Standings at the end of week seven.

  • McGinnity is starting to rise up. He has scored over 125 points in his last four matchups. He is only 2-2 in these contests, but he is on the rise.
  • Stanko is riding the longest winning streak in the league after toppling Ritz in week eight.
  • Jimmy is the luckiest in the league with the lowest team point total scored against (892.0). It is helping him sit in third place despite having the third most points scored (946.0).
  • This week we have a battle for the bottom of the barrel. Steve (2-6) and Buzzi (2-6) face off; however if you loo at the points scored, these similar records aren’t entirely indicative. Steve has scored 883.66 point this season while Buzzi has 962.22. The last time these teams played, Steve came out on top in week five (135.46-131.68) which is the most points he has scored in any matchup this season.
  • There may be a race for the waiver wire this week with key injuries across the entire league. Below is the remaining FAB for folks.

Week 8 Matchup Recap

Deux Ex Mac (94.42) Defeats Dirty Mike And The Boys (87.66)

Well this one got a little bit too close for comfort. Travis Kelce (fucking me in both my leagues), only scored 2.7 point and Tyreek Hill was gathering up receptions like the Chiefs were collecting penalties on Monday. It was a very comfortable lead for myself but then it was within single digits for the majority of the Monday Night Football game.

In what was a battle of the the two top ranked team in the standings, both Ritz and I really struggled to get anything going. We had the two lowest scores of the weekend. Ritz put up his lowest score of the season and his only score ever that was below 118.74. IT was also my lowest scoring output off the season, the lowest since I scored 106.38 in a loss in week four.

The highest scoring player for RItz was Hill, but the Philadelphia Eagles defense got him 20 points as well. They were the only two to put up double-digits on his team. I had 21.0 points from Cooper Kupp and a very kind 27.6 combined points from Damien Harris and Chuba Hubbard. I think I have to give my MVP to Hubbard because it appears that this week is the last I can ride the Hubbard backup to McCaffrey role. The dude scored over 13.0 points in three of the last four weeks, during which I have won four straight games.

Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (120.96) Defeats ESPNFAN 12319776 (101.26)

Ronan has ended his losing streak!

If we looked at the top half of Steve and Ronan’s rosters, the advantage would clearly go in Steve’s favor. New York Jets running back Michael Carter had 27.7 points so Mr. Kultzow may have thought he was in great shape. Steve’s quarterback, RB1, RB2 and WR1 all outscored Ronan’s by a total of 75.76 to 40.36. What could go wrong?

Depth. Depth baby. Austin Eckler (who Steve has in his Yorktown league so conflicted feelings entering the weekend) had 21.4 points for Ronan in the flex spot. At the wide receiver three spot, Steve was forced to play Kalif Raymond who had zero points while Randall Cobb secured 15 points on three catches with two touchdowns. Then we take aim at the defense…whoof. Chicago had -6.0 points for Steve while the Rams finished with 7.0. Brutal beat.

I wonder if Steve regrets not playing his boy Eligah Moore? The get WR had 10.1 points and it could have made a difference. Though it can be argued on the opposite side that Ronan didn’t play Ryler Lockett who had 20.2 points. The more painful absentee for either team was Davante Adams going into safety protocol for Steve.

MVP of this matchup has to be Randall Cobb. We all know that Ronan was cheering his favorite quarterback on while he was connecting with his favorite wide receiver during a huge Thursday night football win.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (117.8) Defeats Ja’Marr The Merrier (114.8)

Battle of the brothers. I hope there was smack talk between the two. It is fitting that this contest was incredibly close.

We had a pair of goose eggs in this game, one for both teams., Emmanuel Sanders had zero points against the Dolphins for Tommy and Robby Anderson put up zilch against the Falcons for Jimmy. For Tommy, Sander shad double figures scoring in his last five games before Buffalo had its bye. Very unfortunate luck.

Also very unlucky for Tommy is Robert Tonyan getting hurt and now being out for the season. A reliable target for Rodgers and the Packers is now no longer available so two of T-Si’s TEs (Darren Waller) are banged up.

Here is the thing Tommy can hang his hat on. He literally played everyone that he should. His bench scored less than 32 points total and Joe Burrow had 20.26 of those points.

Now let’s get to the winner. Jimmy’s MVP of the day is Aaron Jones scoring 20.5 points for the Green Bay Packers. This success must have needled Tommy because he saw his Packers getting the massive win but knew every yard Jones carried buried his chance of winning deeper. Also it is a huge rebound for Jones after scoring only 6.4 points against Washington in week seven.

Also, how the fuck did Tom Brady still score 25.2 points when he had a bad week and his team lost? How is he so fucking good?

Get McCaffreinated (119.2) Defeats My Glockz Out (115.0)

Buzzi gets the win! McLaughlin suffers a loss he never thought he would have.

How did Buzzi get the win with Patrick Mahomes scoring only 14.0 points, Damien Williams scoring -0.3 points? Chris Godwin to the rescue. Without Antonio Brown in the lineup, Brady needed a different slot target and that is what Godwin provided for Tom Brady. Godwin scored a season-best 240 points and had a season-best 140 yards. Another 20+ point scorer was San Francisco’s Deebo Samuel. The man, when he suits up, is a scoring machine averaging 18.9 points per game.

To add extra stink to My Glockz Out loss, he has Antonio Brown on his IR. The replacement for Brown secured his defeat. Ouch.

Speaking for McLaughlin, he may be having a word with Kirk Cousin and Mike Zimmer on how to use Dalvin Cook better. He was projected for 18.4 points but scored only 7.8 on Sunday night. Oh, let’s not forget Justin Jefferson either who had only 3.1 points after being projected for 14.5.

This matchup did come down to Monday night with Buzzi having Mahomes and Tom having both Darrel Williams and Harrison Butker. Not sure if everyone stayed up to watch the game, but it did come down to the very end.

The MVP of this matchup is the training staff for Buzzi’s team. He is likely to get McCaffrey back this week, just in time to play my Patriots no less so fuck that. Also Kareem Hunt is on the mend and back in a few weeks, Buzzi is going to be ready to play spoiler.

Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (149.96) Defeats Team Lobo (101.72)

McGinnity chose violence this week, and Lobo was the Guinee pig. McGinnity put up the most points this weekend by a wide margin. Josh Allen and A.J. Brown each had over 25 points. It is dangerous now for the rest of the league with Brown now having 49.8 points over his last two weeks. He had only 24.3 points over his first five weeks. So just going to get this out of the way way now, Brown is the MVP because he is turning McGinnity’s season around.

Lobo’s team was hurt this week by Lamar Jackson being on a bye. Also can’t help but just looking at his roster now, he has Justin Tucker and Tyler Bass. Maybe the two best kickers in the NFL?

I am just confused by Elijah Mitchell. He is averaging 13.3 points per week which is good, but he is always possibly hurt. However, the past two weeks he has scored 16.7 points each week. Can Lobo keep riding with him now riding .500 mark? He has to make a push to the playoffs.

There is just a different vibe for both of these .500 teams. McGinnity is on the rise and Lobo is suffering.

Week Nine Matchups

Team Lobo (4-4) vs. Deus Ex Mac (6-2)
Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (3-5) vs. Ja’Marr The Merrier (4-4)
ESPNFAN 12319776 (2-6) vs. Get McCaffreinated (2-6)
Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (4-4) vs. Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (5-3)
Dirty Mike And The Boys (6-2) vs. My Glockz Out (4-4)

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