So the season has come to a close. Katie Thurston has found love, and it is not what anybody expected. Her and Blake Moynes got engaged during last night’s finale and they are still together at this very moment. For how long will they be together? Who knows the answer to that question. Couples in the Bachelor Universe are delicate flowers, and many have been blown down by less controversy and drama than we saw at the conclusion of Katie’s season. For a rather run-of-the-mill enjoyable Bachelorette story, the last two episodes really packed a punch.

Let’s unpack the final episode of The Bachelorette and what transpired on The Final Rose.

Following the standard review of the season and how we got to this point, we get Katie right off the bat on stage with no fanfare of an entrance. There are no cheers and no applause. This is largely due to the fact that the last thing we see in the recap is the violent (not really but felt that way) breakup between Katie and Greg.

Rewatching the breakup with Greg, I wonder if there was some nice little symbolism dressing of Katie., She is wearing a half moon necklace…meaning that she is still looking for her second half and the whole theme of that break-up/episode was Katie potentially losing out on her other half. After the video editors had there fun we get the hosts Tayshia and Katelyn asking Katie about the exchange what she is going to say to Greg in person. Katie says she doesn’t know what she is going to say…which is a blatant lie.

Now lets get into the actual show and outside of the studio. Justin and Blake are notified that Greg LEFT and was not sent home so they are shook. They are overwhelmed and confused, but also relieved their journey can continue with Katie. Now I think the audience may have been surprised the show went on, but things start unfurling and predicting what’s going to happen becomes easy. When we find out Blake is getting the first of the one-on-one dates, that is a wrap.

Whatever Katie and Blake did physically on their date is not important, even if it was a nod to 10 Things I Hate About You. What was interesting is how Katie vented everything to Blake was as transparent as possible. She essentially told Blake that she has the third choice…but credit to the late-arriving man because it really did not seem to phase him that badly. Sure there were the natural doubts, but Blake was also playing it up for the camera. He knows what he is doing on camera.

The date took a massive twist in its closing moments. After saying to the camera during interviews that he loves Katie A LOT, Blake finally mustered up the courage to tell Katie that he had the realization of “Fuck, I Love Her.” Maybe not the most romantic reveal of all time, but it is true to Blake and no one can take that away from him. And it was genuinely great when Katie corrected the Canadian Blake on the proper terminology for a hockey tally…and for those wondering it is a goal.

But we can’t skimp over the most surprising event of the entire episode…Katie said “I Love You” back to Blake! Like what the hell happened to her rules? How did this switch so fast? What about Greg? What freaking happened in her mind and how badly is it broken?

This is strictly me projecting, but I think Katie has a case of the vindictive-influenced feelings. She is like a student in college who just got out of a relationship and then attends a party with a new person on her hip to show off in front of her ex. In more laments terms. It’s the Forgetting Sarah Marshall sex scene type of thing. There may be real emotion between the two, but in my eyes that connection is of friends with benefits. They are so similar that there is an ease of communication, but that easiness can lead to boredom down the road.

So yes, Katie and Blake sweated the sheets. There were multiple happy endings and we got the classic bra on the floor and the call back to the maple syrup. Yada, yada, yada.

We get to this Katlyn and Katie conversation and all of a sudden it seems to dawn on Katie that she still has a guy there. Poor Justin. He had no shot what so ever. Katie just professes her sudden new found love and then has to muster up the energy to have this date with Justin where she is just going to break up with him. She does not do the running up into his arms and leg wrap like she had the rest, and from there it was a wrap. RIP Justin. Justin literally had the best run possible; everyone loves you and knows you did nothing wrong and you stayed above the fray of the chaos. We only got your wonderful facial reactions.

Random thought that I have to throw in here. The green jacket that Justin is wearing is VERYYYY similar to the one that Greg was wearing. Green was just the color of the season.

Now back to the Final Rose segment, we get the interview with Justin. Here we have to give massive props to this man. He was honest, but not bitter. He was blunt, but polite. It’s almost like Greg and Katie could take some lessons. Justin says he doesn’t think Katie gave him a fair shot. Justin asks Katie if he was only there by default. Justin then comments on how the viewers of the show did not see all the moments and memories they shared. Clever way to stew the curiosity. Justin is the classic “a good guy hurt you, but you know, you hurt him too.” T SWIFT BABAYYYYYYYY

So we are segawaying through this three hour finale (it never needs to be that long) and Justin gives a great little one-liner that he would love to be a fly on the wall for Katie and Greg’s conversation. But before we get there, it is time for Blake to meet Katie’s family.


Aunt Lindsey. Who took your happiness and steamrolled over it with a rusty tractor? Who took your empathy and squashed it into immaterial mush? Who stole your hope for happiness. Aunt Lindsey is the exact time of person who is not happy with her life and takes out her frustration on those who are having more success and happiness than her. She can’t look at someone and just be proud of happy for them; she needs to get the upper hand and in this case of this show, that involved burying Blake under a metric fuck ton of uncertainty and doubt.

