These are my personal rankings, and these are subject to change at any moment! These go from least favorite to most favorite.

15. closure

I really just do not the start to this song. It turns me off it, and it hard for me to get back on the tracks.

14. dorthea

Every time this song plays I forget it is a thing and then I have to scroll back to remember I listened to the entire album.

13. long story short

Probably the song that I think had the best potential but fell short a little bit. The long story short is that I won’t be including this on any playlists going forward.

12. cowboy like me

This song has got to be from the point of view of someone who isn’t look at love ideally. But it’s like a mutual respect thing that they are playing each other and they have tricks up each others sleeves.

11. majorie

This song has fallen in the rankings the more I listen to it. At first I loved it for being all sad and sappy, but it’s lasting power isn’t great. I need to be in a mood to listen to it.

10. gold rush

I really did not like this song upon first listen, but it has grown on me over the past few days. It is catchy, and has a chance to be a radio hit.

9. ivy

This song reminded me a lot of “illicit affairs” but just not as good. It’s a song about an affair again, but I didn’t connect with it as much as its predecessor on folklore.

8. evermore

I wanted so much more from this song. I really liked “exile” on folklore because it lets Bon Iver shine. This time I feel there is too much editing and it just doesn’t hit the same.

7. no body, no crime

A lot of people don’t like this song. I love a song that tells a story and “no body, no crime” reminds me of “Two Black Cadillacs” by Carrie Underwood.

6. willow

“willow” is the song I hear then go “Oh, I liked that more than I remember.” Also I secretly dream of the idea or concept like “Wherever you stray, I follow, I’m begging you to take my hand. Wreck my plans, that’s my man.

5. coney island

Matt Berninger is amazing in this song. He makes “coney island” the great song that it is. Best line is “Sorry for not making you my centerfold.”

4. tolerate it

This song rose in the power rankings after many listens. Grew more and more connected to it. Best sequence of the song is just at the end of the chorus: “If it’s al in my head, tell me now. Tell me I’ve got it wrong somehow. I know my love should be celebrated but you tolerate it.”

3. champagne problems

The only problem with this song is that it goes by so fast. There is a throwback to “mad women” from folklore. Also the throwback to pickle, with “One for the money, two for the show. I never was ready so I watch you go.”

2. ’tis the damn season

The most surprising banger of evermore. Didn’t expect to be singing along to every word of this. “And wonder about the only soul who can tell which smiles I’m fakin'” When you go back home, everything is laid bare and it leaves you wondering

1. happiness

Everything about this song is amazing. This is my favorite of the entire album by far, and it is one of my favorite Taylor Swift has ever released. “I haven’t me the new me yet” is beyond relatable for anyone who went through a breakup. This song is amazing.

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