Right off the cuff, I am just going to say that this was my least episode of the series thus far. Have to get that out of the way. The action was clunky and the story moved at a ludicrous pace. I thought there would be one little mission to carry the episode multiple times but instead there were like four missions crammed in. The Streets Of Mos Espa must be empty because because this is the lowest rated show of any The Book Of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian thus far according to IMDB.

Below are my thoughts on the third episode, which is entitled, The Streets of Mos Espa.

  • Before we delve into the episode, I learned that there is a legit backstory to Black Krrsantan, the nasty looking Wookie bounty hunter.
    • Krrsantan was a gladiator turned bounty hunter who worked for Jabba the Hutt and Darth Vader for a time before coming into the employment of the Jabba twins.
    • We will be getting to see Krrsantan in action later in this episode.
  • So the start of the episode we get this slimy market man by the name of Lortha Peel, played by Stephen Root who I most know from Office Space (1999).
    • This dude is sucking up hard to Boba Fett, he needs something from him no doubt.
    • There is a reference to the sale barge incident…AKA Luke Skywalker fucking shit up in Star Wars: Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi (1983).
    • So he wants Boba Fett to get rid of some young whipper-snappers who are stealing his water.
      • Wonder if the water guy is connected to the train Pike people from last episode?
      • I like this. A Mission episode. Maybe kind of the season one, episode five for The Mandalorian, entitled The Gun Slinger.
    • Peel keeps on saying that he is insulted on behalf of Fett, on behalf of the Dynamo.
  • Well this mission to get the kids off Peel’s shit is shirt-lived.
    • In a span of a few minutes he convinces these kids with this oddly chrome colored motor bikes to work for him
    • He then also tells Peel to lower his prices. And that is all.
  • So we get kid of a backstory of what happened post the Jabba The Hutt death.
    • Three families divided up Mos Espa after the demise of the Hutts in the area.
    • Lord Bib Fortuna could not keep everyone in line like Jabba could so there was a series of allegiances that are shaky to say the least.
    • The Jabba death led to a power vacuum and Boba Fett has stepped into it.
  • Now get get a flashback sequence to Boba back with the Tusken Raiders.
    • Boba leaves the camp to go meet with Pyke syndicate following the events with the train. The safe path and payment for keeping the path safe is what he seeks.
      • Well he doesn’t get what he wants. The Pykes say that someone else has claimed the land and the Pykes can’t be paying to different groups of people for the same area.
        • In all honestly, it makes sense the Syndicate’s argument. Boba also makes sense of this.
    • On this trip to Mos Eisley, there are a ton of references to The Mandalorian.
      • The storm troopers on the pikes is something with saw with Mando.
      • We also get to see Peli Motto (Amy Sedaris) and her robot mechanic pals in the background, again from The Gunslinger episode.
        • This was very obvious fanfare thrown in the background. Not a lot subtlety in the references being thrown around.
    • Boba returns back to his Tusken Raider camp, but it is not a happy return. There is not one there to greet him because they are all dead.
      • The violence seems to be initiated by the same gang of ruffians that killed the family Boba saw in episode. It is the same graffiti sign as well. These have to be the people that the Pyke Syndicate was talking about.
    • This is it for flashbacks, and its for the worse of the episode.
  • It is not a graceful reawakening for Boba! Krrsatan is back and with vengeance!
    • First question though is how did he get into the palace?
    • Second question is why did he play with his food? He could have killed Boba while he slept.
    • The electronic brass knuckles are really cool.
    • Alright, the teenage ruffians are here to help and they are showing off some of their bionic abilities (I forgot to talk about this earlier.
      • This action seemed very childish. A little too Saturday morning cartoonish.
      • It is clear that this group of kids all fight together as a team
    • Fett, Fennec and the gang end up surviving the encounter with the Wookie and they trap him in the Rancor pit.
  • While Fennec and Boba are talking about what to do over a overly stuffed table of food, the Hutt twins appear on the palace.
    • They are here to apologize for trying to kill Boba Fett with Krrsatan…and they also have a gift/tribute for the Dynamo.
    • THEY HAVE A RANCOR!! THAT IS COOL! And we get to see the Rancor in his docile state. Not trying to eat people.
      • DANNY TREJO SIGHTING??? He is the Rancor handler. Not a celeb appearance I was expecting.
        • Turns out he is going to actually have lines in the episode and the possibility of a recurring role. That is nuts.
    • So Boba kept Krrsatan alive as a way of respect and tribute to the Hutts, but the Hutts do not want him at all. They tell Boba to go sell him to the gladiator ring again. They do not have a need for him because he failed.
      • Boba doesn’t do that. He lets Krrsatan go, and that means we are most likely going to see him again in the future. He is going to be part of this Boba gang by the end.
    • The Hutts talk about how they are already leaving Mos Espa because this land has been promised by the shady ass mayor to someone else. That group that is meant to take over Mos Espa…well we learn that it is the Pyke Syndicate.
      • Yes this is the main connecting tie between the flashbacks and the current times.
  • Before Fennec and Boba go to meet the mayor, there is a scene in the Rancor pit with Trejo’s character explaining the true nature of beast.
    • Supposedly these beasts are loving and loyal creatures, and their passion is really put upon the first human they lays eye on. The Hutt’s tribute has had his eyes shielded for his entire life, until they glanced upon Boba Fett.
    • The Witches of Dathomir are mentioned, and I believe it is Fett that mentioned how the witches used to ride the Rancors on their home planet…so we are definitely going to be seeing that in the future. Boba wants to train for it.
      • We got a good glimpse of the Witches Of Dathomir in Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated show.
  • So Boba Fett is amassing this army: Himself, Fennec, the Rancor, the Rancor trainer, his army of teenage mechanical gangs. They will be needed.
  • So Boba Fett and his crew are going to see the mayor to talk about his deal for the land in Mos Espa. Well, they mayor’s aid or secretary of chief of staff (whatever you want to call him), is difficult in terms of scheduling…he told Boba’s droid 20 days and now when face-to-face with the Dynamo, there is obviously more than meets the eye.
  • Mok Shaiz’s Majordomo (I guess his official government title) locks the door and is escaping the mayor’s quarters in an attempt to not talk to Boba. Not the best move in his bag.
    • This is where the biker gang comes into play and we have a high speed (if you want to call it that) pursuit.
      • Listen, this pursuit is the worst part of the episode and the worst part of this series thus far.
      • It was slow, it was clunky and it was poorly shot. There was no excitement or thrills. You knew what was going to happen the entire time. It was an obvious going to land in a pile of shit of food ending.
      • This scene did not make the Power Rangers-esq gang seem any cooler. If anything, it was the exact opposite.
      • The one good part of this scene was that we got to see Boba lower in on his jetpack and that is cool. But that is all.
  • So Boba Fett and his army are going to have to go to war with the Pykes.
  • I am just still so flabbergasted at how fast the story is moving in The Book Of Boba Fett. The Hutt twins shuttled in and out and so many little missions kept as side quests and not flushed out.
  • This was a very week episode of The Book Of Boba Fett. I am sad.


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