Sorry this is a little late. Got bogged down over last couple days.

Chris Lobo

Holy smokes, Chris Lobo’s team is really good.

He has the number one RB and QB with Jonathan Taylor and Josh Allen. He has Aaron Jones who is a guarantee 12 points every week as his RB2. Also Lobo has Kyle Pitts, who was TE3 but has the potential to be the number one tight end if his quarterbacks can get him the ball.

Oh, and Lobo has the best kicked with Evan McPherson and best defense in the New Orleans Saints.

Like holy lord.

The only issue with Lobo…if you want to pick one out…is his bench is skeptical. Besides Tom Brady who is good for 275+ yards and 2 TDs per game, you have Kadrius Toney and Michael Gallup who are very injury prone. There are two big fliers on Tyler Allgeier of Atlanta and Joshua Palmer of the Chargers. I love the Palmer pick. If Mike Williams or Keenan Allen get hurt, he is going to rise big time.

Lobo finished last season with a 7-6 record which was tied for third best in the league. He scored the sixth most points and had the fifth most points scored against him.

Lobo kicks off the season against Steve Kultzow.

Tommy Simon

Tommy might be starting the season in the emergency room. He has NINE players listed as questionable or injured as of Thursday, September 1st. NINE.

  • Joe Burrow
  • CeeDee Lamb
  • Michael Thomas
  • Elijah Mitchell
  • Matthew Stafford
  • Kenneth Walker III
  • Irv Smith Jr.
  • Jameson Williams
  • Odell Beckham Jr.

Tommy may be the team of shattered glass. Christian McCaffrey is the highest ceiling player if he can stay healthy. CeeDee Lamb is built of twigs, and Michael Thomas is still banged up as of writing and is coming off a season on injury., Elijah Mitchell is a rotation guy who needs to work on being strong as a bull. Matthew Stafford (his backup quarterback) has two Elbow issues. Odell Beckham Jr. is coming off major injury and who knows if he will play this year.

It is smart decision by Tommy to draft Alexander Mattison because Dalvin Cook will most definitely miss time and he is the second best handicap in the NFL behind Tony Pollard.

Tommy Simon finished last season with a 5-8 record which was second last in the league. He scored the fifth most points in the league and had the fourth most points scored against him.

Tommy’s first matchup is against the commissioners, Jonathan Stanko.

Matthew McGinnity

Matt went for what he wanted and when he wanted it when he was drafting. You have to really respect that.

Aaron Rodgers without his weapons is a little precarious, but he is still really good at football. Cooper Kupp will have some regression but will still be very good at football. Deebo Samuel got a new contract and he will be catching balls all the time…but let’s see how much he runs it.

I love the Gabe Davis pick. Absolutely love it.

George Kittle, please be healthy for a full season because it is so much fun to watch.

I will say it, I don’t think Justin Tucker is the best kicker in the NFL anymore. Matt, please don’t hurt me.

Matt doesn’t have any backup defense or kicker on his bench, and that is probably for the best because Buffalo and Baltimore are both good enough to be used every week expect for byes.

Matthew McGinnity finished last season with a 6-7 record which was tied for seventh place. He scored the fewest points in the league and had the second most points scored against him.

McGinnity wants to kick off his 2022-23 campaign with a win against Jimmy Simon

Tom McLaughlin

Tom got the wide receiver I wanted most in Justin Jefferson…and he drafted Boston College running back AJ Dillon…so I hold not resentment.

Tom has Kyler Murray as his quarterback with no backup. That seems like a risky proposition because Murray can hurt his thumbs improving his KD ratios on Call of Duty. Oh wait, he has Tua Tagovailoa. So I guess that counts? But does it? Maybe the Tua and Tyreek Hill combination will be the next Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs

His running backs alongside Dillon are Saquon Barkley, Melvin Gordon III and Darrell Henderson Jr. Barkley is risky for injury sake, Gordon III is in a timeshare with Javonte Williams and I hope Williams gets the most of it, and Henderson Jr. is someone who needs the opportunity.

I do like Tom’s pick of Michael Pittman Jr. He is just going to be a target machine on the Colts. He is only in his third year but he has more yards receiving than the rest of the Colts receivers combined.

Darren Waller was on my no draft list because of his injury and contract situation, and

Mr. McLaughlin finished last season with a 7-6 record, tied for third. He scored the eighth most points during the 2021-22 season, and had the fifth most points scored against him.

20 Bucks on the line in week one as Tom matches up against Ritz.

Matthew Buzzi

Buzzi is riding high on the AFC West.

Justin Herbert and Austin Ekeler of the Los Angles Chargers. Davante Adams of the Las Vegas Raiders and Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs. Those are his top for projected scorers, and all of them play in the same conference. Probably a good strategy seeing how it is the best division in football.

The remainder of his starting lineup is interesting because it is talented players on bad teams. David Montgomery and Darnell Mooney of the Chicago Bears, DK Metcalf, and Kareem Hunt of the Cleveland Browns. Buzzi is banking on workload with these players. They will be chasing points throughout the season (the first six games of Browns) so passing will be at a premium.

The best player on Buzzi’s bench is Kirk Cousins. Christian Kirk is a high ceiling guy if you are buying a Jaguars bounce back, but Russell Gage is a sneaky great option with Tom Brady as quarterback and Mike Evans and Chris Godwin being injury prone (or already injured).

I am most curious to see how Rashaad Penny looks. He could be awesome for Seattle, or will Seattle just be so bad that it doesn’t matter?

Matthew finished last season with the worst record in the league at 4-9. He had the most points scored against him and scored the seventh most points.

Buzzi looks to rebounds from last year with a strong start against Ronan.

