Director: Stanley Kubrick
Writers: Stanley Kubrick, Stephen King, Diane Johnson
Staring: Jack Nicholson, Shelly Duvall, Danny Lloyd
Streaming: HBO MAX
Release Date: June 13, 1980

All hail Stanley Kubrick. The Shining is a master of a thriller. I don’t care if it is a lot different than Stephen King’s book. This movie is riveting from start to finish.

The new thing I learned watching The Shining this time around is how Kubrick played with mirrors and reflections. If you look at when Jack Torrance is walking through The Overlook, there are moments there are reflections but then suddenly not. It is my theory theory that was Torrance himself doesn’t appear in the reflection, then the the evil of The Overlook has taken over the atmosphere and Jack’s mind.

The most underrated part of The Shining that I appreciated this time around was Jack Torrance talking with Lloyd at the bar. It is the flip being switched in the mania of the main character’s mind.

  • The soundtrack to this movie is remarkable. It is eerie as all hell. Anyone watching the movie gets the perfect introduction to the tone of The Shining from the opening credits.
  • Is anyone playing better at crazy that Jack Nicholson?
  • The Shining is a master of a slow burn. The first 30/45 minutes may draw some ire from viewers, but everything is worth it for the last 30 minutes.
  • Hedge mazes give me anxiety. Straight up would be terrified I’d never get out.
  • Was The Shining really not nominated for any Oscars?

Stanko Rating: A- (4.5/5 Stars)

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