I found out about Midnight In The Switchgrass by accident. Had no idea that this movie was coming out and I was not intrigued at all until I saw Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly, Bruce Willis and a surprise Emile Hirsch appearance in this wayyyyyy to long of a trailer.

Okay, straight up, this movie looks bad. There may also be no reason to see the movie after this trailer because it freaking shows everything. We know the entire plot. We know all the characters. We also see how bad all the acting looks like it is.

The trailer uses the ink transition eleven (11!!!!) times in this trailer. It is as repetitive as the movie choices that Bruce Willis has made. Things are not looking up for a lot of performers in this movie.

Midnight In The Switchgrass begs the question; is this were Machine Gun Kelly (MGK as I learned recently) and Megan Fox began dating? Is this when the latest “it” couple became a thing? I don’t follow enough of the gossip magazines to find out.

FACTS! I looked it up!

Acording to Geekfeud: “The two are now officially dating, and on an episode of the podcast Give Them Lala … with Randall, Kelly revealed that while shooting for the movie, he would wait outside his trailer every day just to catch a glimpse of Fox.”

Machine Gun Kelly Admits He Used Midnight in the Switchgrass Movie to Pursue Megan Fox – Geekfeud

This movie looks like hot garbage, but it’ll get some eyes just because of the renaissance of MGK and Megan Fox.

Midnight In The Switchgrass is released on July 23, 2021.

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