“Kwan’s journey to uncover her family’s “true purpose” takes her deep into the deserts of Madrigal. Søren obsesses over unfinished business.”

Heading into episode seven, Inheritance, all I saw was bad things. It was by far the lowest rated episode on IMDB, but we all know that is not the main source of audience appreciation. What made me even more worried was that I overheard coworkers who I trust say that this episode was a hot mess.

I was not looking forward to inheriting the viewing. experience of this episode. Yes, that is a terrible pun, but I am writing about a not very good show, so deal with it.

The episode starts off with a flashback to young Kwan, her commanding father, and an odd family dynamic. The overarching question for this episode appears to be why Kwan’s family is on Madrigal to begin with. This appears to be a dark secret that this women of Madrigal are constantly hinting at.

I am glad to see that Jeong-hwan Kong gets two episodes now. He was good in the premiere.

At this family dinner, Kwan’s family is trying to set her up with this newcomer by the name of Ruben. Kwan..being kind of an ass. She was not happy about the whole scenario. Ruben is just like a lost puppy trying to find a seat. At least be nice.

We are back to present time. You remember in episode five when Kwan knocked out Soren and stole his stolen bike? Now she is riding on that bike straight into the sand storm. Seems like a great idea.

There was zero real Master Chief this episode. We had those weird hallucinations, but in terms of the Master Chief storyline…nothing developed. I still don’t remember the creepy blond women’s name. That is what happens when I take a month (essentially) between episodes.

Now we transfer to Soren…who is back on his home planet? What the fuck is this Soren character? This guy is completely different than Soren from the first episode we saw him, or when he was on Madrigal. Also, how did he get home? I am so fucking confused. It really seems like they filmed this when they filmed MC’s first arrival on the rock. This character just seems so different. He doesn’t seem to give a shit about the promise he made to his old friend to protect her.

Soren losing a step…says his swirly partner. His partner seems sleazy too. Everyone on this rock planet is a disaster. There is nothing good about these pirates. These are the monsters that would be over-the-top. I just don’t get the vibe of this at all.

Alright, so now Kwan is in front of these blond women. They have these lavish tents and there is a smoky aura all around them. Kwan is all flustered, but she knows this is the place where she needs to be to try and get the answer she wants.

With this being a Kwan episode, it has to be said Yerin Ha is not a good actress. I am terribly sorry but she is not good. She is far more talented than I will be in anything, but for the show Halo, she does not fit.

We return to the hub of Madrigal and we get a look at Vinsher. He is searching for Kwan and he has put a very large price on his head. He is driving around being an ass, in a vehicle that looks…exactly like a car. It literally is a car. I was kind of taken back how unfuturistic it liked.

Kwan is with these crazy women and she wants to know the truth. They say that she is too young…but then they just go and let her learn anyways. We see this witch doctor turn fire into water…and then feed Kwan water. we know exactly what is about to happen hallucinations.

Kwan sees a vision of Master Chief and the crazy guy kept in a cage that we met during episode two. Master Chief is just tempting Kwan to fight him, and he just keeps killing her. She tries, and tries, and nothing happens. Nothing works. It is all pain. After all the killings, Master Chief extends his hand, and Kwan takes it. This is obviously a bit symbolic about he she felt the Spartans held her and her family down, but they are there to help her up.

So Kwan is going to open the door the Madrigal for Master Chief? The door to his understanding of whatever is happening in his journey?

I did like the visual story telling of the different ancestors of Madrigal that knew the secret of the land. That was cool. I can admit that.

So what is the secret of Madrigal? It would appear that the planet itself is a portal to a different plant/world, but this portal won’t be activated until the land is truly safe. A couple questions with that. Is the planet ever really safe? And the portal has to be going to Halo, right?

Really quickly. Vinsher kills a friend of Kwan. Glad we actually saw Vinsher be evil. But besides that, meh.

So Kwan is heading back to his compound for the first time since the the first episode. He is seeing the Covenant warriors slaughtered…and her old friends and family as well. He is back, looking for answers, going back to the beginning. Naturally, Vinsher is going to arrive just time to create some trouble…but don’t count out Soren…who comes from out of nowhere! That is a very convenient bit of story telling…and a shortcut. Rather hilarious he just remembers to care about his promise to John.

So Vinsher arrives a bit after Soren with a little battalion. The Halo version of storm troopers are hilarious to look at. Luckily Soren is there to help Kwan not get blown to bits.

Also this Vinsher character. Can we talk about him for a second? And I am not talking about his Spy Kids sun glasses.

I have a feeling that all of Burn Gorman’s scene were filmed within a short sequence of each other, and during that sprint for Gorman, they changed the character of Vinsher a lot. In this episode he is a lot more comical than in any other one; he is like a human version of Skelator cracking bad jokes and wanting to rule with an iron fist.

Alright, I am losing steam talking about this episode. So lets talk about this fight between Vinsher’s army and Soren/Kwan.

Kwan needs to destroy the base to have any chance of surviving. This is maybe some sort of symbolic thing about destroying her past and surviving to move forward, just like how she had to move forward and take the hand of Master Chief.

Soren is getting the brunt of the fire power but he is holding his own. That is until Vinsher shoots Soren and gets him down bad. This did kind of shock me because I didn’t expect Soren to get in much trouble. Luckily for him Kwan picks up a Spartan gun (again, the idea of her moving forward). She starts showing off her crazy ass aim.

And Vinsher is gone. Just like that. Vinsher is dead. What the fuck? Kwan saves the day and vanquishes one of her greatest enemies, just like that? I am a bit confused and dissapointed.

In summation. Episode seven was not good, and it may have been the worst of the season. With that being said, the episode was not as atrociously bad as I thought it would be.

Do I wish that Kwan kind of died and Vinsher lived and then he taunted MC with the killing of someone he cared about? Maybe. But this Kwan story line is a disaster. I really hope this gets fixed with season two.

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