Linsey wasn’t all alone in the grilling of Blake, but at least Katie’s mom tried to show some heart. She left the door ajar for the possibility that her daughter would be happy. Lindsey’s appearance on this show makes her look like a bitch. Blake should have asked Aunt Lindsey what advice she had in her wonderful life to help him on his journey. Because you know, she seems to be filled live love, affection and empathy.

Okay, so if Aunt Lindsey took out her bitchiness on the producers of the show who forced this energy healer date on Blake and Katie,…I might understand it. There is a hideous burning demon looking structure. This is just the reality star version of The Wicker Man.

Part of the ceremony that Blake and Katie were put through involved spilling one’s fears. This is again where I get a little frustrated with Katie. She says one of her fears is being alone, however she says she is willing to be away from Blake for month’s at a time with his work. Katie also said she doesn’t need anyone to be happy and she is strong and independent. SO WHICH ONE IS IT KATIE??

After the obligatory Neil Diamond appearance (over FaceTime) and Blake freaking out about the pressure of a proposal, we get to the meat and potatoes. Will Katie get proposed to by the knew love of her life? Will Blake muster of the courage to pop the question without passing out? Will he ask it at all?

Well Katie is there looking absolutely amazing in her green dress and Blake makes his way to the platform. After a very meandering and crazy speech, Katie releases a mah-husive sigh of relief when Blake gets down on one ring and proposes to her. The two are engaged. The pair ride off into the sunset on horses (yea, more horses. We need to get out of the COVID-19 non-traveling era).

I wonder what Katie’s reaction was when she say Tayshia helping Blake pick out the rings. An ex-girlfriend helping him pick out the ring. What a bonkers, weird scenario. Why didn’t Katelyn Bristow do it? This question, while odd, is not the weirdest of this episode.

Why the hell are we seeing this Greg sit-down after we see the happy proposal and engagement? I understand its the job of the producers to create an emotional roller coaster, but this flow of show just didn’t make any sense.

Alright. Greg. Gregory. Let’s do this.

We have the first face to face meeting (or any communication for that matter) between Katie and Greg. On last week’s episode we saw Greg act like a petulant child after not getting what he wanted. The internet reacted in a certain way (very negatively for the most part) and now we will see the aftermath.

There was no warm embrace when Greg approached Katie. There was for sure tension, and it all was coming from one side. Katie straight up lied when she said earlier in the episode that she did not know what she was going to say to Greg. She knew exactly what shots she was going to say. She took shots at him and the acting and then continued to argue by raising her voice and screaming louder and louder.

I think it’s impossible not to feel a bit for Greg during the scenario because the odds of him coming out with any positives in this interaction seamed nil to none. However, Greg flipped the script. By acting calm and not incredibly antagonistic, Greg appeared to be the one willing to level or compromise. Now, what Greg did during the break-up with Katie was not right. it was wrong. However, Katie was more at fault for the really tense interactions during the Final Rose reunion. Katie has to be the most “woke” contestant of the show ever, and by that I mean she knows what the audience is thinking and expecting more than anyone else. Katie was over-the-top in her stodginess. Her antics mirrored a bit of what Greg during the break-up. She was wronged and it was shown in the penultimate episode. What I would have done in Katie’s shoes is let the actions of Greg speak for themselves rather than trying to amplify them. All it created was a nasty feedback loop.

Guess what guys, both people can be wrong in a situation. This is a perfect example of that.

So moving past that drama…

I really had a hard time feeling the warmth and happiness of Katie and Blake’s relationship. I am not sure if this because we just had to watch Katie look like a real jackass or if their chemistry is not what everyone wants it to be. There were smiles, but there were polite smiles. The smiles were not the organic “who gives a shit who is looking” smiles. I stand by the this relationship is an easy and convenient one, which can sometimes have a quick timespan. I hope I am wrong, but I would not bank money on it.

The SUPER CRINGE moment of all the guys in the audience standing with their boom boxes during Katie and Blake’s reveal made me want to roll away in the roller chair I was sitting in. The song being played is Memorize You, the song that they danced to on their first date. It is a callback to Blake doing it earlier in the season as well. I see all the reasons to do it, but still it made my stomach curl. Just not my type of romantic gesture.

I genuinely do wish happiness for Blake and Katie. I want them to last. Truly I do. I have always liked Katie and while this season exposed some cracks in the way she likes to draw attention to herself, that is okay. I still am in her corner and hope she and her new found love make it in the long haul.

Now Bachelor Nation has a week off before Bachelor in Paradise premiers on Monday, August 16. I will be locked in on Paradise than normal because I will be working the Barstool Cutting Stems show that recaps the events, so I can’t wait to have my opinions of people tangled even more.

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