Here we go. It is that time again!

Cassidy (Executive Assistant – Los Angeles, CA – 26)
  • Cassidy doesn’t like clubs. That is a surprise but a big plus.
  • Driving stick shifts is a little intimidating if I am being honest.
  • I appreciate someone who is looking for someone attracted to independence
  • She seems like someone who is my-way-or-the-highway and it’s up to her to know when she is ready to adjust and compromise

Claire (Spray Tanner – Virginia Beach, Virginia – 28)
  • Virginia Beach is beautiful. That is a bonus for Claire.
  • Bad news for Claire, her name is psenemenous with Claire Crowley who doesn’t have the best reputation at the moment
  • She is a mother with a son. Clayton was awesome with Michelle’s kids.
  • What happened to her first love if she is ready to find love again
  • People who don’t wear deodorant make her angry? Well I would make her livid.
  • She loves Ranch dressing. No go for this guy.

Daria (Law Student – Baldwin, NY – 24)
  • An Elle Woods reference gets points but also makes Daria seem like a ditz? Is that not a fair assumption?
  • She got accepted to seven Ivy League schools. Damn. I will shut the fuck up.
  • Harvard and Yale law is impressive.
  • The love is the butterflies in the tummy feeling. I get that. Maybe a little childish but it is true.
  • Daria seems frankly too good for this show. She doesn’t need the show to have success.

Eliza (Marketing Manager – Berlin, Germany – 25)
  • From Berlin. Okay, let’s go. That’s awesome.
  • If her family travelled to and from Berlin that means they must be fairly wealthy.
  • Also is it bad that the Hamilton has wormed its way into my brain so I immediately thought of Eliza from the Broadway play.

