Back on track and back on schedule. Most importantly…THE BITCH IS GONE!!!


  • A shit ton happened in this episode. An absolute shit ton.
  • So we are beginning with this two-on-one with Genevieve and Sha-Nay-Nay at Niagara falls
    • Have to love the random ass benches that are placed outa nowhere in the grassy knoll area
    • Genevieve goes with the approach of not talking about Sha-Nay-Nay
    • Sha-Nay-Nay does not do that…does not do that at all. She goes along and says the Genevieve is acting…she says that she is the lying one. Well that is rich!
    • Clayton asks Genevieve if she is an actress and that was hilarious. I mean so, so awkward and the facial reaction of Genevieve was hilarious.
    • The swerve!!! Clayton sending Sha-Nay-Nay home! He did a little ropey-dope!!
      • Should Genevieve have left? I mean if Clayton has to ask if she is an actor then does he really trust her? I can’t think so. I would have been an ultimate middle finger.
    • The reactions in the house to Sha-Nay-Nay’s bag getting dragged is hilarious.
      • Gabby double-fisting the champagne is iconic. Straight up iconic.
    • Sha-Nay-Nay on her way out does a 180 degree flip on Clayton and literally screams telling him to fuck off.
      • I never noticed how green Sha-Nay-Nay’s eyes were.
    • Sha-Nay-Nay getting kicked off is going to make the women’s tell-all at least a little bit more interesting.
  • So now are going to get to this rose ceremony.
    • Here are my rundown of the women who remain after three are eventually sent home
      • Susie is adorable but is starting to reach for attention
      • Eliza has done nothing good or bad this entire time; she has simply floated
      • Mara is now getting really annoyed with people, and in particular Sarah because she is just younger
      • Serene is just nice but I am not confident she has the emotional heft
      • Teddi…I am just not a fan of her.
      • Sarah is really pretty and fairly secure in herself. She will obviously be tested later in this episode.
      • Genevieve is the king of the castle and deserves the spotlight for slaying the dragon
      • Gabby is whom I would most likely be friends with
      • Rachel is actually falling in love with Clayton but has not said it yet.
  • The group date is heading to Croatia for some international travel
    • The group date is one of women’s strength…as per for Croatian warrior ancestors
    • I hate EVERYTHING about the eating things of these group dates
      • Gabby has the right idea; if you don’t want to eat it then you should not have to
    • Mara is really running her best campaign here to try and make herself seen
      • She is the only women who left some cleavage out while wearing the medieval attire
    • The getting down on a knee and speaking the Clayton was just awkward, and too awkward for me. Mara also went too hard.
    • We head to the cocktail party and Mara is speaking her mind => she feels unseen. That Michelle mantra. However, she is going about it all wrong. She is throwing certain people under the bus…most notably…Sarah.
    • Rachel gets the group date rose and she really is falling head over heels for Clayton.
      • Their conversation on the stone wall was all about how Rachel felt for Clayton. It was oh so one-sided. Do we know ANYTHING about Clayton? Like anything at all?
  • Next we get Sarah’s SECOND one-on-one…but we don’t see anything of the actual date. We skip straight to the dinner.
    • Right off the bat, let’s get this out there, Sarah is not a pretty crier.
    • Clayton is bringing up how SOMEONE in the house is saying that she (Sarah) is not ready to be engaged or to be married. We know it is Mara, but Sarah does not.
    • Clayton says that he is sorry that Sarah is feeling this way…but I mean really, man. You brought this up to Sarah. You didn’t have to listen to Mara. Didn’t you learn anything from the Sha-Nay-Nay situation? No? Nothing at all?
    • Sarah does a really quick swerve and turns very vengeful on whomever threw he under the bus. And in the upcoming previews, we see her five a lot of side eyes
    • In a shocking bit of news, Emma actually liked Clayton’s outfit here.
  • Oh, Teddi got a one-on-one too. I literally forgot about this. I forgot that this was a thing.
    • So there date was just walking around the city. We really don’t need to keep an eye on that.
    • The biggest thing is that Teddi told Clayton that she is a virgin.
      • I really enjoyed the way she explained her rational for being a virgin; it was not overly religious, it was just personal.
      • There is no way in hell Clayton could send her home after that
      • I do not hate the way Clayton responded to the whole situation. I actually think he did a really good job acknowledging the personal decision of Teddi and framing his response that way.


9. Mara

(Last Week 10)

Mara maybe took a little bit too much pleasure in the roasting, but she is an honest women and she says what is on her mind. What is this and the beef she has with Sarah?

8. Serene

(Last Week 8)

Ughhhhh why must you be like this Mara. One villain leaves an another enters. I know she is jealous and she admits to this, but don’t throw just Sarah under the bus.

7. Teddi

(Last Week 11)

Her one-on-one date was kinda boring until the ending when she told Clayton about her virginity. I liked her rational for her personal decision; it made all the sense.

6. Eliza

(Last Week 6)

Another week of Eliza not doing anything wrong but not sticking out big time.

5. Sarah

(Last Week 5)

So Sarah got stream-rolled by Mara and her second one-on-one date ruined. It looks like she is going to be going on a warpath…and I think she may be scarier than Mara when angry.

4. Genevieve

(Last Week 4)

Her approach on the two-on-one worked perfectly. Focused on self. She had REMARKABLE facial expression when Clayton asked if she was an actress…

3. Gabby

(Last Week 2)

Gabby just doing Gabby things. The double fisting the champagne ounce Sha-Nay-Nay was gone was the best GIF of the episode.

2. Susie

(Last Week 3)

Susie scored major points with Clayton pulling him aside at night. It was a confidence boost for both. Also random, I see Susie dating a country singer some day.

1. Rachel

(Last Week 1)

Rachel really really loves Clayton. She hasn’t said it yet, but she is more head over heels than Susie. Clayton and Rachel have chemistry together, no doubt.

The next episode of The Bachelor airs on Monday, February 21st at 8 PM ET on ABC.

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