• From bros to foes is maybe the line of the night.
  • Michelle this episode was throwing out the love word like it was candy at a Fourth of July parade
  • I recall Michelle saying that both Nayte and Joe were her soulmate.
  • Every single couch exchange in this episode was hilarious. They were all so awkward.
  • First let’s start with Brandon’s date and fantasy suite
    • Brandon is the puppy dog of the group and he wears all of his emotions on his sleeve
    • Michelle does not need to worry about drawing anything out from Brandon because he babbles about all of his feelings whenever he is in front of Michelle.
    • Let’s skip to the end…GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH THE FOOD FIGHT THE MORNING AFTER! That is gross. There was green stuff all over the pillow.
    • Well Brandon does the classic self-doubt and Michelle reassures him. The main defining characteristic of Brandon is that he loves Michelle the most.
    • Brandon says that he is IN LOVE with Michelle. I always wonder if you the moment you realize you are in love with someone is when you are with them or without them.
    • The fireworks at the start of the overnight portion of the date are just a cue for Joe and Nayte to go look longingly over the balcony.
  • Let’s now go to Joe’s date
    • Zip lining as a way to test how “vocal” Joe is. I kinda of don’t like this idea because people can speak without using words; they can do it in actions.
    • I immediately got bad vibes at the start of their date when Michelle wrapped her legs around Joe in a hug. That was not the normal hug from hometowns.
    • The comparison that Michelle makes about Joe to a puzzle is maybe not as endearing as she meant it to be? Seems like a purposeful backhanded compliment.
    • It is the most obvious of the three dates that Joe and Michelle had sex. Joe says that he wished they had more hours of sleep.
    • Joe really falls hard after the night with Michelle. He stepped down a well and love and is not ready to climb out. It was a massive switch at once.
    • When Joe got back to the couch it was hilarious. He really had a huge shit eating grin on his face. Nayte also gets realllly down bad when Joe comes in all gitty.
  • Nayte’s Date. Time For The Wild Card.
    • Am I alone in not trusting Nayte? The biggest thing from their date was the dinner portion when he evaded all questions about commitment and love. He got so may exits and avenues from Michelle that eventually he took the turn to what she wanted to hear.
    • Nayte and Michelle have done a lot of water dates. During hometowns they did a rowing canoeing thing.
    • The entrance that Michelle had on the catamaran was extra and was very elegant. Have to respect it.
    • I did not like a shot in this date where it was wide and there was a shot of a camera man in the shot getting a close up, and then the editors cut directly to the shot that said camera man was going.
    • Michelle likes Nayte the most. I am a tad but frustrated by it. He is the slowest to the romantic gates but Michelle is leading him down the lane.
  • Now to the rose ceremony
    • Michelle’s dress was STUNNING. That Coral color is really nice.
    • Brandon pulling Michelle aside before the Rose Ceremony was a really ballsy move, but one I did not necessarily like. He is nervous, willing to do every move it takes and its not for the cameras, it is really because he wants it to work. He is not one to let it go with the flow, he is going to direct it as often as possible.
    • When Nayte got the first rose I was so confident that Brandon was going home…and I WAS WRONG!
    • Joe’s face was stone when his name wasn’t called. He held his composure in as much as he could but finally broke down in the car.


2. Nayte

(Last Week 3)

Ughhhhhh I just don’t get it. I am not a huge fan. He has done nothing overtly wrong, but I feel he is not as committed as either Joe was or Brandon is. He wants to take the dive but with a parachute of safety.

1. Brandon J.

(Last Week 2)

Brandon on the other hand loves Michelle and would walk over hot coals on the way to mount Everest to climb it and then jump out of it onto a moving jet only to then hang glide across nears body of water and land on jet skis to grab Michelle the glass of what she asked for.

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