“The legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett navigates the underworld of the galaxy with mercenary Fennec Shand when they return to the sands of Tattooine to stake their claim on the territory formerly ruled by the deceased crime lord Jabba the Hutt.”

Folks, here is our annual dose of Star Wars serotonin. The first trailer for The Book Of Boba Fett has been released by Disney in advance of its late December release. Temuera Morrison is back as legendary Boba Fett and Ming-Na Wen is returning as the mercenary Fennec Shand.

For a quick refresher before tackling this trailer: Boba Fett officially reemerged in the Star Wars universe during season two of The Mandalorian in Chapter 14, The Tragedy. It is full nostalgia bomb during that episode with Boba reemerging in his armor and kicking stormtroopers ass. That same episode, Fennec (who was thought dead in season one) came back from the dead after being tended too in the Tattooine desert by the thought deceased bounty hunter.

At the end of The Mandalorian Season Two, there is a post credit scene of Boba Fett and Fennec crash the party at Jabba The Hutt’s old palace. After dealing with some familiar bandit faces and disposing of them, Boba takes his seat on the throne, ready to take a higher station on Tattooine and in all Star Wars’ fans minds.

Now in The Book Of Boba Fett, the tandem of deadly gun wielders are back to tackle on of the most under-explored aspects of Star Wars. The Underworld.

The new trailer starts off with a robotic critter crawling in the foreground with Jabba’s Palace in the background. This a cue to the change in time since the last time we have been to Jabba’s. Since the end of the Empire, a bit has changed and gotten more advanced. Boba then utter’s “I am not a bounty hunter,” but a certain alien he is talking to at some point in this series obviously does not believe him.

The alien that we hear say “I’ve heard otherwise” is possibly shown at the 30 second mark. Some sort of elevated alien with the same look as Momaw Nadon (AKA “Hammerhead”) is framed to be the ruler of this circular entrenched city.

Boba Fett begins talking how Jabba ruled by fear while a picture of a throne is being shown. After a flurry of shots and sounds go guns being drawn, Boba continues with how he intends to rule his new realm with respect. This may be a task that is easier said than done.

Fett and Fennec have gathered bosses and people of influence under Jabba around a table to parlay. Boba wants to bring everyone in on his plan, which he deems beneficial to all. He is preaching that cooperation can make everyone rich. Is this language you’d expect from a bounty hunter who used to make a living on killing?

An alien sitting at this table asks why the should listen Boba. Why not just kill him and take what he has? It is a fair question, and the visuals to go along with these words illustrates the danger that Boba and Fennec can find themselves in. The visual of a Mandalorian helmet rolling on the ground and our main characters are surrounded by riot shields lets the audience know that there is danger all around them.

Here is the thing that these thugs don’t realize. This is Boba Fett. Did you know how he thumped the stormtroopers and forced waves the Empire to retreat?

“If you had spoken such insolence to Jabba, he’d have fed you to his managerie.” – This line from Fennec is in reference to some sort of creature the former clan leader had. It has to be in some sort of deep cannon that fans are freaking out about.

The end of the trailer ends with Boba Fett “speak freely.” Unsurprisingly, this line is not delivered in the most friendly of tones. Boba has his helmet on when he makes this note to the fellow leaders around his table. Why do I sense that he did something totally badass before subtly threatening everyone with his friendly tone?

The Book Of Boba Fett comes out on Disney+ on Wednesday, December 29. It’s 58 days away.

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