Elizabeth (Real Estate Advisor – Highlands Ranch, CO – 32)
  • SHE SPEAKS A DOZEN LANGUAGES??? Talk about love languages (reference Ency, next person up)
  • Oh. She is a boujee person. I will politely leave now. The fact she is an advisor says such if she helps rich people in a boom real estate market.
  • Getting giggles when she is into someone is a cute thing.
  • Me and Elizabeth agree on tattoos, but disagree on the puppies.
Ency (Sales Manager – Burbank, CA – 26)
  • She speaks all the love languages? That seems exhausting.
  • Third person to say they have focused on their career and are not ready to move on?
  • She is a beach girl. It would be a struggle. Big time.
  • The Speedo and making waves line is really cheesy.
  • Teaching North Korean defectors is a cool achievement.
  • DDR would be fun for a little, but not for a long time.
Gabby (ICU Nurse – Denver, CO – 30)
  • She is a legit hero. ICU nurse. No joke job.
  • Quiet confidence, that is a good quality to look for. I like that.
  • She is obsessed with her dog. That is again a tough go for me.
  • “She isn’t the type to lose herself in a relationship.” – As mean as that is to some, it is relatable for us introverts and independents
  • Her fun facts are fun. Whales are kind of scary. Card writing is a good thing and stomping grapes in Italy would be a blast.
Genevieve (Bartender – Los Angeles, CA – 26)
  • Again a woman who wants independence and is driven. Again, this is good, but it is a theme that is coming up a lot. It is a motif.
  • What does this mean?: “She wants someone who won’t be afraid to admit that they are wrong or change their personality when they are “bro-ing out” with the guys.” I am confused by this. Does she want someone who is two different people with the guys and everything else? Does she want someone to be the same no matter what? That is just unrealistic. Everyone has a different personality with their friends.
  • I am confused about Genevieve the more her bio goes on.
  • She doesn’t like public speaking but she is going on TV? That is nuts.
Hailey (Pediatric Nurse – Orlando, FL – 26)
  • Her body and career are where she wants it to be?
  • A close relationship to god is needed as well. I don’t think that Hailey and I would get along in a romantic way.
  • Hailey is a Taylor Swift fan, so she does have that I suppose.
Hunter (Human Resource Specialist – Charlotte, NC – 28)
  • I don’t know if I like someone referring to herself (or being called) a Disney princess.
  • Oh, she used to be a Princess at Disney. Who was she? How competitive was it? Now I am intrigued a bit more.
  • Her bio is filled with adoring cliches. The Disney, rom-com, happily ever after style of bio.
  • Her favorite book is a Walk To Remember…does she like the overrated movie too?
  • Second Justin Bieber reference in these bios.
  • Was she Snow White at Disney? Because you know, the Huntsman, and she is Hunter? Is that a stretch? Probably.
Ivana (Bar Mitzvah Dancer – Queens, NY – 31)
  • Bar Mitzvah is a very specific job. Why not just danver?
  • She loves clubbing…RUN AWAY. RUN AWAY.
  • She is going to manifest love through meditating? Hmph.
  • Dancing naked in the rain (I would be cold) and then the guy has to wash her hair for her?
  • She goes out to eat at a new place every Sunday? That is expensive.
  • Ivana is a hand model??
  • Ivana is the most interesting yet the most opposite Stanko person on the planet.
Jane (Social Media Director – Los Angeles, CA – 33)
  • What company and who does she direct social media for?
  • I do agree with her fear of tall cliffs and glamping over camping.
  • She again is someone who loves to dress up and go out on the weekend. Why not sweatpants, clean the apartment and watch some movies.
  • She is done with dating “F Boys.” Wonder if she watched “FBoy Island” on HBO Max.
Jill (Architectural Historian – Scituate, RI – 26)
  • Okay I love walking through cemeteries too, but that is not something I would just put in a biography.
  • She likes men that are shaped like trees. Clayton definitely fits that mold.
  • Trees have genders? She can identify male or female in pine trees?
  • Wombats are cute so I can understand that. I accept it.
Kate (Real Estage Agent – Lake Hollywood, CA – 32)
  • Kate is a real estate AGENT. Elizabeth is a real estate ADVISOR. Key differences there.
  • Kate is looking for a man with a flashy side. Does Clayton fill that role? He is a rather humble and quiet guy from what we have seen thus far on TV.
  • So she was dating Hollywood Party boys but she loves to go out and be social on a glamorous level. That seems contradictory.
  • What the fuck do moon/rising sign is Leo mean? What shit is that?
  • She went on a date with Harry Styles? Don’t really care unless they did play some Mario Kart.
Kira (Physician – Philadelphia, PA – 32)
  • Oh lordy. We have a second degree from Harvard. Are we going to get into an Ivy League off?
  • Three degrees…not too shabby Kira. Why do you need this show?
  • Clayton will not have a problem embracing the corny things in life. That seems to be his MO.
  • The french fry line at the end of her bio is actually fairly funny.
  • She knows hieroglyphics? That is cool. She is Indiana Jones.
  • Cat person. My girlfriend is on board.
Lindsay D. (Neonatal Nurse – Jacksonville, FL – 27)
  • Lindsay D. looks like a news anchor.
  • Annnddd she was a child model and won Miss Teen America. It all makes sense now.
  • Lindsay has a daughter. How old is she?
  • Lindsay seems simple, but in a good way. Likes Taco Bell, Hallmark movies, and napping. Those are things many people agree with even if in a general umbrella.
Lyndsey W. (Industrial Sales Representative – Houston, TX – 28)
  • Who spells Lyndsey like this??
  • She is from Texas and is religious. The stereotype fits. Do we know Clayton’s religious preferences?
  • All of her fun facts begin with her weird name. Not everyone has that right? I have gone too far in this to retrace and go back.
  • Who are Baby Spice and Sporty Spice?
Mara (Entrepreneur – Collingswood, NJ – 32)
  • We are going to get a heartfelt story about her family’s migration to the United States from Puerto Rico.
  • Again, someone referencing the party life. Mara and many others have.
