Temuera Morrison has lost his show. This is no longer a show about Boba Fett. This now The Mandalorian season 2.5.

Dave Filoni is a god when it comes to Star Wars. When he and Jon Favreau get together, it is almost always gold. Such is the case with chapter six of The Book Of Boba Fett. The pair of men bring back old friends and introduce familiar faces to a new environment. It is entertainment gold.

Below are my thoughts on the sixth episode, which is entitled, From The Desert Comes A Stranger.

  • I heard from Ken Jac at work that this episode was awesome. Trust him explicitly.
  • I did not expect to have Marshall Cobb Vanth opening up this episode! What a nice lovely surprise to see Timothy Olyphant back in the fold.
    • This is the first time we are really seeing him without any of his armor…AKA Boba Fett’s armor.
    • Cobb is still kicking ass and taking names; the Pyke Syndicate was trading some spice for money in his land of Mos Pelgo and Cobb doesn’t like that. What Cobb does is he politely tells the guys to fuck off, killing three of them and letting one go as a warning.
      • Cobb kicks over the bucket of spice that the Pykes were using and lets it blow into the wind.
        • I still can not believe there is spice in this and also spice in Dune. is that the key to my science fiction happiness?
      • This little act of bravery is going to cost him in the end.
  • We are getting another episode of The Mandalorian! Let’s go!
    • Boba Fett is going to have to wait and try and get his show back.
    • That can only mean one thing…WE ARE GETTING LUKE. YOU BET YOUR ASS WE ARE.
  • R2 leads Din Djarin to a grassy knoll where some creepy crawler spider robots are building stone buildings. For anyone who has seen The Last Jedi (2017), these are the same education buildings that we see Luke hiding out in when Rey is trying to learn from him.
    • So this is the ultimate place of Luke’s growth as a teacher but also downfall because of Kylo Ren’s, then known as Ben Solo, training.
    • This is nice little backstory for Luke. We are seeing that he was not jaded when he first came to this education planet. He had the desire to teach and learn and he had patience. Obviously it went away with time and bad experiences, but this was him at his essence and most idealic.
  • LUKE AND GROGU ARE BACK! And we are getting to see some real training.
    • And while this training is happening, Mando is going to be taking a nap on a bench. We will get back to him.
    • This training sequence between Luke and Grogu is equivalent to the ship building that was in Chapter Five with Mando and Peli Motto. It is an elongated scene where the director is having a blast and the writers are exploring the depths of what they can connect between the past and the present.
    • We get to see Grogu showing off his improving force powers with him lifting a toad up and placing it right in front of him to eat…but Luke doesn’t like that.
      • Luke does what Yoda did to him in Empire Strikes Back and shows him the power that the force can be by lifting up all of the frogs and Grogu is SHOOK.
    • Grogu doing all of these leaps to keep up with Luke! Just so damn cute!
    • Luke is telling Grogu about a man he once knew that was a lot like him…one that went by the name of…YODA! Size does not matter indeed!
    • Luke says that he can help Grogu see where he is from.
      • Where is he from? Do we know?
      • Luke places his head on Grogu’s head and taps into his memory and we see Grogu has memories of Order 66. Grogu has seen jedi slain by clone troopers before.
        • Not an easy memory to keep a hold of. That may be why Grogu is suppressing things.
          • Later in the episode Luke tells Ahsoka Tano (yes she is back, we will get to her), that it is more like Grogu is remembering rather than learning. It is all coming together.
    • During the training Luke also says “Don’t Try. Do.” – He is directly paraphrasing Yoda.
    • If we are going to be a honest here…some of the dialogue that Luke says to Grogu is very cheesy. It is not the most flowing thing in the world.
  • So Mando is on this planet to say hi to Grogu, but first he meets R2D2 and then he reconnects with AHSOKA TANO!
    • Ahsoka is here to part some wisdom on Mando; is he here on this planet to visit Grogu or is he here for himself.
      • Again, the loyalty of the Mandalorian race and creed is high, but it is directly going against what the Jedi preach in terms of lack of connection.
    • Ahsoka Tano knows Master Luke and she is explaining to Mando that this will be a school and Grogu will be the first student.
