Here we go, we have reached the end of The Book Of Boba Fett. Seven episodes of varying quality and entertainment value are ending with this hour long finale. Unfortunately, this last chapter is directed by Robert Rodriguez, so are expectations very high? No, they are not. But let’s roll the dice on Tatooine.

Below are my thoughts on the seventh and final episode season one, which is entitled, In The Name Of Honor.

  • We are in the cantina sanctuary one day after the Pykes have blown it up. Boba is organizing his troops preparing his garrison for war.
    • Mando is there and thinks that Cobb Vanth is still going to be there with the people of Freetown. Little does she know that Cad Bane slew him.
    • Boba wants to hunker down in the palace, but his knockoff bike gang pushes back saying that they can not abandon the town, streets and people of Mos Espa. Boba relinquishes and they say that they’ll fortify the destroyed sanctuary,
      • This is a bad decision. Objectively bad, right? Like the fortress is fortified…and it probably has an armory…and you know, a rancor.
    • Boba Fett scatters people across the terrain to try and scope out what is going to happen
      • The biker gang is on the streets, as well as Black Krrsantan and Gamorrean guard
  • Cad Bane is talking with the Pykes and all the political allegiances that we thought we were solid are now trash
    • The three fellow gang leaders that promised neutrality for Boba are all liars.
    • We find out that Pykes killed Boba’s Tusken family, not the biker gang that were framed
      • Do we think that Boba is going to take the fact that his adopted family were killed by his now mortal enemies really well? I would be not.
    • Also the mayor is there and I like how he has the translator in his neck so we can understand him. No translator or emissary; we are seeing his true colors.
  • Now we are back in Mos Eisley, and we have an X-Wing sighting! That means we are getting Grogu! That means he has made the decision.
    • Peli Moto is back as well so we get the caretaking grandma back watching over our green baby boy
    • Grogu has on his mithril! He has chosen the path of Mandalorian! He looks so comfy in the cockpit!
    • R2D2 keeps on telling Peli that they need to hurry to get Grogu back to Din Djarin.
      • I saw this theory on Tik Tok which I really liked; did R2D2 save Grogu at the Jedi Temple during Order 66? Grogu could hide right inside of the droid!
  • So Cad Bane and Boba Fett have a face off outside of the sanctuary. Classic western style verbal showdown.
    • There is an obvious history between the pair
      • Jango Fett taught Cad Bane everything that he knows, and then Cad Bane taught Boba Fett all those same lessons.
    • Bane is representing the Pykes but Fett just isn’t having it.
    • Where Bane goes full Bane is when he tells Fett that it was the Pykes that killed the Tuskens, and not the biker gang. Bane backstabbing the people that hired him in order to dig a knife into a personal foe is something he did in The Clone Wars.
      • This is where Fenec comes in and talks Boba off the ledge from doing something stupid.
    • Bane also tells Boba that Cobb Vanth won’t be joining this fight…for he is a goner.
  • So it becomes obvious that the all allies Fett and his cohort were relying on are gone, and things are going bad. The Biker gang is pinned down, Black Krrsantan is being swarmed and the Gamorrean guards are legit tossed off a ledge and killed.
    • Boba Fett and the Mandalorian tend of taking the fight to the Pykes who have swarmed outside the sanctuary. This gun fight is legit well done. The pivoting of Mando and Boba firing their guns to take down as many enemies as possible is a cool visual.
      • Just as it looks like the bounty hunter and excommunicated Mandalorian are down too bad to come back from, the people from Freetown arrive to their aid. Soon after the still-alive allies of Boba all pin down together against increasing Pykes numbers.
  • So Fennec comes to the rescue of the pinned down Stars Wars version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…
    • GOD I HATE THESE PEOPLE! I am sorry, but every single time that Drash of Skad speak or appear on the screen I get disconnected.
    • Can we talk about how bad the flip from Fennec down to the ground from the roof is? That is just a terrible insert of a stunt-double.
    • Also, how far away was Fennec from this crew of idiots? There was ZERO sense of scale for how big this city is and how long it takes to get from one place to another.
      • This is going to be another huge hindrance to my enjoyment later in the episode…
      • Scale and pacing are major issues with the episodes that Robert Rodriguez directed
  • So the good guys push the bad guys back and all things are looking good….that is until these massive droids show up. If you think they are familiar, they are. They are from the prequel trilogy of the early 2000s but upgraded; larger and with more protective shields. These three tripod rolling killing machines start wreaking havoc.
