Last week I rewatched Heat (1995) for the first time since high school. Time does make the heart grow fonder because this time my captivation level reached new levels.

And it is largely due to one man.

Vincent Hanna is an all-time character. Al Pacino gives one of his most memorable performances delivering all-time bonkers dialogue for this pompous, charismatic, mentally unwell and clinically unhinged LAPD lieutenant. Is Hanna the villain of Heat? Is Hanna the hero of Heat? Who knows. Who cares.

What we do know is that of all the lines you quote and reference from Heat, Hanna delivers most…if not all of them.

I am here to bring you the five best moments of this wrathful and unsympathetic law officer.

“Cause She’s Got A Great Ass!”

Let’s not dance around the bush. This was guaranteed on the list. I mean look at his eyes in the YouTube thumbnail. This was the scene where I wanted see my fiancé’s face and live reaction. Her jaw literally dropped. It comes from nowhere. Pacino is a mad man. He is a mad genius.

“Give me all you got!”

You know the scene is going to be good when a suited up snitch drops his utensils eating in the middle of a junk yard. The visual itself is absurd, but when you get the sudden outburst of GIVE ME ALL YOU GOT followed by Pacino singing sarcastically…it is just a chef’s kiss of unexpected movie brilliance.

“You do not get to watch my fucking television set!”

The marriage between Justine and Vincent is fucked up. It is slipping downhill and here Justine is flaunting her cheating right in front of her still husband as he comes home. An interesting dynamic for sure. The line dead-tech post modernistic bullshit house should be enough to get on this list, but when the exclamation point is Vincent treating his television set like an inanimate fucking object…just hook it into my veins.

“Because I have to hold onto my angst”

This one is not bombastic. This is when Vincent and Justine can feel their marriage slipping and Vincent is doing his best to try and explain his psyche. I mean, Vincent knows that he is nuts. He knows he is not normal. He knows he can’t have a normal relationship. Al Pacino turns it up to 100 during many moments in Heat, but this is a subtle one that leaves you with a permanent impression of what his character is fueled by.

“Brother, you are going down.”

I mean, did you really think I was going to go through this list and not have this scene? Come one here. I am not fool. You have Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro trading heavyweight lines back and forth…unrehearsed! There are no outbursts. Everything is controlled and measured. There is a mutual, all be it, judging respect for one another. Neil McCauley is the best at what he does, and Vincent Hanna is the best at he does. Here, Hanna is calculated, which is scary because it shows that he knows how to play to both extremes. You wont like Vincent when he is angry. You won’t like Vincent when he is serene. Bottom line. Don’t fuck with Vincent.

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