“Geralt of Rivia, a solitary monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.””

“Ugh.” “Hmphh.” “Grunt.” “Fuck.”

Geralt is back.

The Witcher season three is going to come out in two parts on Netflix. The first releases on Thursday, June 29 and the second part drops on Thursday, July 27. The two-part release strategy worked very well for Stranger Things. It allows for more conversation to be had. Both diehards and normal viewing folk will be able to take part in the discussion about the season’s final moments when they have a month to catch up. The Witcher is not as popular as Stranger Things, but this may be a chance to raise its status among the money-makers and subscription attractors of Netflix.

The world of The Witcher is incredibly rich. Between the books, the lore, and the video games, there is an endless amount of fantastical excitement that the showrunners can pull from. What path will they take with the story? Well, that appears to be a source of consternation. We saw in season one that the show followed the short story format that Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski implemented in his first two books, The Last Wish and Sword Of Destiny. Season two of The Witcher delved deeper into the overarching story, bringing more components of The Continent’s war and Emhyr’s true identity as Ciri’s father. Season two also introduced us to more races, characters, and bad guys.

The Wild Hunt. They are coming.

Season three of The Witcher is going to follow Geralt and Yennifer as they try and teach and protect Ciri from all converging forces that want a piece of her. The Wild Hunt wants a piece of Ciri, as does Emhyr. The Wild Hunt wants to use Ciri’s untouched potential power to easier travel from world to world. The Wild Hunt could wreak havoc and terrorize people on a more maleficent level since the Conjunction Of The Spheres. Emhyr wants to reconnect with his daughter, not out of love, but out of lust. A lust for power. He wants to marry Ciri and impregnate here to create a line of gifted beings with Elder blood in his name.

Either way. Not great options for Ciri and the troup.

In season two we saw Ciri training physically to become like a Witcher. She takes part in many of the physical trails as she tries to find an identity for herself. In season three we are going to see Ciri touch more into her magical talents. We got a tease of Yennifer tutoring Ciri in season two opening a portal. That was an elementary school lesson. Expect more robust magical training in season three.

Alright, enough grandstanding. Let’s get down to this trailer. There is not a ton of plot unveiled, but there are quick flashes of important moments and characters. This trailer is meant to make people amped up to re-enter The Witcher universe. Are there a ton of people pointing out the fact that Henry Cavill is awesome and knowing that Liam Hemsworth is taking over after this season is making things really scary. It is one thing to recast Rience, but to recast Geralt is crazy talk.

We aren’t here for that though. Let’s get to the trailer.

Yes, we have Geralt looking like a snack with this black eyes. He is potion filled and ready for violence. He notes in this trailer that he is really scared for the first time. Have to think that this is a fear of losing something, or someone.

OH SHIT. WE GETTING RUNES NOW? WE EXPLORING THIS LORE A LITTLE MORE!? In the The Witcher video games you can power up your weapons, and it looks like we are getting Geralt doing this now.

Oh good, the Wild Hunt is back. This trailer focused a lot more on the fantastical potential danger rather than the basic war between humans and themselves, and humans and elves. There is a lot of disrespect going around, but no one underestimates The Wild Hunt.

Ciri is actually scared. This has to be her looking at the Wild Hunt chasing her. Weather this is a dream sequence or not, the Wild Hunt is no joke.

So we have Rience, who has been recast and is not being played by Sam Woolf, escaping a room of fire that he definitely set a blaze. But he is holding a cat. So I guess he isn’t all bad?

Ehhh, I would say that he is still all bad. Not great.

Who is this person with the glove? This is a bit of the mystery. We see Ciri walking around in a maze and this person shows up. Is it Stregobor? Is it Rience? Is it Emhyr var Emreis? I doubt that last one, but who is it?

Oh yea, can’t forget to mention that Yennifer has her power back so she will be wreaking magical havoc everywhere.

So in this brief teaser trailer we did not see anything from Fringilla, Cahir (who is not going to be one of the good guys), Tissaia, Triss, Emhyr or Francesca. These are the people who are mostly associated with the human fighting one another. It all seems rather silly in front of the Wild Hunt doesn’t it?

We do get a BRIEF glance at Dandelion, otherwise known as Jaskier on the show. He wasn’t in season two as much as people hoped, so wonder if he gets back into the fold a bit more as the band gets back together.

The Witcher season three drops on Netflix on Thursday, June 29, and the second part drops on Thursday, July 27.

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