Championship Matchup – Week 17

Deus Ex Mac (196.80) defeats Dirty Mike And The Boys (190.72)

Alright, if you are reading this, I am going to be as objective as I can possibly be.

1.) Mike Ritz must fucking hate my guts. I have beaten him in the championship each of the last two seasons.

There is no denying that Mike Ritz would have won if his team had not be decimated by injury during the regular season and this postseason. Ritz lost Derrick Henry during the regular season, who would have been the No, 1 or No. 2 back this season. Then he loses Leonard Fournette, who was a top three fantasy football running back this season before he got hurt. Ritz would have had two of the top three running backs this season if not for injuries. As John Rothstein would say, the epitamy of brutality.

2.) I personally want to thank Damien Harris for being my absolute work horse during this championship matchup. The New England Patriots running back scored 28.3 points in week 16 against the Buffalo Bills and followed it up with 17.2 points in week 17 against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

3.) Do I owe Ronan a special thanks to Ronan for my second straight fantasy football championship? Back in late November Ronan traded Ritz George Kittle and Tony Pollard for Terry McLaurin. Unfortunately for Ritz, Kittle scored only 7.1 points in week 16 and 17…combined. That is brutal seeing how he scored double digits in every week but one from week nine till week 15. In the weeks after Ritz acquired Kittle prior to the championship, the 49er tight end averaged 16.97 points per week. Kittle got cold at the worst possible time for Ritz.

4.) I am going to get shit for not playing a defense. I will take my tongue lashing. I will take the badgering. I will be your lighting rod of hate. I will listen to all your disdain while clutching the REEEEEEM fantasy football championship for a second straight season. But in all seriousness, it was the right thing to do from a strategic standpoint. Just last week I had the Los Angeles Chargers defense against the Houston Texans and they scored -5.0 points. I could not risk that happening again.

5.) For a second straight week, Tyreek Hill was incredibly limited in a very high scoring game for the Kansas City Chiefs. In week 16 he had 2.9 points against the Steelers. This week had had 7.2 points. The Chiefs scored 67 points over the last two weeks, yet Hill did not have a touchdown in either.

6.) I have to pat myself on the back a little bit for working my line-up the right way and making the right calls in the key positions. I decided to go with Jakobi Myers in the flex spot and he answered with his highest scoring output of the game with 17.3 points., I picked up Allen Lazard for just this week and he came up big for me on Sunday night against Minnesota with one of his biggest games of the season.

7.) I can’t criticize Ritz for sitting Mike Williams because I would have done the same thing. The last time the Los Angeles Chargers played the Denver Broncos they struggled immensely on offense. That is the reason I did not play Justin Herbert today. Williams had only 5.9 points against the Broncos in week 12. This week was a mirage. Mike Williams talk about a player who is a roller coaster. According to ESPN he was a bust in seven weeks, but boomed in five. The ultimate feast or famine.

8.) Cooper Kupp. I love you. You carried me to this fantasy football championship this season. Double-digit points in all but one game this season. He has not scored less than 15 points in a game since week five against Seattle when he had 12.7. Kupp survived a pair of bad Matthew Stafford games in week 16 and 17 and still scored 34.8 points.

9.) The consolation matchup between Ronan and Steve had WAYYYYYY more points than this championship matchup. It is like these two teams in the title chase are just so beat up from a long season and just fighting to the finish. This championship matchup has neither Ritz or I eclipsing over 200 points. In the semifinals, I had 267.24 points and Ritz had 262.7. We limped to the finish.

10.) Okay I am going to stop this now because it is late and I am watching the last two minutes of Sunday Night Football in case Lazard or Mason Crosby get any points. I should go to bed. That is a cap of the 2021 Fantasy football football season.

Thank You Guys

Again, not sure why you guys would be reading this far deep in the blog post, but if you are, I sincerely want to thank you. I had a blast writing these recaps I would always try to make these my top priority every Monday night and Tuesday morning. Some weeks I would be late, but doing this made me appreciate the league more. I also made me aware (even more than I was already) how much of fantasy football can be a crap shoot. And that is the beauty of it. It is chaos. We all loved screaming it at the top of our lungs, and fantasy football is exactly that.

I hope you guys were happy with my year in co-commissioner ship this season. I kept up some promises, but also did not live up to others. We did not come up with a last prize punishment. Buzzi, you are welcome. I did continue this recap every week and I hope it provided some comedy for you guys.

Now is the time for feedback, ideas, questions and complaints. The season is fresh in our minds, so let me hear your thoughts.

Again, thank you guys for reading, and thank you guys for taking part in another season. I’ll meet you back at the REEEEEEM.

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