Deus Ex Mac (Stanko)

Going to be honest, not a huge fan of how this draft shook out for me. I am not strong in RB or WR; I like James Robinson, Miles Sanders, Cooper Kupp and James Jeudy as players, but as fantasy stars I am skeptical. The saving grace for myself is if Robinson and Sanders stay as ideal RB1 for their teams; they can’t split a lot of carries between them.

In terms of my bench, the glaring player there is Jalen Hurts. I chose him to sew chaos in the league because I know that Ronan did not have a QB and he was picking right after me. I will be looking to trade Hurts, but if I can’t get rid of him, I have a very high ceiling back-up QB.

I also got Curtis Samuel who is a swiss army knife…as long as he is healthy. Also one can tell that I am high on the Los Angeles Rams because I have three of their offensive players, two of which are backup: RB Sony Michel and TE Tyler Higbee.

My objective opinion of self is that I can finish bottom of the barrel but I see myself getting possibly third, but ideally fighting for the last playoff spot.

Team McLaughlin (McLaughlin)

Negative points for not having a team name yet. Shame.

Came in talking the shit. Will his team carry the weight of his words?

Picking Dak Prescott at QB is a risky proposition but one that has very high potential upside. Dallas will be throwing a lot because they will be allowing a lot of points, which leads to good things fantasy.

At RB, Dalvin Cook is a monster, but Zack Moss at RB2 is maybe not the best? Maybe I will eat my words? Buffalo does not make an exerted effort to run the ball, so for McLaughlin’s sake, let’s hope they don’t forget about Moss.

At WR, DK Metcalf is a stud and I personally love Justin Jefferson. The only thing with JJ (yea I gave him a nickname) is if Kirk Cousin’s learns to get better at football…which is not great bet. Amari Cooper is now WR3 on Dallas, but maybe a sneaky stack with Prescott.

Hockenson at TE is a good player but will having Jared Goff and QB take away some of his potential upside? I’d say so.

Credit to McLaughlin; plenty of variety for his flex spot. He has wide receivers who all make paper cut routes so receptions are at a high; Jarvis Landry, Antonio Brown and Cole Beasley. It’s depth at RB that is troublesome because James Connor and David Johnson don’t inspire confidence.

I think McLaughlin’s starters are very good, but it’s what he does with the flex spot every week that’ll decide his season. I say middle of the pack finish.

ESPNFAN 12319776 (Steve Kultzow)

Credit to Steve for the clever name and also for doing this draft while attending a different in person draft. Hopefully his attention was not too divided.

Looking at his roster, I think it’s safe to say that Steve has done a few mock drafts. Aaron Rodgers, Antonio Gibson, Davante Adams, Keenan Allen and Washington defense are all just plug and play. That is a very strong foundation. without a doubt.

The fact that Steve has three New York Jets players on his bench…that is worrisome to me. Corey Davis is their WR1, but the number one receiver in Kultzow’s heart is Elijah Moore. Then there is Michael Carter at RB, who I have never heard of before.

I do love the stash of Trey Lance as his second quarterback. His upside is nuts and I think that everyone agrees he will be starting at some point. The only question is what game he will he make the first start? God forbid a Rodgers sit-out or injury, then Steve might be in trouble.

I think that Steve is a lock to make the playoffs.

Team Ritz (Ritz)

The man who said everyone should have a team name doesn’t have one. Tisk, Tisk.

Ritz’s team is ultimate unlimited potential. Kyler Murray at QB, Derrick Henry at RB and Tyreek Hill at WR all have the potential to be the highest scoring fantasy player of any week. Terry McLaurin from Washington is their number one which is a nice floor to have.

I am rather shook that Ritz took two kickers. That is a rathe perplexing roster spot, but so be it.

I also love the dichotomy of Ritz’s two quarterbacks; the young, running Murray and the immobile and regimented Matt Ryan. Not terrible options as a starter or backup, but just a funny odd couple.

Mike Williams and DeVonta Smith are high ceiling type of players, and Fournette is a TD vulture. And he has to have to Giants on his squad. Just in case they win five games and can call their season a success.

I also think that Ritz’s first round matchup is going to come down to Monday night when he has Josh Jacobs going up against the Baltimore defense. Why not some drama for week one?

Ja’Marr The Merrier (Tommy Simon)

Going to be honest, you look at Tommy’s first three in his lineup, it doesn’t sound to bad. We have Russell Wilson who you know what you are going to get, you have Zeke who will be a RB1 if he is healthy and you have Najee Harris who is a contender for Rookie of the Year on Pittsburgh.

Then we hit the wide receivers. Waiting on wide receivers may not have been the move.

Odell Beckham Jr. is his number one. He is coming off a bad injury and is rejoining an offense that hit their stride when he wasn’t a part of it last year. Is OBJ one of the most overrated players in the NFL? My Column.

Other WR on T-Si’s roster are Ja’Marr Chase on Cinci and Michael Pittman Jr. on Indy. I will say that I like Pittman as a player, but I have a hard time finding faith in the Colts QB scenario. Wentz’s confidence is more wobbly than drunk person attempting to not let a Jenga tower fall. Chase is reunited with his QB from college, but Chase was being chased by reporters asking questions about all his dropped passes in the preseason.

