“Guided by his visions, John takes Halsey and Cortana back to where it all began, looking for answers from his past. With Soren along for protection, Kwan goes in search of an army.”

Well, I will be damned. A not terrible episode of Halo. Turns out that not putting too much expectations on the show, and really sitting back and watching it passively, makes it a better viewing experience.

Episode four is entitled Homecoming and focuses on John returning home to where he grew up as a child. He is on his origin world after conjuring up more visions regarding his parents, and his discovery of the artifact. John arose Haley’s curiosity when he stated that the tiny one that the UNSC has is nothing compared to the bigger one it first into. Yea, the smaller one goes into a bigger one which helps trigger a giant circular thing. Guess what that is folks!?

Okay, before continuing, we are entering the trust tree. Writing these recaps for Halo is a really a chose, but I promised myself that I was doing to do it. However, when the show doesn’t meet your expectations, and the only way you can enjoy something is to tune the attention level down to 65%, then it becomes harder to focus on the little things.

So the big overarching aspect of John’s story in Homecoming is his relationship with Halsey. While Cortana and he are repairing his memory and trying to reconnect different inflection points from his childhood, Halsey is trying to appear like a friend while also trying to deep dive for answers as to what this artifact means and what it can do. However, Halsey’s façade is ruined when John remembers that she was at his childhood home BEFORE his parents disappeared, which means that she may have chosen him for the Spartan program and therefor took him away from his parents. Not a great look for Halsey!

I did like the exploration of “anxiety” of John and Cortana realizing what was happening to him. There is a trust developing there. It was clunky in episode three, but here is episode four, it was okay.

I will say that no action with Master Chief for essentially a third straight episode is a bit demoralizing. We want to see guns a blasting!

While John is turning into himself, Kwan is returning home to Madrigal to try and garner support for her dead father and free the planet from the hands of Vinsher Grath.

What a fucking photo?! Really trying to get the mob boss vibes.

Again, Kwan is just not a good thing. The truly dreadful plea she has in the middle of the crowd is remarkably cringe. It is not good. It is not good at all. It is brutal to watch and react to. Kwan tries to really the troops, but instead she is chased off and the town is sent into havoc. Oh, and Kwan is on Madrigal with Soren who agreed to take her after she attempted to steal his ship. He is important because he helped Kwan escape from an assassin and now the two of them are on a venture to meet some “mystics” that helped Kwan’s father and his revolutionary army.

Is the search for the mystics the dreadful episode seven that I have been hearing about?

At the UNSC headquarters, the main development is that Kia-125 took out her inhibitor chip. She did this after she saw John last episode. Kia then dyes her hair as a way to differentiate her new self. A bit on the nose, but sure, that works out. Kida and the rest of the Spartans are asked by Miranda to help try and understand the Artifact better. Through all of Miranda’s test, they find out that John is the only one has a reaction to the Artifact. That is not important. The more important thing is that Miranda and all the Spartans begin breaking down the Covenant language. That actually seems important!

How will that help connect the dots?!

I was somewhat shocked to see this rating so low on IMDB, but I am very excited to see that episode five (entitled Reckoning) is the highest rated episode of the entire season. Perhaps that means we are going to get some action, some violence, and less Kwan than ever before?

Sorry Kwan. I am trying to care about you, your family’s legacy and your home world of Madrigal…but it is really hard.

Until next time Paramount+ app. Until next time.

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