Here are my initial thoughts on Michelle’s season premiere. There was some drama, but overall not a terribly entertaining premiere? Am I being too harsh? I don’t know. I can let other people be the judge.

  • Michelle’s dress is great. Hands down, looks gorgeous. She is the first bachelorette in a while who does not have a busty feature that is being accented. Katie had her but which was focused on. Tayshia had her boobs. Claire had her boobs as well. Michelle is just toned, athletic and beautiful all around.
  • Is this is the first bachelorette or bachelor who does not have a scarred parent relationship/event in a long time? I think so. Katie had trauma, Matt had stressed relationship, Claire we didn’t meet and Tayshia had the weirdness with her dad where he didn’t appear on the show. Michelle’s parents were perfectly simple and loved each other from what I saw.
  • Strictly, objectively speaking, I can see why Clayton is the next bachelor.
  • Chris G…YOU LEFT A GLOVE ON THE GREEN DUDE. (Well someone from his group did).
  • When Joe walked onto the screen my girlfriend was just “he is really hot.” She is not wrong.
  • The thong guy was aggressive but he wasn’t as arrogant about it as Chris G. was about the shorts and school bus.
  • Let’s dive into the Ryan debacle
    • His ice cream truck idea was a really good one. It is really clever.
    • He has serial killer vibes though, and those notes DID NOT HELP
    • “I don’t know what they will find.” – Ryan, you knew exactly what they would find you LIAR!
      • The lies really don’t stop when Ryan said that he only watch two hours of the show ever. Instagram posts form his ex-girlfriend confirm that Ryan has been obsessed with becoming the bachelor.
      • Ryan has been taking obsessive notes for a long time any many different topics. Not great.
    • Michelle had some truly disappointed teach vibes when looking at everything that was unfurled in front of her.
    • Loved seeing the behind the scenes to the interview areas which seemed to be in the stairwell.
  • This is the first time that Michelle has ever taken part in a night one. She was brought in late to Matt James’ season.
  • I have a question. What would happen if the first day started in the day time? So that way the rose ceremony actually happens at night? The rose ceremony literally happened at DAWN. I mean everyone had to be so dead tired.
  • There were some men at the end of this episode that literally remember nothing about if they were showed.
  • There are 23 guys remaining. 23 guys left. Not too many got cut.
    • The one guy that I am happy that got cut was the energy guy. That was just weird.


23. LT

(Last Week N/A)

Who are you? You looked like a very scary werewolf during the rose ceremony so that puts you are 23 of 23 right now. Time to improve LT, but you scare me for some reaason.

22. ALEC

(Last Week N/A)

Tony Romo look alike.


(Last Week N/A)

I don’t know who Leroy is. He advanced, which is great, but I have no idea who he is. Need time to get to know him.

20. CHRIS S.

(Last Week N/A)

Chris S. is ranked this low because he is a super cocky MFer. He is someone who is attractive but he knows it. Making the movie with the school bus, shorts and socks keeps him around and on top of mind, but I think Chris S. will wear thing quickly.


(Last Week N/A)

We did not get a lot from Mollique in episode one, but I remembered him for his hair and his job. An Academic Administrator is the closest we have to a teacher this season so Mollique has a leg up on some of the other’s “whom are you” folks.


(Last Week N/A)

We know nothing about Spencer but he is a very attractive man. That is really all I got.


(Last Week N/A)

Pete used food to his advantage on his opening night. Peter seems like he belongs in Long Island, but he is in the LI of the south…AKA Florida. Peter is just too much for me.

16. Casey

(Last Week N/A)

He looks more like a father compared to any of the other guys on the show. Don’t remember him talking a lot, but if he did I bet it’d be in a stern voice.

15. Olumide

(Last Week N/A)

They made a point to highlight him during the rose ceremony which makes me think he has a storyline coming up. Also, just an awesome name.

14. PJ

(Last Week N/A)

PJ is just a cool chill dude. He made grant entrance with the fire truck and seemed distraught that he wasn’t the first one to think of that idea. I don’t think PJ is here for long, but his fashion and mood will resonate.

13. Martin

(Last Week N/A)

Martin is a conventionally good looking dude but we did not get a lot from him in the episode.

12. Rodney

(Last Week N/A)

Rodney is just a cuddly teddy bear. Looks like a troll, but not an ugly one. He is the one in the folk tales who helps out the travelers.

11. Romeo

(Last Week N/A)

Romeo spoke French and that is just a major plus in my department. Really have nothing more. He needs to keep speaking French to be this high.

10. Rick

(Last Week N/A)

Rick didn’t stick with the dinner guy routine for too long. Maybe it was a little bit too long, but once he got out then he got better as it went. He is an attractive dude, maybe talked a little bit too much.

9. Pardeep

(Last Week N/A)

HE IS ADORABLE! Pardeep had the Neuron joke with his introduction to Michelle being a neuroscientist. Nobody better mess with Pardeep.

8. Chris G.

(Last Week N/A)

His accent is awesome! He also seems super duper nice. I completely relate to how he said that ironing was really stressful.

7. Clayton

(Last Week N/A)

It is impossible to now view Clayton knowing he is not going to be picked by Michelle but he is going to be the next bachelor. Trying to put those blinders away, Clayton was slightly awkward with his yard stick, but he has a smile that is really sweet. For a huge guy, it seems like he is built of clouds and not stubborn bricks.

6. Daniel

(Last Week N/A)

As slow (literally) Daniel’s entrance was with the tonka toy fire truck, it was still better than PJ’s over the top with the actual engine. Daniel called Michelle a smoke show and if all reality, Daniel is one himself.


(Last Week N/A)

Just positive vibes all around for Jamie. Always a smile on his face. Seems like a hard guy to dislike.


(Last Week N/A)

Branon J. was supremely confident in his talks with Michelle. I LOVED how he walked her back to the group. Took his time, managed it, and showed confidence in their talk. Swag.

3. JOE

(Last Week N/A)

Listen. Joe is really, really hot. Plain and simple. I need to know more context of Michelle and Joe’s DMs. How messages? Time between messages? I think Michelle is hurt because she reached to him and she was rejected. I think Joe still makes it far.


(Last Week N/A)

This is a bank on the future. Will just left a really good first impression for me and I have no quaitfiable reason why. Here is my dark horse.


(Last Week N/A)

First out of the limo. First impression rose. First kiss.

Nayte got the holy trio of opening night and he has to be number one. If he gets the first one-on-one as well, then all the other boys are in trouble.

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