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Stanko Movie List – Revamped & Updated

STANKO MOVIE LIST I have done it. I have confirmed I have no life. About a month ago my external hard drive of my movie list disappeared. Vanished. Eaten by a improper ejection from the computer or accidental deletion. For anyone who knows me, yes I did go into a minor panic attack. However, with that being said, this was […]

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2Fans Podcast – Guest Appearance

I was asked by a pair of high schoolers to appear on their podcast. If you want to hear about what I do and why I love it, take a listen to this conversation. Thank you Joshua Ament and Ari Jesselson for asking me to come one. “Stanko’s Stance” Podcast Feed (Apple)“Stanko’s Stance” Podcast Feed (Spotify) Stanko Excel Lists | […]

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Best 5 Movies Of The Year

DISCLAIMER: These are movies from the calendar year 2020 (released in the United States). I have not seen a ton of movies from the calendar year 2020 because of the closing down of movie theaters. Also I don’t have a desire to pay 20 bucks to watch a movie at home when it’ll eventually be streaming. If I am not […]