THE BLOG POST AND RANKINGS NO ONE ASKED FOR BUT HERE IT IS. What a year it has been for Taylor Swift. Two albums, both fantastic in their own right. A crowning achievement for an artist making the most of a quarantine situation.

Below are my rankings for all the songs on folklore and evermore. For my taste, folklore is a steadier album, but evermore has a higher ceiling in terms of its best songs. Both immensely listenable, but different in their own rights.

32. epiphany (folklore)

  • Just my least favorite *shrug emoji*

31. closure (evermore)

  • I understand the sentiment of this song and not being on someone else’s timeline of achieving that closure, but again the music of this song is eeek.

30. dorthea (evermore)

  • I never know when this song passes through my ears, and that says something. Just no sticking power for me.

29. the lakes (folklore)

  • I’ll be honest I haven’t listen to this song a lot and I just don’t have a strong take on it.

28. long story short (evermore)

  • The song that I think missed on the biggest potential on evermore.

27. hoax (folklore)

  • A song about a toxic relationship…I can understand and dig it. I think this song is maybe hard for me to listen too because it regards staying in a relationship rather than being alone. I have been in that situation before.

26. seven (folklore)

  • I think I should like this song more because of lines like this: “And I’ve been meaning to tell you…I think your house is haunted…Your dad is always mad and that must be why…And I think you should come live with me”

25. cowboy like me (evermore)

  • A song from the point of view of a player player. Everyone has tricks up their sleeve and it matters if you wanna play the game or not.

24. marjorie (evermore)

  • As a sad song, I was expecting this one to hit in the feels more. This point may be wear I draw the line in terms of putting on a playlist.

23. gold rush (evermore)

  • This is one of the few songs where I enjoy the music aspects more than the lyrics.

22. this is me trying (folklore)

  • I really love the lyrics of this song. But the sound of the song lowers it a smidge. But this is on the sad sorrow playlist.

21. peace (folklore)

  • Does Taylor Swift give me peace? You bet your life savings she does. The way Taylor sings this song swoons me.

20. ivy (evermore)

  • I vote this as a song that will grow in my appreciation as years go on, but as for now, it is just percolating.

19. evermore (evermore)

  • LET BON IVER SHINE MORE. There is too much production on this song.

18. mad women (folklore)

  • I think this song is more directed at women and is beloved by them. I get the undertones of it, and for those messages I applaud. I think it has been a bit overpraised but still rock out to it.

17. no body, no crime (evermore)


16. august (folklore)

  • Summer loven’, happened so fast! We have all had the relationship that was seasonal and wondered if it was something more.

15. exile (folklore)

  • Okay, yes, “exile” has been overplayed. HOWEVER, Bon Iver still owns this track and is the major reason to listen.

14. willow (evermore)

  • While the song didn’t blow me away, it still hits all the classic Taylor Swift touchstones. Just a pallet cleanser if you will.

13. last great american dynasty (folklore)

  • Sucker for a song that tells a story, that I am. A story about not fitting in and getting blamed for it? Works well for me!

12. coney island (evermore)

  • I want to go sit on a bench at Coney Island and listen to this song on repeat.

11. cardigan (folklore)

  • This song is really in the title. It is a song that is comforting. It reminds me of the younger, cute love version of TSwift.

10. tolerate it (evermore)

  • A heart-wrencher. Just love to sit in the dark and listen to it.

9. the 1 (folklore)

  • “I’m doing good I am on some new shit.” – All you need to know.

8. betty (folklore)

  • Still love this song, but the lyrics and story of the song are not profound. Love singing along to it even if I don’t hold it such high regard as I first did.

7. mirrorball (folklore)

  • Again this rose up the rankings after listening to the album for a couple of months. We all pretend to be someone we aren’t often.

6. my tears ricochet (folklore)

  • So sad. Tears. So sad. I love it.

5. illicit affairs (folklore)

  • Was atop my folklore power rankings for a long time. Only recently supplemented by “Invisible Strings.”

4. champagne problems (evermore)

  • This song may have the longest staying power of any on the pair of albums.

3. invisble strings (folklore)

  • Probably the best written song on folklore? Has risen my power rankings in the months since listening.

2. ’tis the damn season (evermore)

  • May end up being the most listened song off evermore for me.

1. happiness (evermore)

  • One of my favorite songs Taylor Swift has ever put out.

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