    • Mando and Boba take aim at distracting the droids while the poor plain humans attempt at an escape.
      • I wouldn’t mind if the biker gang died.
    • Mando takes out the Dark Saber to try and break down the force field, but it does not work.
      • This was a little lackluster because I would have loved for the reveal of the Dark Saber in this episode to be in a badass way (though I DO ADMIT that it would have rushed Mando’s mastering of it).
      • Did Boba not react to the Dark Saber at all? Does Boba know about the Dark Saber? Is the legend known to him? Why was there no reaction at all?
    • What would have happened if these two machines shot each other with their massive guns? Would that have cut through the shields.
  • In the midst of all the chaos, Moto has arrived in Mos Espa with Grogu. Now we get to add the baby in danger part of the story.
    • Is Grogu going to use force to save the day?
    • Is the X-Wing that R2 dropped Grogu off in going to save the day?
    • Does Grogu have his lightsaber along with the armor?
  • You forget about Boba? He mentioned the Mando that he maybe had one more ally…and that ally is his pet Rancor.
    • We know that this was going to happen once Danny Trejo mentioned that they could be trained to be ridden when the Hutts dropped him off.
    • With this predicability being said….this was still a really, really cool visual. I have to admit this is some cool shit. This got my Star Wars childish glee jumping.
    • The Rancor is wreaking havoc and is like a combination of King Kong and Godzilla. It is throwing people, stomping people, eating people whole and tossing speeders like they are paper airplanes.
      • I do love the Wilhelm Scream
    • Here I have another problem though with Robert Rodriguez. How long does it take Boba to get to his pallet via his jet pack? It seems like mere small moments pass in the battle at Mos Espa, but why do I feel the trek to the palace, freeing the Rancor, and riding it back would take more than just that?
    • Also, with this Rancor…it can swallow people whole…but then when it tries to eat Mando it only attempts to bite his head? I don’t quiet understand that?
  • Cad Bane enters the fray at Mos Espa and he is going straight for Boba Fett. They throw barbs and Boba even admits that Bane is mostly likely faster than him.
    • It proves to be true and Cad knocks Boba down hard with a shot. Why does his blaster shot incapacitate Boba so grievously but all the other ones from the Pykes were like airsoft pellets?
    • This is where we learn that Boba Fett and Cad Bane have a history, which I have touched on earlier.
    • In my honest opinion, Cad Bane is a cooler bounty hunter than Boba, because he actually has personality.
    • So the Cad Bane is about to shoot Boba in the face but then Boba manages to switch the momentum with the Tusken Cycler; he gets Cad down on the grown and then stabs him straight in the heart…or so it would appear.
      • I simply can not believe that Cad Bane is dead. He was around for two episodes, made a wonderful impact on the show as a whole. I have to think that he will be back in some way, shape, or form.
      • They made a point to have the Cycler in a close up of Boba to remind the audience of it.
        • However…was it in the rest of the fighting in Mos Espa? Or did he go back and grab it from the palace? This really irked me. There were a ton of inconsistencies in the fighting and a ton of continuity errors. Yes it was very fun to watch, but the editing was sloppy.
  • Rancor goes all King Kong literally climbing up a building, and so only one thing can save the day…and that is Grogu!
    • Grogu uses the forces and literally goes face-to-face with the Rancor and calms him and puts him to sleep. This is not unprecedented because we saw him do this in season one with the giant horned beasts. It is obvious that Grogu has some connection with beasts.
    • Grogue curling up next to the Rancor was a little bit too much on the cut scale.
      • With that being said, the adorableness meter went to 1000 when Mando handed Grogu back his metal ball and when Grogu wanted to go super fast in Mando’s new spaceship. That made me smile and giggle.
  • The last thing we see from The Book Of Boba Fett crew is them walking the streets of Mos Espa saying that they need to protect this city and these people because who else will.
    • Is there going to be a season two of The Book Of Boba Fett? Maybe? Possibly? They left enough strings to pull with the spice and the Hutts so I would not be surprised. Am I super excited for season two if there is one…ehhh we will see. This season one was so hit or miss, and all of the hits came when Din Djarin came into the picture.
  • Oh and I almost forgot. Cobb Vanth is showed in the Bafta Tank with the same mechanic tattoo parlor guy who repaired Fennec from near death. So we are going to be getting more Vanth in the future.
    • I really wish that it was Bane in the healing tank….

Now we wait for Obi-Wan Kenobi, which is slated to come out on Disney+ on May 25, 2022.


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