Standings at the end of week six.

  • Michael Ritz has won six in a row and is showing zero signs of slowing down. It is a bloodbath to whomever is playing him, which is not good for your boy (me) come week eight.
  • Maybe most remarkable about Ritz is that he has only made three roster moves. He has rolled with the team that he drafted. That is even more of a flex.
  • Jimmy Simon is a lucky duck. He has 777.2 points scored against, which is 40 points less than the next team in terms of points scored against.
  • Ritz has the third least points scored against him, but it wouldn’t matter either way. Ritz has scored a 1026.98 points, 90 points more than the second highest scoring team in the league.
  • Looking at the ESPN projections of the final standings, major shout out to Mr. Thomas Simon. From 10th after the draft and moving up to third not even halfway through the season.
  • Buzzi has been hurt by the injury bug and his projections has dipped the most. From second to tenth, but it is not by his own fault. Just terrible luck and Mahomes being a regular human this season.
  • Interesting that Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy is still projected to make the playoffs despite being in seventh place right now and having the third least amount of points scored.

Week 7 Matchup Recap

Dirty Mike And The Boys (135.24) defeats Get McCaffreinated (88.04)

I know that Mike had a Halloween party this weekend and I hope Buzzi made other plans for this past Sunday because it was a great apple picking day for both these guys. This contest was never in question as Ritz wins by nearly 50 points off the back of 21.4 points from Kyler Murray and 21.7 points for Terry McLaurin. It is very coincidental that McLaurin had that many points when Washington’s offense really struggled as a whole.

Buzzi’s top performer was Chis Godwin for Tampa Bay, who really benefited from Antonio Brown not being in the lineup for Tom Brady to target. Buzzi also get only 7.74 points from Mahomes which is real tough seeing how he was projected for 26.2 and it is Patrick freakin’ Mahomes.

Buzzi’s running backs totaled 9.2 total points and on the IR he has Christian McCaffrey, Kareem Hunt and James White. There are short draws, and Buzzi has hit the lotto with them. He has to hope that a couple of those running back returns to make the season salvagable.

MVP of this matchup is whatever calendar event Ritz and Buzzi did with their significant other’s this weekend because a bad football slate and a non-competitive matchup made sure football wasn’t the top priority.

Ja’Marr The Merrier (140.06) defeats My Glockz Out (85.88)

Tommy could be down by 30 heading into game but if Ja’Marr Chase is playing then he knows he has a chance. 30.1 points from the frontrunner for Rookie Of The Year was the peak for Tommy, barely eking out a steady week from Matthew Stafford.

Tom McLaughlin scored the fewest amount of points this week of any. My Glockz out took a flyer on Josh Gordon from Seattle but that proved totally fruitless as the oft-suspended receiver put up a goose egg.

We will have to say that Tommy got very very lucky; McLaughlin had Davlin Cook, Justin Jefferson, Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott on bye this week. Those are arguably all starters for Tom.

The MVP of this contest has to be the schedule making gods for blessing T-Si with luck. The NFL schedule czars must give thanks to ESPN for randomly generating the schedule as well for T-Si to get the fortuitously winnable contest.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (112.14) defeats ESPNFan 12319776 (103.46)

Mr. Jimmy Simon has to feel a bit lucky knowing that his 112.14 was the lowest any any winning team this week and McGinnity lost this week despite scoring more points than he.

Wide receiver three for both Jimmy and Steve did absolutely nothing. Robby Anderson scored 2.9 points and Amon-Ra St. Brown (from Detroit who don’t know) had zero points for Steve. Steve also had 2.7 points from Rondale Moore. Not great Bob.

Also, it is incredibly comical how Steve always asks me what Brandon Bolden is going to do for the Patriots and the one week I don’t get a question is the same week Steve bench’s him and he goes for 16.9 points against he woeful Jets.

The MVP of this matchup is Kyle Pitts for Jimmy. Pitts had 19.8 points, which is a monster day in itself, but it also came against the Dolphins defense that Steve played. The Dolphins defense only had 3.0 points. Pitts now has two straight monster weeks: 22.4 points last week and 19.8 points.

Team Lobo (153.88) defeats Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (97.72)

Christopher Lobo (and his uninspiring team name) put together the biggest scoring output of the week in a trouncing of Ronan. A 56 point win is the biggest margin of victory this season for a member of the Reeeeeem this season.

Looking at Ronan’s team…he had single digit scoring outputs from his wide receiver one, two, three and running back two. That, is not a recipe for success. Now to be fair to Ronan, he had a few starters on bye with Austin Ekeler and CeeDee Lamb.

Ronan really would like to hope to have Nick Chubb, George Kittle and Michael Thomas off the IR soon.

Christopher Lobo had Stegon Diggs on bye but it didn’t effect him at all. Mike Evans exploded for 28.6 points and then the Tampa Bay defense also got 18.0 points. And all around dominant performance.

I think the MVP of the matchup maybe Lobo getting smart with his running back position and getting 29.4 points out of Devontae Booker and Khalil Herbert.. Both surpassed expectations. Lobo himself bead his projected scored by over 35 points.

Deux Ex Mac (136.94) defeats Ooooo JEudy James Jeudy (126.32)

I will say that when I woke up this AM and saw only a slack from McGinnity with a picture of out matchup, I was petrified. Alvin Kamara did the best he could for New Orleans and Matt to bring out fantasy matchup to within 11 points.

Both McGinnity and I had to play our backup quarterbacks and both exceeded expectations by a couple points. Miles Sanders left the game early for Philadelphia and had only 3.2 points, but Damien Harris got to play football on rookie mode against the New York Jets so he made up for it.

How long till Matt drops Brandon Ayiuk? He has only scored double-digit points once and is averaging only 3.5 points per match?

MVP of this contest is Cooper Kupp putting up a quiet 32.6 points. The league’s top wide receiver this year had 156 yards against Detroit and two touchdowns. Kupp has double-digit targets every week this week.

Week Eight Matchups

Deux Ex Mac (5-2) vs. Dirty Mike And The Boys (6-1)
ESPNFAN 12319776 (2-5) vs. Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (2-5)
Ja’Marr The Merrier (4-3) vs. Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (4-3)
Get McCaffreinated (1-6) vs. My Glockz Out (4-3)
Team Lobo (4-3) vs. Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (3-4)

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