      • What will seeing Mando do to Grogu? Will it affect his desire to learn from Luke? He is only a child, do distractions are easy.
    • Mando is talking about how he travelled all this way to see the child and give him a gift. It is like he is a grandfather or father just wanting to reconnect with his grandson or son.
      • But Ahsoka Tano is trying to be the voice of reason that Grogu is a child who must learn for himself and must make his own choices.
    • In the end, Mando gives the gift he had for Grogu to Ahsoka Tano and he leaves. We see him leave in his ship and Grogu can sense him leaving. Even being on the planet, it connected with Grogu.
      • This leads to a conversation that Tano has with Luke. Luke is worried that Grogu’s heard is not in it. The child is torn.
        • Tano tells Luke to trust his gut. So Luke has a proposition for Grogu at the end of this episode…which we will just go with now to finish off this part of the story.
          • The gift that Mando was gifting Grogu is a sheet or armor. It basically is Mithril from Lord Of The Rings. It looks dope and cute as fuck.
          • Luke himself as a gift for Grogu…and it is the old lightsaber of Master Yoda…which is also dope as hell!
            • Grogu must pick one or the other…the armor of the lightsaber. Which path will the little one take!?
  • Oh, we are not don here yet. You know the whole Boba Fett fighting for Mos Espa against the fight plotline. That is still happening.
    • So after Mando left Grogu he does arrive to Mos Espa and Boba’s palace to aid his bounty hunter friend.
    • Fennec Shand is giving a speech to the might morphin power rangers (yea you know who I am talking about), Black Krrsantan and Mando. Together they are enough training muscle to show the Pykes a lesson, but they do not have enough to win the war that is incoming. They need more bodies.
      • Remember the start of the episode with Cobb Vanth? Well he we go again.
        • Mando is jibbing and jabbing with Vanth about needing to help out Boba Fett to fight against the Pykes for what they are doing to the planet Tatooine.
          • Vanth is arguing that he does not need he or his people to fight because they are a small town and they do not want the trouble. We saw at the start of the episode that Vanth wasn’t afraid to make some noise and defend himself.
            • By the end, in the bar where they first met, Mando and Vanth agree to possibly talk on it later.
  • There will be no more talking between Cobb Vanth and Din Djarin.
    • In the classic western style, Vanth sees a mysterious figure walking towards Mos Pelgo…a figure with a distinct tall look and a cowboy hat tipped down just enough to hide his eyes.
    • This figure it walking slowly and deliberately. He appears he be a man not the be trifled with…AND THAT IS BECAUSE THIS MAN IS CAD BANE. FROM CLONE WARS! THE BADASS BOUNTY HUNTER WHO WAS A WORTHY OPPONENT FOR JEDI HAS RETURNED.
      • This is not good news for Vanth…in fact it is very bad news.
        • Due to the stupid deputy in his plow…Vanth gets kills by Cad Bane in a classic western duel.
          • This was so good….like the bad guy killed the good guy and it was still so fucking good. What a payoff. Bring back an awesome character only to have him killed off? Good shit and good risk taking. Nobody saw this coming.
            • This does mean though that Boba Fett is going to need a lot more muscle if he has to take down the Pykes who are bigger in number and have the talents of Bane on their side.
  • Here are just some other really cool stuff I like from this episode.
    • Again it pinned the Mandalorian lifestyle vs. the Jedi. Two diametrically opposed ethos which now a young Grogu must decide between.
    • The look of Cad Bane was awesome. They nailed his eyes. Nailed them.
    • I loved how the Jawas around Mos Pelgo have the dragon skull on top of their sand rider. Just an awesome flex. It is like the artwork at the front of fancy ships on the ocean.
    • The training remote made famous in A New Hope makes an appearance again…but Grogu just crushed it haha.
      • Some may say the hopping between the rocks was too puppeteering, but that is why I loved it. It is practical effects. It is like the Yoda we know from the original trilogy. It was a great nostalgia flashback.

This was just an awesome episode of TV. Chapter’s five and six are easily the best episodes of The Book Of Boba Fett.


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