  • She is overly nurturing it seems. She keeps men honest.
  • I wonder if Clayton snores? Would she get over it?
  • Mara is missing out on spicy food
Marlena (Former Olympian – Virginia Beach, VA – 30)
  • A second Virginia Beach resident. Marlena joins Claire.
  • She is the vice president of human resources…where?
  • That is legit impressive she is a former Olympian. I am intimidated. I want to know what event she competed in.
  • She is terrified of bungee jumping. Will she be forced to do it?
  • The blond Mohawk in high school makes me think she is a sprinter.
Melina (Personal Trainer – West Hollywood, CA – 27)
  • Why do I think that Clayton would be attracted to a personal trainer?
  • What the fuck are Kangaboots and why do we know for a sure we are going to see them plugged in some super obnoxious and obvious way?
  • I looked up Kangaboots. My ankles hurt already.
  • She has a horse??
  • Melina loves thanksgiving if she wants to be buried in cranberry sauce and stuffing.
Rachel (Flight Insutructor – Clermont, FL – 25)
  • Rachel’s bio sounds like Pilot Pete and that is not something you want to be.
  • She puts emphasis on importance to waiters. I get it and I like it.
  • The organizing a flash mob in high school makes me think her high school was actually from High School Musical
Rianna (Registered Nurse – Dallas, TX – 26)
  • She is beautiful.
  • Rianna is competitive playing board games and that is a plus.
  • They threw a lot of Texas puns in here. Save a horse, ride a cowboy…will that line be thrown in if she makes it far?
  • Everyone hates doing laundry. Agreed Rianna.
  • 20 Bucks says she loves hiking when she goes on a date with Clayton if she makes it to a one-on-one
Salley (Previously Engaged – Charlottesville, VA – 26)
  • As I told my girlfriend, she is attractive but she has the crazy tractor beam eyes that draw unassuming men into their malevolent magnetic eyes.
  • She wants to be Grey’s Anatomy? So she wants to last too long, get lost in the weeds, and lose its true essence?
  • Does she consider 11 PM early??
  • Why can’t you be near cotton balls? That is an odd one.
Samantha (Occupational Therapist – San Diego, CA – 26)
  • Samantha is super cute and I am smitten.
  • EDM festivals and dogs are her favorite things so this is going to be tough to make work.
  • Describing your man as gregarious is a very unique word. I like it.
  • She is an adventure seeker going skydiving 12 times.
  • She wants to own a dog sanctuary and with Clayton’s promos having puppies…well there is some connection there.
Sarah (Wealth Management Advisor – New York City, NY – 23)
  • 23! She is a youngling.
  • She has a lot of energy and does a lot with her youth. The nonprofit with kids and adoption is sure to get some attention and rightfully so.
  • I really liked everything about hosting dinner parties, giving hugs…until Valentine’s Day. Should never be anyone’s favorite holiday.
  • Again, tiny cute dogs as a favorite thing.
  • YES. Frustrated by slow walkers. Beautiful.
Serene (Elementary School Teacher – Oklahoma City, OK – 26)
  • Teacher. Profession has led to attention with Michelle.
  • Loving the theater but only if it’s a musical is like only agreeing to watch rom-coms ever.
  • Ugh, that cat’s name: “Leonardo DiCATprio” Gross.
  • I like her ideal of a dream man: being honest, clear on what he wants and an excellent communicator.
Shanae (Recruiter – Sycamore, OH – 29)
  • I do like that Shanae is from a small town. Majority of the contestants are from the major cities or hubs of entertainment in their respective states.
  • She describes herself as patient so hopefully she deals with the good deal of time needing to wait around.
  • I am a fan of Shanae from her bio. Big time.
  • Oh, she keeps her Christmas tree up all year round. That is a crazy move, but that does mean she is a fake tree person which I like.
  • Why is the line about not dating anyone who does magic? That makes me think that something is afoot in her past. We need a story.
Sierra (Yoga Instructor – Dallas, TX – 26)
  • She is described as a firecracker. That to me means she has a short fuse.
  • The fact she wants a marriage soons means that she is willing to rush into things. What are the odds of her dropping the Love Word early.
  • She doesn’t like bad hygiene. What qualifies as that? That would be my question to her.
  • Favorite flower is a black rose? That is evil and I kind of like it.
  • I tried Korean BBQ once and it was…fine.
Susie (Wedding Videographer – Virginia Beach, VA – 28)
  • We have a THIRD person from Virginia Beach! Wowzers!
  • Susie is a wedding videographer so I would like to see her on a date with the classic Bachelorette/Bachelor photographer Franco Lacosta.
  • A second beauty queen. She is pretty. Objectively. She was a recent winner as Miss Virginia in 2020.
  • “What Susie finds sexy is a thoughtful man who prioritizes quality time and creating shared experiences” – Well that is mature and I love that!
  • She wants to be a documentarian?? That is cool.
  • Don’t piss her off. She will Jiu-Jitsu you to death.
Teddi (Surgical Unit Nurse – Highland, CA – 24)
  • She grew up in a strict Christian household. I would die. I would burn upon entering their home. I am going to my first mass in like three years on Christmas Eve to support my girlfriend singing but I am going to be enjoying a 3Chi beforehand to have a higher end experience.
  • What hard hitting questions is she going to be asking Clayton with their first conversation.
  • Second person who has mentioned loving Skinny Dipping. Why do I think that is going to happen this season?
  • What is wrong with Ladybugs!!??
Tessa (Human Resources Specialist – Stamford, CT – 26)
  • A local!!! Emma and I live in Norwalk. We go to Stamford often. We are rooting for her!!
  • Her first line is cinematic. Yes, Yes, Yes!
  • Okay she likes to go out until the sun comes up. We can navigate through that. Is Clayton a big party guy and we just don’t know?
  • Vulnerability being attractive won’t be a problem on this show.
  • Tessa loves to bowl. I immediately thought she meant weed. Like the bowls.
  • Red fruits is a fear that is weird but I don’t like white condiments so it makes sense.

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