Color me a little bit shocked when I saw that not everyone like the premiere of The Book Of Boba Fett. I did not love the first episode, but its floor was still exceptionally high. I personally did not care that it didn’t illuminate the plot of this season. I loved it most for what it showed about the Tusken Raiders…which is exactly what we got in Chapter 2 as well. The biggest difference between A Stranger In A Strange Land and The Tribes Of Tatooine is the action, which does play a major part in the enjoyment of the episode. Heading into this viewing I have heard only good things about Chapter 2, so let’s see if it holds that mantel well.

Below are my thoughts on the second episode, which is entitled, The Tribes Of Tatooine.

  • Fennec is leading the captured assailant from Chapter One into the Jabba’s (or should I say) Boba’s palace for a little introduction.
  • Boba and his version of a protocol droid are arguing about whether or not this murdering fiend will talk. All signs are pointing towards no when they find out that he is a member of the Night Wind guild, an assassin’s crew that is hired to get the most important jobs done.
    • Well one way to get a man talking is to threaten him with a RANCOR! Boba Fett and Fenec drop the assassin into the pit with the allure that the brown monster is still there. The idea of facing the beasts loosens the lips of the Night Wind killer and he yells out that the mayor of Mos Espa sent him.
      • Is this the same mayor that did not pay tribute to Boba upon his rise to the position of Daimyo? Seems like a bad way to build a relationship.
  • So Boba and Fennec go to pay the mayor of Mos Espa a visit, but it does not go as expected. They bring the Night Wind assassin with them…and he is shot sight on scene. This is not what Boba was expecting,
    • The mayor of Mos Espa, who I believe is named Mok Shaiz, orders this assassin shot and then pays the reward to Boba and Fennec. There is some back-and-forth, but one important thing is learned.
      • Mok Shaiz says that those assassins that came after Boba were not from the mayor, and that there are more things at work than just some petty squabbles.
      • Fun fact, Robert Rodriguez does the voice for Mok Shaiz.
  • Garsa Fwip is the next stop for Boba and Fennec. This sanctuary is not going to be calmest place in Mos Espa for much longer.
    • Fwip tells the pair of heroes that a pair of Hutts, twins to be more precise, have come to claim what they belief is rightfully there’s following Jabba The Hutt’s death. Boba thought that these twins were preoccupied on their own planet, but that is not the case.
  • The entrance of these Hutt twins being carried in like they are ancient pharaohs of ancient Egypt was something to behold. Larger than life.
  • While the verbal barbs tossed between the Hutts and Boba are solid, the best part of the whole charade is when this BADASS WOOKIE comes out from the shade of the Hutts and tries to intimidate the Daimyo of Mos Espa. They are going to be trading gun shots later this season (I hope at least) and I can’t wait for it to happen.
  • There are some lines of dialogue traded that made it seem like Boba needs permission to kill the Hutts. There are alliances and allegiances we don’t know yet.
  • Much like how A Stranger In A Strange Land put us on notice about the mayor (and really his fucking assistant dude), this episode notified us of the Hutts and how they are still revelant to Tatooine and this story. We are slowly getting pieces to the story.
  • And now we are back to the Tusken Raiders, the time before Boba became the Daimyo.
  • The Raiders are being tormented by some raiders and a speed train that pummels its way through the desert.
    • It would appear that we are setting ourselves up for the great train robbery type of tale.
  • After the Raiders are afflicted with casualties by some assailants, it is time for Boba Fett to go on a quest himself. He tells the tribe’s chieftain that if they give him a rifle and a club, he will be back by morning. They agree to give these weapons to him, and now it is an exercise of faith.
    • There appears to be a lonely bar in the desert and these rude raiders (with speeder bikes) are being asshole drunkards.
      • This random bar is also known as Tosche Station. Do you remember in Star Wars: A New Hope when Luke was going to meet up with some friends theres? This is where they were going to meet.
        • From IMDB: “The two humans being harassed by the Nikto’s are Fixer and Camie, two of Luke’s childhood friends, who were originally played by Anthony Forrest and Koo Stark, respectively.”
