Quarantine does odd things. I am going to take a personality test and see the results. Give my gut reaction to the questions here and showcase the results. Because why not? Everyone likes knowing a little bit more about themselves!

Looking at the scaling for the questions, here is the quick rundown. It is a scale of seven with ONE being TOTALLY AGREE and SEVEN being TOTALLY DISAGREE. Four is the midway MEH point.

I am just going to go through, give my own little quick gut reaction to each question. Not going to give my rating on the scale because that’s far too analytical a thing that anyone would want to read.

You enjoy vibrant social events with lots of people.

No not really. Unless it is a sporting event.

You often spend time exploring unrealistic yet intriguing ideas.

Again, not big in this department either. Too much of a logical and rational thinker to think wayyyy outside the box on stuff.

Your travel plans are more likely to look like a rough list of ideas than a detailed itinerary.

I would tend to agree with this. Have a rough outline of what we’d like to do but ability to be flexible.

You often think about what you should have said in a conversation long after it has taken place.

Yes. King of second guessing conversations here.

If your friend is sad about something, your first instinct is to support them emotionally, not try to solve their problem.

Getting little deeper here now…I think I tend to lean this way? Idk, tricky one. I always have to check myself and not jump to possible solutions but I think I do stop myself? I don’t know, probably better for someone else to answer for me.

People can rarely upset you.

Hmmm…agreed here only because I have a pessimistic mindset.

You often rely on other people to be the ones to start a conversation and keep it going.

Used to be the case.  But I think I have gotten better. Often depends on the context where and what the conversation is about.

If you have to temporarily put your plans on hold, you make sure it is your top priority to get back on track as soon as possible.

Once done with this quiz, going to change sheets and make lunch. Check.

You rarely worry if you made a good impression on someone you met.

This is HUGELY reliable on the context. Is it work? Is it meeting girlfriend’s parents? Is it meeting friends of friends? I NEED CONTEXT.

It would be a challenge for you to spend the whole weekend all by yourself without feeling bored.

This is me. Every weekend.

You are more of a detail-oriented than a big picture person.

I think so? Would rather be right in the moment then 10 years down the road. But when it comes to pitching content for work or solutions for other picture I am big picture “why not” mentality.

You are very affectionate with people you care about.

Emotions. What are those?

You have a careful and methodical approach to life.

Accurate. Yes. No big big mistakes. Like playing golf. Limit the mistakes.

You are still bothered by the mistakes you made a long time ago.

ALL THE TIME. Anytime you see me shutter, it is probably because I am doing my mental erase exercise to get a bad memory out of my head.

At parties and similar events you can mostly be found farther away from the action.

Yes. People watching is the best. I’ll commentate on those in the spotlight.

You often find it difficult to relate to people who let their emotions guide them.

Unfortunately, yes. I have been able to work on this with certain people. But with other’s it is immensely frustrating.

When looking for a movie to watch, you can spend ages browsing the catalog.

Accurate. Sometimes it is more fun to watch the trailers then settle on a bad movie.

You can stay calm under a lot of pressure.

I like to think I am cool under pressure. Just do your job and move forward. Only time to worry is when you are giving less than 100%.

When in a group of people you do not know, you have no problem jumping right into their conversation.

Ehh, no I will listen until someone invites me in. I am like vampire in that sense. Let me know I am welcome in to participate.

When you sleep, your dreams tend to be bizarre and fantastical.

Don’t often remember my dreams so gonna have to go with a no…

In your opinion, it is sometimes OK to step on others to get ahead in life.

DAMN. Talking ruthless aggression here. I’d rather focus on excelling in my work and elevating it instead of pushing someone else down.

You are dedicated and focused on your goals, only rarely getting sidetracked.

The checklist mindset in me says yes.

If you make a mistake, you tend to start doubting yourself, your abilities, or your knowledge.

Uhhhh, absolutely.

When at a social event, you rarely try to introduce yourself to new people and mostly talk to the ones you already know.

Depends on the context a bit here, but for the most part yes. Let me get comfortable before diving into something I do not know.

You usually lose interest in a discussion when it gets philosophical.

Depends if the discussion is trying to push an agenda. If so, then yes. Never going to be able to change people’s mind in one conversation.

You would never let yourself cry in front of others.

Very rarely. Those who have, I apologize.

You feel more drawn to places with a bustling and busy atmosphere than to more quiet and intimate ones.

I answer this saying how I much prefer a small uncrowded bar to any club of bustling social spot. So have to disagree.

You like discussing different views and theories on what the world could look like in the future.

I think I lean toward disagree here slightly. I don’t like talking about a ton of stuff that we simply can not know the answers to.

When it comes to making life-changing choices, you mostly listen to your heart rather than your head.

Ehh, if I listened to my heart I would have picked the more luxury apartment to move into rather than the one I have now. Logic wins out.

You cannot imagine yourself dedicating your life to the study of something that you cannot see, touch, or experience.

I am not sure I understand the question fully on this one

You usually prefer to get your revenge rather than forgive.

I do not actively seek revenge. Whenever I get angry I get motivated.

You often make decisions on a whim.

If I have time to plan out which decision is best I will always take it. But I am A-Okay with making a judgement call if it HAS to be made.

The time you spend by yourself often ends up being more interesting and satisfying than the time you spend with other people.

Is it mean if I say yes? I think I know which people I care about most when I want to spend time with them. Hence my small circle of friends of people I care about. I am okay on my own but once you break my bubble then I will be sure to make time.

You often put special effort into interpreting the real meaning or the message of a song or a movie.

