The bad guys got shown the door…for the most part. Really every single person in America was like Ari Gold from Entourage when Matt escorted Anna out and then STOOD STONE COLD STILL when Victoria made herself a bigger embarrassment than she already was.

The rest of the episode was fairly run of the mill. Rachael’s date is one of my least favorites that transpires during every Bachelor season. I’m sorry, but I would be SOOOO AWKWARD just watching someone else try on clothes. Just let me have the fun too. I’d rather try on the dresses than watch that.

It just goes without saying that MJ is not the bitchiest of the women left. Just no self awareness. Lots of yelling at each other, blah blah. At least it wasn’t AS BAD (still hard to watch) as Victoria.

I can’t begin ranking till I touch on Kit’s date with Matt. SHE IS 21 YEARS OLD! Is that the first time she every cooked in another man’s kitchen (and it isn’t even his real kitchen)! She doesn’t know a lot (and that is not her fault), so when she says she is falling in love, I do not believe it. God knows I didn’t know my own emotions at that age.

Alright. The rankings. We are getting to two tiers: the women Matt is FOR SURE interested in…and everyone else.


She is skating by on how evil she has been in the past. Did not hear her apologize at all. Her edit has not made her as vocal over the last two episodes, but still think she is in part to blame for everything that transpired between JV and Varsity.

14. MJ

Oh, MJ. MJ. MJ. MJ.

We all know she will not be staying in PA for much longer, but now the question is who she will be dragging down with her into the depths of crazy. She is only ahead of Serena C. because I can not get out of my head how cute she is. I find her attractive sue me.

13. MAGI

I was holding onto stock…but now I have sold it all. I am sorry, but she is just never shown. She has no hope of winding up with Matt but she does appear to be beloved in the house.


She fell into the trap. MJ ensnared her, and now I predict that both she and MJ are going home next week. This is the most we have heard her talk all season.

11. RYAN

Ryan is just a nice human. I have nothing bad to say. Just don’t know a lot.

10. KIT

Kit showed some spunk this week and she has been slowly (every so slowly) making me forget the fact she is so young. But much to the disagreement of my GF, I don’t find her exceptionally attractive. Nor do I understand the fashion (not that I get any of it at all).


So Brittany was the catalyst for the bad girls to leave. For that we are all thankful.


I feel so bad for Abigail. She was the first to realize that she is slipping because she has not had a one-on-one date. I am shocked that she has not had one after how freaking cute she was week one and even week two. She is too good for the show.


Serena P. did her best Magi impression this episode and was as quiet as possible. She has nothing to worry about for a least the next couple weeks.


Rachael goes far. There is no doubt in my mind. Also, when she was talking about herself at dinner, my GF was looking at me going “that is you.” However, with that being said, I didn’t love the feel of the date; the chemistry felt a little forced.


Chelsea is awesome. She is so suave. She has also managed to stay above the fray every step of the way! How?! It’s because she towers over everyone else and sees where everyone is digging their own graves.


Matt did Katie DIRTY! He threw her under the bus to Victoria! Gladly, nothing really grew from it. As for herself, she continues to be a moral compass, but I think she does enjoy stirring the pod…granted with a teaspoon


I did not love how Michelle seemed to forget that she was on a reality TV show. Yes, Michelle, other people are going to be going after Matt and developing connections with him! With that being said, her one-on-one date was the smoothest thus far so she will be okay.


This was the first episode we truly saw the chemistry that Peiper and Matt have together. That sneaky make out at the farm date was hot, and she has an ultimate sense of fashion. She will be heading on a make or break one-on-one next week!

1. BRI

Status quo for Bri. Just can do no wrong. She smiles, rides the waves, and focuses only on herself. I don’t have a ton to say about Bri and that’s because she is normal.

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