There is a signs one is growing older it has nothing to do with your body breaking down or the amount of money in your bank account. These are my observations of 10 random things that one does once they are growing older (and not necessarily growing more mature).

Starting To Like Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Coming out of the gates hot but I am only spitting facts. Oatmeal Raisin cookies are good and everyone has to deal with it.

Dark Chocolate Is Better Than Milk Chocolate

Developing the taste pallet, that is going to be a trend here. Dark chocolate is better and tastes better.

Red wine becomes good. Trust me.

When everyone starts drinking wine, white is the preference. It is sweeter and it is easier to drink fast. But guess what, once you start drinking to enjoy and relax rather than getting drunk…red wine becomes delightful.

Whiskey = Tasty

This may be personal but I never even entertained the idea of whiskey until I reached my mid 20s and now it is the go to whenever I need to appear classy.

Making Plans Months In Advance

People have lives, and it is really annoying. As people get older they have more responsibilities, kids, romantic partners and obligations. Now if you need to have a get together it has to be planned at least two weeks prior (minimum) and it needs to be at an equidistant location for all attendees.

Cleaning Is Cathartic

When you spend your weekends fully cleaning your apartment or house, whoof, it is the best. There is nothing better than coming home to a clean home. Vacuuming is wonderful.

Getting New Towels & Sheets

The genuine excitement I get from opening a new pack of towels or sheets is honestly, a little bit scary. Emma and I just got complimented on our towels the other day when company was over and it made the whole entire weekend even better. Washing to them for the first time to get the lint off and then taking that warm towel and using it right away after a shower is one of life’s great joys.

Going To Bed Early On The Weekend

Gone are the days of going out Thursday, Friday, Saturday and even Sunday afternoon. Gone are the days of waiting to go out till 10 PM and getting home while the dawn rises. Gone are the days of thriving off three hours of sleep before going to a day party. Now, we sleep. Now, on a Saturday with no plans, there is nothing better than seeing the clock hit 9:00 and realizing, I have nothing to do. I can go to sleep.


Fucking love crosswords. Fucking love them. They are how I kill time, exercise my brain and congregate with people.

Making The Bed

Making the bed is not for your benefit in the morning, it is for your benefit in the evening or whenever you go to bed. Keeping that warmth inside the sheets so when you go to bed you aren’t a frigid polar bear. Do it, it is all worth it.

Getting old is not all bad. Don’t let folks tell you that.

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