• Alright, four people are heading to Las Vegas
  • Immediately noticing how Jamie was matching her Beanie, makeup and shirt in her date with Trevor which is for sure going to be dreadfully awkward
  • Is red/pink the theme for this morning meeting with Chris?
  • “You can only like each other for so long before it becomes love.”
    • Paraphrasing this because I didn’t type it out fast enough but it was an actual insightful line
  • They are leaving the mansion for good. Did the lease end of those they were renting?
  • Oh, tour buses. That’s actually a nice touch by the show.
    • Why is one tour bus red? Who gets it? Will the person donning red by dead like in Star Trek?
  • Noticing how none of them had to carry their bags to the bus?
  • Rudi is talking a lil crazy and scaring Matt
    • Matt is not nearly as committed and he doesn’t like talking about emotions
  • Bri with the old Polaroid camera is actually very fitting
  • Being emotionally “unsafe” is by serenading Jamie. He is turning in Jed more and more
    • It has become a duet for Jamie and Trevor
    • Oh…they have a Polaroid too. Not unique to Bri.
  • I resonate with Matt and his patient approach.
  • Here is the thing…Las Vegas…Kind of overrated?
    • This is a CRUCIAL question to understand a relationship
  • Rudi and Matt taking matters into their own hands? Meaning the producers are like “GREAT DRAMA”
    • Oh they mean have sex. In an abandoned hotel away from everyone else
  • We have a date at a wedding…
    • This is so awkward. CRINGEEEEE
    • Wonder if this couple is still together and how much they got paid or got compensated
  • Damn Chris has a tragic backstory. Sheesh. Ouch.
  • We have Trevor and Jamie on this date and it is going to be the hockey thing
    • Going to be honest this date is awesome. This is exactly what I would want
    • This whole Jamie being younger but having stronger emotions and then saying it out loud and not getting the reaction she wanted is hitting a litttle bit too on the nose
    • Trevor saying “love” as “the L word” seems like a red flag
      • Okay, but that was actually really cute when they had the pause of hesitation and nervousness
  • Of all these places people are going for songs, etc., all I want to know is about the lighting in the venues and the sound mixing
  • Bri did not sound convinced when she said Matt and Rudi “were a good fit.”
  • I have feeling that Shaggy being on this show is going to be big a deal but uhhh, not resonance for me
  • Uh…Ryan and Natascha just smashing things is a date? Drinking wine at a junkyard too
  • OH I LOVE “Perfect” BY ED SHEERAN!!! That song is a banger
  • Who will these judges be?
    • Arie and Lauren
    • Pat Monaghan
    • Ashley Simpson and somebody…it’s Evan Ross. No idea who that is
  • Bri and Chris
    • This song does not fit the mood of the pair I don’t think
    • They need to be a bit more playful
    • Okay, they got the fast paced part and now it’s really good
    • Damn. Alright Chris and Bri.
    • Rave reviews and deservedly so
  • Jamie and Trevor
    • I very much enjoy this sing, has been a staple on my playlists for more than a minute
    • They are having more fun on stage than ever before
    • Trevor looks like he is trying so hard when he is singing but his voice is so soft
    • This is the first time Jamie out shined Trevor
    • What Pat Monaghan said is exactly right
  • Natascha and Ryan
    • Why are the messing up a good song like this?
    • They got a little big for their britches tonight
    • Rudi’s reaction of confusion is 100% accurate of what everyone is feeling
    • This has to get trashed right?
    • I want to listen to Ed Sheeran after this
    • Pat turning the questions onto Natascha and Ryan is a clever move
    • Bri’s reaction…eeek
    • Oh she sang the wrong part! She owned up to it though
  • Rudi and Matt
    • Please do not ruin this good song
    • So they actually did a really good job
    • Rudi is saving them in this show and this relationship
    • means BYE BYE Natascha and Ryan
  • Jamie and Trevor sticking around being the first to get the rose
    • She is very excited to be on the finale (cross it off her bucket list)
  • Rudi and Matt getting to stay
    • Matt is going to say he is falling in love with Rudi next week
  • Bri and Chris, taking the home the final roses
  • Natascha talking so openly about messing up is honestly kind of inspiring
  • Ryan and Natascha going to try and keep it going? I don’t see it happening?
  • Where are they going for the finals?
  • Jamie is freaking out about Nashville

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