    • They are tormenting the bartender and assaulting innocent patrons.
      • Here comes Boba Fett to the rescue. The shot of him entering the bar is cool as shit and it is followed up by him beating the butts of the bad guys. It would appear that all the club training with the tribe’s best warrior is beginning to pay off.
      • These raiders that Boba beats up are the same crew that robbed and assaulted an innocent Tatooine family in chapter one. They also graffitied their living quarters, citing themselves as another gang to watch out for.
  • Boba returns to the Tusken Raiders camp alive and well, with speed chasers in toe. These speed bikes are going to be key for the next part of this adventure.
    • I am a little confused how he dragged back on three speeder bikes but for the remainder of the episode there are numerous bikes. Wish they showed them going back to get the other speeder bikes. There was just some jumps story telling there.
  • The next ten minutes of the episode are teaching lessons; Boba Fett teaching the fellow Tusken Raiders how to ride the speed racers and the primary fighting Tusken warrior teaching Boba how to fight with their gaderffii sticks. This reminds me of samurai or kung-fu movies; the trading of knowledge or respect.
    • Boba Fett teaching the Tuskens how to ride the speeders is entertaining and comical to watch; it is like a DMV or driver’s ed lesson…only this time they are jumping for speeder-to-speeder. A wee-bit more risky than learning how to back up a car.
    • You can tell that Boba is having fun doing this teaching. He has a smile on his face the entire time.
  • No we are getting to the climax of the episode. The great train robbery.
    • Boba Fett is leading a plan of attack for the Tusken Raiders to take down the speeding train that has been tormenting the tribe for far too long.
    • There are some early casualties for the rag-tag crew, but eventually some Raiders, and Fett himself get on top of the train and begin working their way through some bad guys. While the crew is on top of the train, the badass warrior of the tribe climbs into the train and starts decimating more guards of the train.
      • One of the best visuals of this episode is when that badass Tusken peeps his head up into an opening on the train’s roof and makes eye contact with Boba and his tribe mates. It is just a subtle nod of the head, but it is perfect.
    • Boba eventually gets to the front of the train and has to manage to find a way to stop it. I got some pod racing vibes with all the levels, knobs and throttles. Using his brute force and his makeshift gaderffii stick, Boba stops the train and the Tusken Raiders can celebrate.
    • When the train is stopped and Boba is holding court with the train’s commander, he asks if there is spice on the train…spice from the desert. THAT IS DUNE MOTHER FUCKERS!! SPICE IN THE DESERT. AND NOW THE TUSKEN RAIDERS HAVE DESERT POWER!
      • Also on this train are weapons, food and water. It is a good haul for the Tusken Raiders.
  • Boba makes it a point that the people operating this train are not to go through the desert anymore, for this desert is the rightful land of the Tusken Raiders and they have rights to it.
    • The tribe is worried that they don’t have machines like their enemies do. But Boba Fett makes it clear to them that they do indeed have weapons and machines now.
  • The ending of this episode is trippy. Very trippy indeed. A lizard goes into the nose of Boba Fett (you know, because it was a gift from the chieftain, because that is what everyone expects) and guides him to a tree in the woods where he picks a high quality stick.
    • The hallucinations blend in the past and the present. The limbs of the tree that Boba gets his stick from enclose around him, like the sarlacc pit enclosing around him. There are flashbacks to him picking up his father’s head again after Mace Windu killed Jango.
      • Did we need this entire hallucination process? I am not entirely sure. But the ends justify the means.
  • Boba Fett is officially a member of the Tusken Raiders. He builds his own gaderffii stick, crafts it himself through the fires and the flames. He has created the weapon of his new people. He is donned in their clothes and is no longer a stranger in a strange land, but an immigrant to a new one. Boba Fett does the ritualistic dance of this Tusken tribe and that is where we wend.
  • I want to officially say that this relationship with the Tusken Raiders is going to pay massive dividends later this season when Boba needs some backup in a big spot.


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