If you listen to The Big Picture on The Ringer Podcast Network, then you know that the movie drafts are some of the best content that they put out. Love the bickering, the debating, the personal leanings and the wonderful posturing that takes place.

This is going to be the first of my reflections on these drafts, and we are going to start with the first one that they did…the 2010 movie draft.

  • In the drama category, I have to go with Sean Fennessey’s The Social Network (2010).
  • In the comedy/horror category, I would easily go with Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (2010), so two points for Sean.
  • Blockbuster is the TOUGHEST category for sure. It is between Sean and Amanda Dobbins. Inception (2010) is immensely rewatchable. Shutter Island (2010) is now probably underrated, and it falls below Toy Story 3 (2010) which is one of the most emotional movies I have seen. I think I have to lean Inception just a smidge…so it is three points for Sean.
  • I have not seen any of the animated/foreign langue movies, so that is void.
  • I have seen Monsters (2010) but I admit to not remembering a lot of it. The movie poster triggered me…so Chris Ryan gets the point.
  • The last category goes to Chris Ryan…with him definitely cheating the system. Have no idea how this is a sequel and I forget his reasoning. Regardless…it probably was not a good one.

So today, in this first reflection of the drafts…Sean Fennessey wins the first one with 3-2-0 the final score. Amanda gets zero points. Sorry Amanda. I had to void one category…so hopefully that is not a trend going forward with these. So who did the audience choose?

Sean Fennessey wins in a landslide, and rightfully so.

Alright, so this is where I diverge a little bit and I am going to do this draft two different ways. First, I am going to do this draft with all movies available, so the ones that Sean, Amanda and Chris picked are still in the pool. My second one is going to be movies that were not selected, and that should be adventurous to see what my movie list looks like.

STANKO PICKS (All Movies Eligible)STANKO PICKS (No TBP Movies)
DRAMAThe Social NetworkBlack Death
COMEDY/HORRORThe Other GuysThe Other Guys
BLOCKBUSTER (Over $100 Million)Inception ($292 Million)The Expendables ($103 Million)
ANIMATED/FOREIGN LANGUAGEToy Story 3How To Train Your Dragon
WILD CARDThe ExpendablesKick-Ass
  • Drama
    • The Social Network – I mean, watching it back, this movie is just incredible.
    • Black Death – I have seen this movie three times. It sticks with me and was so much more haunting than I expected
  • Comedy/Horror
    • The Other Guys – I quote this movie far too often and it is criminally underrated
  • Blockbuster
    • Inception – Christopher Nolan…I mean he delivers.
    • The Expendables – Just made the cut! This is for me. I love action movies. I love action heroes. This had it all.
  • Animated/Foreign Language
    • Toy Story 3 – I cried me eyes out with my cousins
    • How To Train Your Dragon – Is this the start of the next great animation franchise after Toy Story?
  • Wild Card
    • The Expendables – This is for me. I love action movies. I love action heroes. This had it all.
    • Kick-Ass – I remember having a huge ass smile on my face after seeing it in theaters.
  • Sequel
    • Predators – Yea, I like this movie. And compared to The Predator (2018) its an Oscar winner.

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