Songs…no. Movies…oh hell yea.

You always know exactly what you want.

Do not have the confidence to always feel that convinced of something haha

You rarely think back on the choices you made and wonder what you could have done differently.

Depends on what type of choices…work or personal. But I often reflect for better or for worse.

When in a public place, you usually stick to quieter and less crowded areas.

Yes. Refer to the bar analogy earlier.

You tend to focus on present realities rather than future possibilities.

To quote True Grit: “I do not entertain hypotheticals” (whenever I can avoid them)

You often have a hard time understanding other people’s feelings.

Personally, I think I am above average at this. It is my own feelings that I am bad at reading.

When starting to work on a project, you prefer to make as many decisions upfront as possible.

Have to slightly disagree here because you can’t know all the decisions that you have to make. Prepare with flexibility in mind.

When you know someone thinks highly of you, you also wonder how long it will be until they become disappointed in you.

*peers over shoulder* Who is reading my mind with this question.

You feel comfortable just walking up to someone you find interesting and striking up a conversation.


You often drift away into daydreaming about various ideas or scenarios.

If I daydream…it usually ends up in sleeping. Don’t do a lot of imaginary work with myself.

You look after yourself first, and others come in second.

Depends. Compared to strangers, then yes. Compared to my friends or family, I say no. So neutral.

Even when you have planned a particular daily routine, you usually just end up doing what you feel like at any given moment.

No? Routine is routine. There is a reason for the routine.

Your mood can change very quickly.

Uhhhh yea.

You often contemplate the reasons for human existence or the meaning of life.

Nope. Just do my job and do it to the best of my ability.

You often talk about your own feelings and emotions.

Anyone who knows me knows this may be the most obvious answer of this entire test.

You have got detailed education or career development plans stretching several years into the future.

I have an idea yea, but not detailed. Rough outline. Draft version. Nothing ever in pen.

You rarely dwell on your regrets.

Will I regret doing this personality quiz?

Spending time in a dynamic atmosphere with lots of people around quickly makes you feel drained and in need of a getaway.

Nothing like an overcrowded space makes me want to go back to my hotel room or movie theater so badly.

You see yourself as more of a realist than a visionary.

Yes, but admittedly to possibly my detriment.

You find it easy to empathize with a person who has gone through something you never have.

Again I think so? Better to ask someone so has come to me in one of those moments. But I think I am okay at it.

Your personal work style is closer to spontaneous bursts of energy than to organized and consistent efforts.

This is REALLY dependent on the type of work. If it is graphic or video design, it is often spontaneous. When it is writing…it is more pragmatic.

Your emotions control you more than you control them.

The fact I keep a lot pf personal emotions locked in a cage deep in my soul…well I think that answers this question haha

After a long and exhausting week, a fun party is just what you need.

How about a movie, snack and a glass of wine? Or just yelling at a TV show like the Bachelor? Or just play video games for a bit? There are a times for parties, but they either have to be really spontaneous or I have to be in the mood.

You frequently find yourself wondering how technological advancement could change everyday life.

I am just trying to keep pace the way I can afford.

You always consider how your actions might affect other people before doing something.

Yea I mean I don’t want to be a jackass if I don’t need to be.

You still honor the commitments you have made even if you have a change of heart.

Not normally. When I do something, it should be 100%. So if I am not committed I’d be cheating myself and others who I made commitments to.

You rarely feel insecure.

*rolls eyes*

END OF THE QUIZ. Okay I admit it was MUCH longer and more comprehensive than I thought. I am at over 2,000 words right now. Let’s see what I got.

Interesting…this time I got ISTJ-T. The last time I took this three years ago I got INTJ.

I am not going to bore everyone with my diagnosis. You can look up these personality features online very easily and this website ever has links.

Check out 16personalities.com analysis of the personality types.

Okay, here is the most intriguing part. What people and personalities share the same personality as me? This is what I really care about.

I’ll take Sting. I only really know him from “The Police” thought
Did not expect but MORE than okay with it. Makes his acting even more remarkable when he has to be a bombastic character
Didn’t know who this is. She is the Chancellor of Germany. Good to know.
One of the more underrated actresses so I’ll take it!
OH YEA!!! He is also holding the Hannibal mask. Yes.
The founder of the founding fathers. ‘Merica.
I know she is incredibly well respected and smart. I like my political lineup thus far.
I used bar analogies a lot in my reactions to the questions and the Bush family rule the realm in terms of political “would you have a beer with?” questions
“The only time a man can be brave is when he is afraid.” – He was an amazing ruler
By far the most rational of the Harry Potter universe. I approve. Actually smart and not lucky.
OHHH FUCK YES!!!!! Love this game. Love this character. I got the most depressing ending when playing the game so makes me thing I made all the right decisions to get the ending the creators wanted.
I know his is important…but I don’t know this story
I never finished the series and I should during the quarantine
OH HELL YEA!! One of my favorite action series of all-time. Also HILARIOUS because my therapist asked me what movie character I relate to a lot…and I said Jason Bourne. NAILED IT.

Also, insert awesome sound track sting here.
Leader of the dwarves in ‘The Hobbit’. I have a lot of leaders among my people and I am confused.
Really have to disagree with this one because I am not religious at all and I do not rule any judgement like he did. Only true disagree here.
Loved the quip of this character played by Rupert Graves in BBC’s ‘Sherlock’

If you have stayed till the end of this, then you really are a trooper. Thank you for your service. I will reward you with the link to this quiz!

Check it out! —> PERSONALITY QUIZ

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