Jonathan Stanko

Not too pleased with how this turned out. My roster is a huge boom or bust potential. Trey Lance at quarterback is a bet on his rushing yards potential, and having Trevor Lawrence as backup is a bet on him actually having a coach who wants to coach.

At running back I have Javonte Williams, who has the potential to be a good number one if Melvin Gordon doesn’t eat into his carries. Then there is Ezekiel Elliot who I think is going to have a bounce back season but has to stay healthy. Having Tony Pollard is nice as handcuff, but who knows how that will work.

At wide receiver, there is the safety net of Ja’Marr Chase who will be awesome and that is nice. Jaylen Waddle and Marquise Brown…yuck. Just don’t like them. I will add in Allen Robinson III who is now the number two with the Los Angeles Rams…but does he have the talen to sustain that?

Chargers defense is going to be vastly improved, but they are in the AFC West which scares me.

The fliers I took are Alec Pierce on the Indianapolis Colts and Skyy Moore on the Kansas City Chiefs. Both could become number two options on their respective teams if all pans out in my favor.

The only positions I am totally confident in are WR1 and TE (with Mark Andrews).

Jonathan Stanko (will I continue writing myself in the third person?) won his second straight title last year after finished the record season with a 8-5 record…tied for the best in the league. I (alright I am done) scored the fourth most points in the league and had the seventh fewest points scored against me.

The two-time defending champion begins his title defense against T-Si.

Steve Kultzow

The way Steve’s draft turned out made me jealous. I wanted Jalen Hurts as my quarterback. I wanted to have the boring James Conner on my roster and I really wanted Travis Etienne Jr on my roster.

It is a little shocking how Steve took three defenses? Perhaps a good stashing or trading ploy? All of the defenses he has are supposed to be very good.

The only area that maybe Steve would need improvement on is wide receivers because none of his guys are tier one guys, but that is not necessary to win. Brandin Cooks on Houston is actually pretty solid because all he does is receive over 1000 yards in a single season.

Also really do love the two tight end options that Steve has: Dalton Schultz of Dallas and Dallas Goedert of the Philadelphia Eagles. Those are two viable options to flip-flop between.

What will make Steve’s roster achieve maximum potential is if Derrick Henry returns healthy and is able to be the tractor work horse he has been. Obvious worries are coming back from injury and an offense that is even more one-dimensional than before.

Steve finished last season tied for third with a 7-6 record. He reached the playoffs and ranked third. He scored the second most points in the league and had the fewest points scored against him. Steve lost in the opening round of the playoffs to myself.

Steve wants to capture the Iona title and his quest begins against Chris Lobo.

James Simon

Appreciate the name change Jimmy. Good work there. For those who haven’t seen, his new name is “Country Roads Take Me Mahomes”

Jimmy is also the first to make a waiver move. He got rid of the Browns defense and picked up Kansas City backup running back Isaiah Pacheco.

Gonna be honest, I just like Jimmy’s team. Najee Harris and De’Andre Swift are both work horses for their team. They are going to get a ton of action and it just depends if they respective offensive lines can provide enough.

Jimmy is pretty locked into the Lions with Swift, Amon-Ra St. Brown and T.J. Hockenson.

Personally speaking, I am very curious how Miles Sanders is going to play out for Philadelphia. With all the new weapons they have, will he got his fair share of opportunities?

Jimmy Simon scored the third most points last season but finished with a record of 6-7, placing him in a tie for seventh place. Jimmy also had the the third most points scored against him. Jimmy was the only team last year to not make the postseason despite a positive point differential.

Jimmy Simon aims to start with a win against Matthew McGinnity.

Michael Ritz

Mike Ritz’s team name is “Dirty Mike And The Boys”, and a bunch of his team is boys. by that I mean young men. On his bench, Ritz has Dameon Pierece of Houston, Drake London on Atlanta, Chris Olave of New Orleans and third year tight end Albert Okwuegbunam of Denver.

Ritz’s sucess as a team is going to come down to players with different quarterbacks. Stefon Diggs is fine on Buffalo, but DJ Moore now has Baker Mayfield throwing to him, and Diontae Johnson won’t have Ben Roethlisberger throwing the ball. His wide receivers two and three are going to need to be reliable for Ritz to get back to the championship round once again.

The Young Guns. This is what I think of with Ritz’s team. Also for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, you should watch it. Even the second one. The Young Guns and The Young Guns 2 are both good.

Ritz lost in the championship round again last year. Heartbreaking. You could argue that he should have won because he had the best record at 8-5 and also had the most points scored in the league. Ritz also had the second fewest points scored against him in the league.

Ritz aims to finally mow down all the competition with a week one win against Mr. McLaughlin.

Ronan McClorey

I think Ronan’s team is two tier. You have some very exciting players that will deliver the goods, but the second tier is incredibly risky.

Lamar Jackson, Alvin Kamara, Joe Mixon, A.J. Brown and Mike Williams will all score points every week. However, Adam Thielen, Dawson Knox and Josh Jacobs are incredibly touchdown dependent. Thielen I like the most of the bunch. I am high on the Vikings this year.

The bench for Ronan is interesting. Is Russell Wilson a good trade candidate for someone? He is a high end backup. Cordarrelle Patterson will get a lot of touches on a bad team. Clyde Edwards-Helaire is a classic “Maybe this year!” guy.

When DeAndre Hopkins comes back, it is going to be a either great weapon or a huge dud. Who is going to be coach of the Cardinals? Will the Cardinals be above .500 at any point?

Ronan made the playoffs last year with a 7-6 record. He lost in the opening round of the playoffs to Ritz. He scored the third most points in the league and had success even with the third most points scored against him.

Ronan matches wits against Buzzi in week one.

What ESPN thought of our draft.

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