This episode is always the worst episode of any season.

Every. Single. Goddamn. Time.

On Monday, July 26th, certain contestants from Katie’s season came back to embrace the limelight and spill the tea (but not really let’s be real) on what has happened during this season of the Bachelorette. Old stories were rehashed. Facial hair was grown and cringe worth moments were a plenty.

Let’s get to it with the crowd’s favorite, Michael A.

The episode began with Michael’s son saying on Facetime that “Maybe Daddy left because he don’t want to see me.” Whoof. That is a freaking gut punch.

Immediately Michael’s A. world is thrown upside down and he makes the choice to leave the estate and his time on the show ends with him putting his son’s happiness above his own. A touching moment, and one that was expected. One of the telling sentences in his goodbye was, “I’m not leaving because of us. I’m leaving because my son needs his dad.”

Now fast-forwarding to later in the Men Tell All portion when Michael A. took the hot seat with Tayshia and Kaitlyn. Both women asked Michael if he would revisit things with Katie if there was a chance…to which he answers yes. I just found it interesting that it was asked not only in a flipping way, but in a serious way. Is Katie single? Is she unhappy? All questions that have to be asked.

Also have to note with Michael A., he looks so much better with his full beard.

Moving forward to the next favorite of the Bachelorette contestants, we have Andrew S. who took a seat. As a huge Andrew S. stand myself…I have to say he did nothing of note during this Men Tell All. He had the smile but in terms of things of note, there was not much in his sit down or his interactions during the screaming matches. He is still the front runner for the Bachelor whenever it begins to film, but wanted more from him.

Someone I did not want more of was Connor, but boy oh boy did we get a lot of him. This is where the show went off the rails, and it was steered that way by the producers.

I want ANYONE who thinks that the audience women asking for a kiss was natural to be ARRESTED and locked in a looney bin. Bonkers stuff. Cringe stuff. Connor pretending to hear the voice of god when she stood up and talked. Her having the confidence to walk onto the stage. The over-the-top reaction from the other guys. Everything about this I hated so much. Blahhhhh, just no! Then we have to hear him sing again. Just don’t love what happened to Connor.

Getting to the other bit characters of this season; Karl is still a piece of shit, Cody still doesn’t show emotion and Hunter actually handled himself really well. Hunter was the only one to own up to some of his mistakes. He looked better with his hair not in old-man surfer style and his composed nature made him look the best of the screamers. Tre actually owned Karl by making him eat his own words which was a shock. But the most awkward moment of Karl’s appearance was him standing up and asking if anyone in the audience has made a mistake…and it got ZERO reaction from anyone. None.

Personally, I had an emotional outburst at only one moment during the Men Tell All. Ironically, it didn’t involve any of the contestants on the show. Jason Tartick’s proposal to Kaitlyn Bristow and her reaction was genuine and sweet. The comment about her tequila shirt and her inaudible words was the second most genuine moment of the show.

The most genuine moment on the show came at the end, in the credits. The group talking about the English accent trend in the house and how Greg had a running joke during rose ceremonies was some of the best behind the scenes stuff this season.

In terms of other small stuff from the Men Tell All that struck me:

  • The super awkward stand-off between Karl and Brendan was a testosterone hissy fit.
  • Tayshia is a wonderful person but she struggles as a host. She was a bit robotic. She is much better when working off the cuff like the walks with Katie.
  • Both my girlfriend and I forgot who Cody was.
  • Thomas actually spoke well in his video conference with Katie. Also rocking the new facial hair.
  • Michael A. wanted NOTHING to do with the streaming drama.

The next episode of the Bachelorette is on Monday, August 2. There are only two more episodes this season, with the finale being three hours on Monday, August 9.

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