Don’t judge too hard. Just going to start putting some of the ideas I have for movie scenes on paper.

The context for this scene is as follows.


Luke is mid-20s, average looking guy. He is not steeped in fashion but takes pride in taking care of himself physically. Luke is into fitness due in large part because it is a primary fuel to maintain his self-esteem, which is subject to high fluctuation. It is hard for him to muster confidence in certain situations. As a result, Luke leans towards the introverted side. He is not keen on speaking out when the possibility of confrontation or vulnerability is high.

One of the few ways Luke feels comfortable is when he is using his own “voice”. This is not in the literal sense. Luke has his quirks, cadences, and eccentricities. He finds ways to express them when he can, but the finding ways to do so within the confines of a typical “work day” is often hard. Luke finds his voice when he is writing, or when he is talking into a microphone.

Intimate moments are one such instance where Luke’s confidence is low. This stems back to his childhood when he was taken advantage of sexually as a kid. He did not know to say know when these occurrences began. He couldn’t find his voice, let alone express it. Now the tangible and intangible repercussions, which here hidden for a time, are becoming illuminated more and more as times passes.


Jessica is in her early 20s. She is an attractive women, working hard to keep her strong and fit physical appearance. Jessica is a romantic, always looking for the most beautiful way to tell a story. This way of life fills her with both hope and trepidation. Jessica wants to have the same love-filled life that her parents have experienced and given her, but she doesn’t want to take the wrong leap and find herself in a hole.

This consternation stems from youth. Jessica doesn’t know the ability she has to bring out the best in people, and she is learning that it is necessary to have faith that someone wants to take jumps with you. Jessica takes life one step at a time but hovers her foot over the next steppingstone and wonders if it its as solid as it looks. She needs the type of relationship where someone will encourage her to move forwards and upwards.


Luke and Jessica have known each other for four years but are entering a new stage. The confines of their friendship didn’t allow them to test the mutual attraction and feelings that simmered on the surface. The connection was known by many, but the pair never cross the proverbial line.

As if fate prepped a pop quiz, the status quo of Luke and Jessica’s friendship changes drastically over a couple of days. Deciding to be bold for the first time in a long time, Luke decides to drive to Jessica’s home on a whim, despite her living four hours away. Jessica appreciates the gesture but is beyond anxious and scared; she finally has someone showing up in an amorous manner but now doesn’t know what to do or expect.

Luke is simultaneously terrified and proud of himself. A man who has typically lived on the reserved side, he is taking a chance and is hoping from the best. Luke’s angst is eased when he is an hour away and Jessica calls him, and they talk on the phone the last hour as he approaches her home.

Jessica opens the door to allow Luke in just past midnight. They hug, nothing more. Both are having a hard time believing this is actually happening. Luke’s anxiety, which is already high, gets amplified when Jessica leads him up the stairs as she is giving him the tour of her home.

The two are hanging out in Jessica’s room. Luke is sitting on the bed, timidly sitting on his hands while Jessica is painstakingly explaining every little detail of her sleeping space. She is nervous. There is a static in the air, but neither Luke or Jessica want to lite a spark to see the reaction.

Luke hasn’t felt this energized for physical touch in a long time, but his subconscious trappings are dragging him down. When the nerves are at their greatest for both parties, Luke sees something out of the corner of his eye. Luke sees a microphone box stacked up against Jessica’s books. He takes the box and begins opening it quietly while talking with Jessica. He is trying to tip-toe along the tight-rope of nervous excitement he feels.

The box unfolds, and a small silver handheld microphone is staring at Luke. He remembers that Jessica needed a device like this for a school assignment, but doesn’t remember for what project, specifically. But that is the furthest question for his mind.

Jessica is standing next to her dresser with her back to the bed. She is reaching out over her dresser, pulling something off that she’d like to show Luke. Jessica is sensing that Luke has become quieter, and she doesn’t know why. Jessica just continues to talk, faster now than before. The aura in the room has been that of affection since he brought Luke up here, but she didn’t know if it’d lead to where she want it to.

While Jessica begins to start another run-on sentence, Luke slides back onto the bed and rests his back up against the wall. Luke takes a small inhale before lifting the small microphone from the box. Taking it in his right hand, he raises it to his mouth.

It doesn’t matter that the microphone is unplugged…his voice has never been louder.


Jessica turns around. She sees Luke holding the microphone, but she notices how he is sitting. No longer is he tense and unsure. Jessica notes that Luke is oozing a quiet confidence. Luke is relaxed and shining with a sense of pride that she is sure he doesn’t know he gives off.

“This is Luke reporting live from Jessica’s bedroom. I can confirm that there is a mammoth amount of sexual tension in the air.”

The words Jessica hears are simultaneously falling deaf on her ears and echoing through her as if spoken into her bones by a megaphone.

Luke is looking at Jessica. Eye to eye. Unwavering.

“It’s my expert opinion that something needs to be done about it right now.”


This is the first time in a long time Luke took the initiative to find his own voice. Luke was able to speak up in a moment where in the past he was quiet and scared. In this moment, Luke forgot about the sexual abuse he was affected by. Those scars are still there, and they’ll never leave. But for that one night, Luke was present in the moment. He wasn’t overthinking. Luke was leading. Luke spoke. He took a shot and laid out what he wanted.  

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