Let’s pour one out for my favorite. The moral compass of the season.

Katie, you were the soul this show needed.

I literally PREDICTED that she’d get sent home on a one-on-one this week. Before the show started, as soon as a I saw the first Instagram preview with her in it, I knew this was going to happen. We hadn’t had anyone sent home on a one-on-one yet, and Katie was the sacrificial lamb.

Now Matt, how about you DON’T bring a girl on a date with your BFF when you know you are going to send her home? It’s my hypothesis that people dating are more nervous to meet their significant other’s friends than family, so this was just mean.

At least Katie gave us one final iconic moment before she left with her “Thank your for your feedback!” comment to Serena C.

Also it can’t be said loud enough that probably part of Tyler C’s contract to be on the show this season was that he had to appear shirtless. Feels like that is inevitable.



and then you have the nerve…the unquavering evil to smirk when you find out Katie got sent home.



I do not like Heather. Her arriving late makes no sense timeline wise. She knew Matt was on the season beforehand because of her relationship with Hannah B. and Tyler. She didn’t have an excuse for being late; so it is only because she wanted the extra attention. Also She wore a freaking wedding dress to make first impression. Didn’t love her on Colton’s season, and still not a fan now.

I truly think that Heather will be gone within the first 20 minutes of next week’s episode when Matt has to sort out all this drama.


All of America knew that MJ was going home to start the episode, but Jessenia staying (and looking like she is getting a one-on-one next week) is a block in the stack of things we the audience don’t know about her. She has been getting more and more screen time over the past weeks. We learned she is a MASSIVE Bachelor/Bachelorette fan because she knew who Heather was right away.

8. KIT

While she has grown in estimation throughout the show compared to my first impression, Kit still has not hit a cord with me. I can not get over the fact that she is 21 years old but with that being said, she has danced around the drama since apologizing.


I really have the feeling that Chelsea is just…over it? This is pure speculation, but Chelsea is not going to like how Matt handles the Heather thing, which is going to lead to her blowing up a bit, which is going to lead her no longer being on the show.


I was SO so happy when Abigail got pulled out first at the cocktail party at the end of this week’s episode. I also got SUPER nervous that Heather’s entrance was going to mess with her time with Matt. Luckily it didn’t and we get to see her genuine smile for another week.


Rachael makes the final four. I said this rom the jump and it is for sure happening. The show is rationing out her time because we are going to get more of her in the coming weeks.


We got to see athletic, loud and competitive Serena P. during the bowling date. Her and Michelle are two peas in a pod at this point when it comes to embracing the competition.

In terms of relationship with Matt…have we gotten anything at all since their one-on-one? We got their credit scene this week, but just feel herself slipping in terms of the romantic ties.

She has the same “really want to be your friend” demeanor like Katie did.

3. BRI

Bri is like a breeze on a hot day. The steaminess is all the stupid drama that passes through the house, but Bri is that calming presence when you see her. She is even keel and has to be liked by everyone because she hasn’t been shown really staying anything inflammatory at all. We have not gotten a lot of confessionals from Bri, which makes me thing that she is normal in the best way.


I think that Michelle is the only one remaining that I could imagine keeping up with everything Matt wants to do activity wise. She has that competitive fire being an athlete. She has top two chemistry with Matt. Also let’s not forget the group date rose; the second rose she has gotten since arriving on the show late.


What a freaking awesome date! That carnival experience had to be so cool. Being as alone as you possibly can with actual fun things to do seems like a blast. I don’t like how Matt let her win the first game…but I’ll allow it. Just all in all, I like Pieper. I like how pissed she was when Heather interrupted her time with Matt…and HE ALLOWED IT! She had the right.

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