’t like that at all.
    • Okay the movie questions bit I enjoy a bit. I like that.
  • The police have arrived at Peacemaker’s house and he and Vigilante get out just in time…the cops are pretty stupid for now seeing what was happening on the roof.
  • Ohhhh, what is this Diary that Leota put there? Completely forgot about that till now. And he has now idea it is there.
  • Ohhhhh the butterfly is now going into Detective Sophie Song. She is now going to be one of them…but a good one? Or a bad one?? Do we not know?
  • Eagly is just going after everyone. A bit of brutality.
  • Ahh now we are seeing the Captain Locke that is menacing and evil.
  • Vigilante’s phone password is Peacemaker’s birthday. Mehh
  • Locke describing the McDonald’s mascot as the killer took me a while to get
  • Sophie is acting all fucked up after the Butterfly took control of her. Weird indeed.
  • So Peacemaker/Vigilante come clean about keeping their pet Butterfly. Murn is pissed. There is distrust happening all around.
  • The Oriental word swap was funny. I liked that
  • Economos has found the supply of the Amber Field and it is a ranch…and butterflies burrow so the ranch can be the face for everything
    • The butterflies have a “cash cow”…one main source that is supplying all the amber fuel or whatever is needed for the butterflies to survive
  • Well now detective Sophie is being surrounded by butterflies in their own little ships…so things are getting spicy
  • Auggie is holding a KKK meeting in his house
  • We have a nice dichotomy of Sophie (the alien now) and Auggie suiting up or getting ready for whatever battle is coming
    • Sophie and the butterflies are taking over the police station. Not great bob. That seems very bad.
    • The good funny cop got caught…and the captain locke guy as well.
      • They are turning into monsters. All of them. The cops and the convicts.
        • Nice callback to the random line about how smiling is different on everyone’s face
    • Meanwhile we have White Dragon getting suited up and saluted like he is Hitler.
  • Leota is venting to her girlfriend about her situation. There is a lot of understanding here.
    • They used to live in Gotham. Fun fact there.
  • Harcourt is loosening up on Peacemaker. He is only an 85% piece of shit.
    • She called him by his first name…and she said hers. Emilia. Big deal mesa think!
  • Can Peacemaker play the piano?
    • Well it would appear in this show that he can…but can John Cena? This is a question I would like to know.
    • Why do I feel like there was wood creaking behind Peacemaker when he was playing?
    • Oh so no he is releasing his stress and showing his inner emotion with music. This was a twist I was not expecting.
  • Oh so this diary is now public knowledge because the possessed Locke is showing it on the news.
    • So now everyone in the world is going to be looking for him.
  • Didn’t love this episode if I am being honest. Not everyone is a banger.

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