“In his second year of fighting crime, Batman uncovers corruption in Gotham City that connects to his own family while facing a serial killer known as the Riddler.”

Director: Matt Reeves
Writers: Matt Reeves, Peter Craig, Bob Cane
Staring: Robert Pattinson, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis, Peter Sarsgaard, Colin Farrell, Paul Dano, Zoë Kravitz
Release Date: March 4, 2022

The hype for The Batman (2022) is real. Very, very, real.

The car at the front of this trailer is like the viewer of this trailer revving up to see what is in store for arguably the most anticipated movie of 2022.

A reporter bugging Bruce Wayne for an interview is nothing new, but what is different is her claiming that Wayne is not doing enough for the city in terms of charitable offerings. In most illustrations of Wayne’s civilian demeanor, he is more of the introvert who helps from far away with his ludicrous funds. In Matt Reeves’ tale, Wayne, the publics interpretation, appears to be a recluse in every sense of the world.

The shot that Reeves frames around the 35 second mark with the Batmobile skidding to a halt and The Penguin’s (Colin Farrell) car capsizing through the fire and the flames is some of the unique shit everyone is looking forward too.

What this trailer illuminates more than its predecessor is how The Riddler (Paul Dano) is fixated on The Batman, and the Wayne family. It appears like Enigma knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne, or Bruce Wayne is Batman. It’ll be interesting to see what personality Robert Pattinson and the script leans toward.

We also get a lot more Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle and Catwoman in this trailer. She hints at a relationship with The Bat, a partnership born of convenience. Bruce tells Alfred (Andy Serkis) that he isn’t she if she is a friend, so that two-timing and self-serving part of the Catwoman character seems to still be prevalent. We do see a lot of Batman and Catwoman face-to-face; there is going to be sexual tension.

Enigma is calling Gotham City a cess pool and is laying part of the blame at the feet of Bruce Wayne. The Batman asks Enigma why he is to blame for the sickness in the streets, and Enigma sneers at stating the Batman’s true identity. Will Batman be smart enough to solve the riddle that is this character? His identity will surely rely on it.

What lie did Alfred tell Bruce? Is it about his family? Are his parents not the beacons of goodness that Bruce thought they were? Dare they be involved with some shady folk. Dare I say The Court Of Owls? THIS IS JUST MY THEORIZING.

The trailer begins is closing portion bringing up some classic Batman themes; people thinking that he is a vigilante who can not be trusted, and someone trying to understand who the man under the hood really is.

“It can be Cruel, Poetic or Blind. But when it’s denied, it is violence you may find.” – This is Enigma dictating one of many riddles we will hear. Do I know the meaning or answer to this riddle? No, I do not. Do I have a guess? Sure. If I were to interpret this riddle and the man telling it, I think that the answer is “Justice.”

OHHH, what do you know! Batman answers it! It is justice!!

It appears like there is going to be some sort of catwalk fight. This is reminiscent of the Batman Arkham games. Batman is slipping down in the smoke and kicking bandits ass in hand-to-hand combat with minimal amount of moves. Its brutality. It’s glorious.

Enigma is on a quest for Justice. Batman is on a quest for Vengeance. Who will come out on top?

The Batman comes to theaters on March 4, 2022.

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