Matthew Stafford is a very good back-up QB option. Again, I am buying LAR stock this season.

This is a random question, not a direct personal attack at Tommy. Why draft anyone on the Houston Texans? I think that team is not going to win a game. I think they are going to be so disorganized both on and off the field that players will just be left at the hotel on a weekly basis.

Also will give credit due that Alexander Mattison is a smart late stash. Dalvin Cook has had a hard time staying healthy.

Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (McGinnity)

I think dad strength is not the only thing that Matt acquired recently. I think drafting skills came with the package.

Looking at his team, the one maybe weakeness on there is tight end. Logan Thomas has had a little bit of a hard time staying healthy, but if he does than Ryan Fitzmagic will find him. Also having Austin Hooper as a back-up is not terrible. He may not have a high ceiling on the Browns, but you know he is going to play.

Also safe to say that McGinnity is going to be using his FAB this week one when he puts William Fuller V on the IR for his suspension. Who will he be swiping up?

Maybe Matt is a little worried at the three question marks next to his three starting wide receivers, but there is still plenty of time this week for A.J. Brown, Adam Thielen and Brandon Aiyuk to get healthy.

Also bonus points to McGinnity for the best name of the bunch thus far. We will see this name in the playoffs.

Team Buzzi (Buzzi)

Buzzi has the number one quarterback in Patrick Mahomes and number one running back in Christian McCaffrey. That is pretty, pretty, pretty good. ESPN rated Buzzi’s draft the best and it is hard to see too many flaws.

On the wide receiver side, Ridley is the number one receiver on Atlanta, everyone thinks Goodwin is going to have a really good bounce back year, and Brandin Cooks is the only receiver on Houston who deserves merit.

IF Darrell Henderson Jr. proves to be the top running back from the Los Angeles Rams the Buzzi has a very solid flex option with Tee Higgins.

This is going to be cliche as fuck, but health is going to be the key thing for Buzzi. It is a top-heavy crew, so this man better be praying that his number one QB and RB don’t go down for extended periods. I think Buzzi is going to be hunting the waiver wire for handcuffs for this top tier players.

Change your name dude!

Team McClorey (Ronan)

Hello there potential trade partner…how are you doing?

Ronan was the last to pick a quarterback and he has Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence currently on his roster. While both players are going to be very good NFL players, that does not equate to fantasy success in the year 2021. This is going to be the crux of Ronan’s potential success this season.

Ronan does have a lot pf possession receivers who will rack up PPR points; CeeDee Lamb is going to break out and I wanted him on my squad. Tyler Lockett is Wilson’s safety net and Juju is still trusted by Big Ben. His strong WR core may be buffed up even more if Michael Thomas comes back from injury and performs well. As another receiver, George Kittle is a staple at the TE position.

Ronan has a lot banked on Miami for his back-up positions: Mike Gesicki, DeVante Parker and Malcolm Brown.

Will the lack of a proven fantasy QB be Ronan’s downfall? Will the trade-offering fiend find one that someone can agree with? These are the questions that his man needs answered.

Also, change the name!!

Team Lobo (Lobo)

He thought the draft started at 8:30 pm despite the email saying 7:30 pm and did the majority of the draft from the bar. One can argue that’s dedication or laziness; it’s up to you.

I think the x-factor for Lobo is going to be his running backs. He gets to root for Saquon Barkley and has everyone’s fantasy breakout darling Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

At the wide receiever position, it is big boom or bust. Stefon Diggs is going to be the most consistent, but he has to get healthy first. Mike Evans and Julio Jones are always questions marks of health but if they are operating on normal schedule then they are going to rack up yards and yards.

It is really risky to take a New England tight end as your number one because you just don’t know who is going to be a primary targeting option. I hope that Jonnu Smith can proof me wrong because that’d mean good thing for the Pats!

The most locked in player on Lobo’s team is Justin Tucker. Just the best at his position.

Let’s hope that Lobo never has to come from behind in a week because with Lamar Jackson at the helm then his will fall short. Can only play from in front. And it’ll be tested week one when Lobo waits on Monday night football for Jackson and Tucker suit up.

Name change please good sir!

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (Jimmy)

What an eclectic group of players on Jimmy’s team. In all honesty, it may be the most balanced in terms of “floor” and “ceiling” players.

Brady will do his Brady thing. I love Jonathan Taylor and Aaron Jones at the running back spots. Jones is going to swallow up touchdowns and Taylor erupted in the end of his rookie campaign to be a top tier RB. It is also incredibly smart to had AJ Dillion (Boston College fans rise up!) as a handcuff for Jones. Jimy also has J.D. McKissic who may be the only option for RB for Washington if Gibson goes down.

I would be weary in drafting a San Francisco running back because Kyle Shannon seems to rotate everyone, but as a flex option Raheem Mostert has the promise you need.

Just in terms of looking at the teams, I think Jimmy’s is the prettiest. I have no real reason, but the different type of players and the newcomers (Kyle Pitts) and old reliables (Brady) make this a fun team to watch. Maybe I am insane but this team is just very well constructed.

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