Ana de Armas – Recently in Blade Runner 2049 and is set to star in Bond 25.
Chris Evans –  Duh, Captain America.
Daniel Craig – Bond, James Bond.
Michael Shannon – Two Oscar nominations and fantastic vocal angry screamer.
Jamie Lee Curtis – Two Golden Globe awards and ultimate swagger provider.
Toni Collette – I’m in her bag since Hereditary. Also an Oscar nominee to her name.
LaKeith Stanfield – Loved him in Sorry To Bother You.
Katherine Langford – I knew she looked familiar and it’s from Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why.
Christopher Plummer – Legend. Oscar award winner. Immediately recognizable.

Those are some of the cast members that are in Rian Johnson’s Knives Out. The adult, modernized version of 1985’s Clue is beyond star-studded and some of the characters in the premiere trailer are eye-popping.

The simple one-line summary is: “A detective investigates the death of a patriarch of an eccentric, combative family.”

I think that Daniel Craig, who plays the lead detective, is going to be channeling his Logan Lucky portrayal of Joe Bang. A crazy accent and an ability to absorb the screen’s attention is exactly what I like to see.

How about Chris Evans, good ole Captain America, dropping in several “Eat Shit” lines as an egotistical asshole? I LOVE that fact this is a massive departure from his latest appearances featuring as America’s ass.

I picture Jamie Lee Curtis’ character endlessly dropping dead-pan one liners. Toni Collette is already working her facial expressions in the trailer. She is dynamite showing emotion with body language, whether it be flamboyant like in Velvet Buzzsaw or disheartening in the aforementioned Hereditary.

Knives Out is a whodunit that has flair and is confident in what it wants to be. An Agatha Christie-esq story with witty dialogue, plot twists galore, and many cartooned memorable characters. The musical cut in the trailer when the camera zooms in on Craig sitting in the classic love seat by the fire setting; it is just perfect. Loud, bombastic and over the top.

I hope that Knives Out follows the path of the Orient Express train; fly off the tracks, bury us in mystery and don’t let up till the very end. The movie comes out November 27.

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